Schwarzkopf hair color natural easy palette Purple, lilac, blue, pink, yellow -the fashion for poisonous-bright and extravagant shades has long passed, now stylish and self-assured girls prefer to dye their hair in natural colors, which do not underestimate their individuality. And helps them in this schwarzkopf natural and easy - a paint that managed to conquer many beauties. Now you can change the image and look like this, each, just use a special catalog and choose a color.

Blond: fast, high quality and safe

Lightening paints from Schwarzkopf - the simplest,Fast and reliable way to turn from a burning brown-haired woman or brunette into a bright and bewitching blonde beauty. This palette is represented by two series: Lilia light blond (520) and Silver light blond (522). With their help, you will be able to become lighter in 2-4 tones, but only the second hair dye will be able to partially cope with the gray strands (paints up to twenty percent). Naturally, the final result depends on your natural color, holding time and hair condition. Girls who previously conducted experiments on their heads (painted in dark or bright shades, doing highlights or chemistry), should first consult with specialists. The color can also be affected by the use of tonal shampoos and balms, color. Do not forget that after the procedure, your head of hearing needs special care, so in advance you will get special masks, rinses, therapeutic shampoos.

Light brown: natural beauty and healthy shine

Slavic girls have long been famous for longbeautiful blond braids, which drove crazy not one dozen good fellows. No other color looks so tender, feminine and simultaneously sexy. Champagne Light brown (530), Opal Ash-blonde (542), Dark-brown atlas (550), Mother-of-pearl Light-colored (532), Silk Light beige (534) - all these shades you will find in the line schwarzkopf natural and easy. The first three series without any problems will paint all the gray hair (one hundred percent staining), the other two will cope with this problem only by fifty percent. If the natural color is darker than desired, you will first have to lighten up a few tones. Do it better in a beauty salon or a hairdresser, so as not to spoil the hair. Light-haired girls and blondes can be painted in their native or similar color to give hair shine and saturation. These beauties resort to resorts after a hot summer, when the hair is burned out in the sun, it becomes less bright and lively. natural hair color palette

Red: bright - does not mean motley

Most people when it comes to this colorhair, imagine a cartoon hero with a fiery red hair, or Ron Uzley from all the famous movie about Harry Potter. In fact, there are quite a number of different shades, more tender and less vivid, which you can easily find in schwarzkopf natural & easy. Brocade light golden-brown (536) gives a rich color, even if the hair dye is applied to dark-brown strands. On this option, girls who just started to turn gray can also stop. More stable shades (Honey medium golden-light brown (545) and Almond light golden chestnut (565) from the palette red / golden) will suit girls with dark skin and dark eyes. In this category of products there is no such redness as in schwarzkopf natural & easy Terracotta medium copper-brown color (546) and they are not as light as hair dye 536. Note that medium brown and dark brown hair is ideal the last two series of paints will stay, but you do not have to perform additional procedures. In case you want to get more bright and flashy shades, you still have to lighten up.

Chestnut: what colors are back in fashion

Still some five to ten years ago, all the starThe ladies tried to become sexual blondes, which led to the loss of their individuality. On the TV constantly flashed narishchennye or krashennye white curls of actresses and singers, which, in the end, began to cause irritation, even in men. But recently, many celebrities began to radically change their image, repainting their hair in a natural color, which emphasizes all the virtues of beauties (cheekbones, lips, eyes) and hides the shortcomings (for example, problematic or too pale skin). But chestnut can also differ from each other and the schwarzkopf natural & easy paint is an excellent confirmation of this. If you have an olive complexion, a brighter and more saturated palette, such as Caramel chocolate-chestnut (564), Almond chocolate-chestnut (574), Mocha chocolate-chestnut (584) will suit you. Representatives of the fair sex with fair skin will approach a less bright color (without reddish, golden-yellow or rusty hue). It can be Cashmere light chestnut (560), Agate ash chestnut (562) or even Coffee medium chestnut (570). Velvet dark chestnut (580) is suitable for all types. This palette of colors from Schwarzkopf evenly covers even gray hair.

Natural red: how to become irresistible

Red hair color is not screaming bloody orcrimson shades, which adorn teenagers, and a rich chestnut with a red tint. An excellent option for those who want to be sexy and attractive, and not be one big blazing spot. Paint chwarzkopf natural & easy Carnation red chestnut (576) acts on the hair in a special magical way: in a dark room, the hair looks ordinary, and in bright daylight - shimmers in red. On this variant, both long-haired fair sexes and short-cut girls can stop. hair color schwarzkopf natural easy color champagne

Burning black for real ladies

Every girl at least once in my life thought,whether it will go black hair color, but for such experiments are solved only a few. And in vain! Paint schwarzkopf natural & easy Ebony (590) will make you a real fatal lady, which you can not help paying attention to. However, in order to not regret the offense after the staining procedure, it is recommended either to use shade tinted shampoos that are washed off for the third-fourth week after application, or to try on a wig whose length and fluffiness of hair should be equal to yours. The only nuance that you still need to pay attention to is the color of your skin. Swarthy and tanned girls black paint in any case will be to face, but pale or pinkish blush beauties will be like Snow White. But, perhaps, for you it will be an excuse to go to the solarium or go to the resort. Previously, it is still recommended to consult a make-up artist to suggest how to apply make-up, what powder, tonal basis, eyeshadow and eyebrows, lipstick can be used. Girls who do not know how to paint and overdo with makeup look vulgar and provocative. Also, the total absence of makeup is inadmissible.

Collection "Spicy Cinnamon": all ingenious is simple

Schwarzkopf natural & easy offers yourattention to new palettes that will suit girls of any age, with any type of skin, type of haircut, etc. Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler and other celebrities increasingly prefer brown tones. Cinnamon light chestnut (566), unfortunately, paints only fifty percent of gray hair. Cinnamon dark chestnut (586) - an ideal option for those who want to be a natural brunette. On it also it is necessary to stop dark-haired beauties, whose head of hair is not too bright and invisible, and also to those who have become gray. Almond light golden (565) - something middle between the two previous colors, while it completely paints the gray hair.

Advantages of this series

First, thanks to special ingredients andThe special multi-accent technology obtained after coloring the color looks natural and natural. With the correct use of products, the hair is evenly colored, without any defects. The Schwarzkopf consists of mango, rich in vitamins A, B, C, and jojoba, rich in vitamins E. Thus, your hair not only changes color that does not wash off for a long time, but does not deteriorate during painting. In addition, no matter how strange it may sound, after the procedure your head of hair looks much healthier than before it. Even after clarification, the ends will be alive, they will not begin to be cut, break down, dandruff will not appear. However, it must be remembered that it should be painted according to the instructions. Before you begin to change your image, test schwarzkopf on the skin. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the elbow fold, wait about ten minutes, then rinse. It is recommended to check the quality every time before use. When buying paint, pay attention to the packaging and contents, so as not to get a fake. So, in the kit should go gloves (one pair), instruction, conditioner, emulsion (only in a special vial of the applicator), staining cream. If something of the above is not enough, it is better to exchange the packaging for a new one. Also do not forget to look at the expiration date. palette of hair colors Schwarzkopf natural easy

How to achieve maximum results

If you want to look natural toothers did not even suspect that this is not your natural color, choose a paint that is lighter or darker than your head of hair with a maximum of two tones. If you have gray hair, choose the product that maximizes and evenly covers it. Those who previously clarified, should avoid reddish, yellowish, rusty hues, otherwise the result will be very different from the desired result. In such cases, it is better to give preference to silvery, ashy tones. To saturated colors last longer, it is recommended to additionally use special shampoos for colored hair. They contain special substances and components that do not allow the paint to quickly wash off hair. The longer your hair, the more care you will have to make, since the ends first begin to lose their brightness. Also, it is not recommended to use masks, balms with a lot of oils, as they contribute to quick washing out. The first procedure is best done in beauty salons, especially if you decided to radically change the image. If you decide to paint yourself, do not forget about the precautionary measures. Before the beginning it is necessary to put on protective clothes (a dressing gown, an old shirt, to throw a towel), not to get dirty. Cooking mixture and apply it to the hair can only be in gloves, while using a special brush. We advise you to read: