yeast beer for hair The harmful effect of the environment on hair has longeveryone knows - this is written and said enough. And if you add to this also the wrong diet, the constant use of fixation products and the use of a hair dryer, curling irons and ironing for straightening, it's time to think: how to restore hair and prevent the process of loss? There are many ways to strengthen hair: vitamin-mineral complexes, masks, compresses and massages. But the most popular and popular among them is the use of brewer's yeast. Their utility has long been recognized as official medicine, because they contain magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, sorbents, protein and carbohydrates. In brewer's yeast, just a mass of vitamins - E, B, PP, A, C and many minerals. They are even prescribed by doctors for the treatment of certain diseases, they are used inward, and there is always an improvement in the state of health, acceleration of the recovery process, and the process of treatment with medicines goes much faster. There are several variants of masks from beer yeast, they are designed to solve various problems, but the fact that brewer's yeast for hair is a salvation and help is a fact.

Strengthening the hair

We take a small piece of yeast from the briquette - thiswill be approximately 2-3 grams, mixed with a spoonful of honey. Here it is necessary to make a small digression and immediately explain that brewer's yeast is sold in briquettes (frozen) and dry. You can buy and those, and others, for an accurate calculation remember - one spoonful (tea) of dry yeast is equal to 10 grams of live yeast. So, we take live brewer's yeast and mix it with honey, do not add water in any case - the yeast will dissolve perfectly in honey and begin to wander in the warmth. Approximately one hour will pass and a mask can be applied to the hair. Do not rub into the skin, but just lubricate it. Now we cover with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel - this mask should "work" with a compress. The duration of the mask is 50-60 minutes, then it is washed off with warm water and shampoo. This mask treats hair from damage, disappears dandruff and slows down the process of loss. Use the tool can be no more than three times a month. You can replace honey with sugar, but, first, honey is more useful, and secondly, yeast in honey dissolves much better. brewer's yeast for hair

Dry hair

There is nothing special in this mask: honey, yeast and yogurt, but the action is amazing. Dry hair is absorbed by all useful substances, they are strengthened and do not break down, dandruff disappears, the tips do not split. In general, there are many advantages, the cost is cheap, and it is not difficult to do it. Just keep the proportions (a teaspoon of honey, half a cup of kefir and yeast 10 grams) and allow the components to ferment (about half an hour is enough). And do not forget that you have to wrap your head, hold the hour in time, then wash it off with warm water. Do this mask can not more than once a week.

Greasy hair

Paradoxically, brewer's yeast can heal anddry, and oily hair is equally good. And it turns out that because they contain many different vitamins. And only those that are needed in a certain situation absorb into the hair. So, if you have fat hair, take a spoonful of yeast, a spoonful of water and one raw egg (all measured with cutlery). Stir and leave in the heat for an hour - the yeast will wander, rise with a "hat", heat up. Now you can apply a lot of hair. Then we proceed according to the already known plan: to wrap up, hold the hour and wash it off. All! After several such procedures, the hair will become drier, shiny and fluffy, and will become less dirty. Some tips on the use of brewer's yeast in hair masks:

  • Always check the shelf life of yeast (both frozen and dry);
  • Dishes for the mask take more - yeast strongly swell and increase mass several times;
  • All ingredients for the mask should be of the same temperature, for example, at room temperature;
  • The mask is washed off with warm water and shampoo, but it is not worth using balms;
  • Do yeast masks can not be more often 2-3 times a month,
  • Alternate them, that is, try everything and eventually choose one thing, is also not recommended. Go first one course, and in time another.
  • Also you can not use masks for more than 8 months, be sure to take a break, at least a month to 2-3.

Brewer's yeast with sulfur for hair

Sulfur for hair growth

Brewer's yeast is applied inside. For hair it will be useful if you drink them in combination with sulfur. Such an additive will help prevent hair loss, strengthen them and return the former shine and beauty. Only here there is one nuance - before you take brewer's yeast with sulfur you need to consult a doctor - there are contraindications. Do not risk and hope "at random" - all drugs with sulfur are quite dangerous in diseases such as diabetes mellitus, pre-infarction and pre-sults, with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver diseases. In principle, we can say that such drugs should be taken only by healthy people. You just want to restore beauty and health to your hair, and not cripple your body and lead yourself to a hospital bed. So, brewer's yeast in any form is good and useful, applying masks according to folk recipes can not only restore the structure of hair, but also be saved from falling out. But in any case, go first to a trichologist doctor - he will not only find out the diagnosis and determine the cause of the problems, but also, if necessary, appoint an additional examination from narrow specialists. After all, if there are unexplained diseases of internal organs, then they can be displayed and in appearance. No wonder some doctors can put a preliminary diagnosis on the condition of the hair, nails and eyes of the patient. And if you decide to try taking drugs with sulfur and beer yeast, then even more so go to a specialist - only he can accurately answer all your questions. Take care of your hair, give them a little bit of your attention and better lose a few minutes of your precious personal time than later crying, looking at the bunches of hair falling out. Be merciful to the hair - we already too often injure them with their styling and paints, they can not be infinitely beautiful. But you can really help yourself to help them find silkiness and strength, while still saving money. We advise you to read: