Is hair buildup harmful? In all ages in Russia, chic long hairwere considered the most important virtue and wealth of any girl. Young beauties from the very childhood grew braids, watched them, washed them in broths and very reverently treated each centimeter. To date, the fair sex is not so sentimental. They are not afraid to experiment with the hair, as they know that at any moment they can go to the salon to get the right length there. Virtually none of them thinks about whether hair extensions are harmful, what consequences will come from it, and how long it will take to complete the recovery course. However, before you go to the salon to become the regular Rapunzel, you need to think carefully, weigh all the pros and cons, so you do not regret what you did.

Types of hair extensions: natural or natural?

So, to begin with,what this procedure is. Depending on the type and technique, small strands (artificial or natural) are attached to the hair, most closely approximated by color, structure and appearance to yours. Artificial hair, no matter how qualitatively they were made, look like a rough fake. In well-known and professional beauty salons you can offer European, Asian, Slavic or even children's hair. The first option has a softer, smooth structure, they are very pleasant to the touch (it is recommended to use Italian or Spanish). If your native hair is stiff, then you will want Asian strands, because they have the most dense structure. The fact that the Ukrainians and Russians have the best hair, everyone knows. Indeed, because they can do chemical perm, apply paint, etc., while accretion of hair is almost not spoiled. So, if you want to experiment a little with the style, stay a little curly, this type is the most suitable for you. Owners of brittle hair will taste childish, which is quite thin and light. However, they require special care, otherwise they can very quickly become unusable.

Hot build: Italian or English?

According to stylists and hairdressers, this methodfor today the most sparing. There are two types of hot build: Italian and English. In the first case, strands of natural hair, which are prepared and processed by a specialist in advance, is attached using forceps and a special substance - keratin (resin). The master warms the capsule to the desired temperature, then applies it to the joint and fixes the strand. English build-up is carried out with the help of a pistol and glue. There is no significant difference between these technologies, so they were classified in one category. On the procedure itself you will have to spend an average of about four hours. The result will last from three to five months, after which you will need to either make a correction, or take off your hair. Thus, you can increase your hair length by 35-70 centimeters in just one day to look stunning. However, this is not a cheap pleasure, so before you contact a specialist, check out his work. If there are negative reviews about the master, give up his services. Of course, this method also has its disadvantages. Firstly, the time of socks is directly proportional to the quality of the resin. If the barber tries to save you, you will have to return to the salon after two months. Secondly, hair extensions are not "friends" with colored, discolored or sick, so you will have to treat your hair beforehand. Another point is the length of the procedure. On average, you will have to spend at least three hours in the master's chair. The capsules themselves (the Italian method) will be very noticeable if you hold your hair through your hands. Among the girls there are rumors that this method can increase even bangs, but in this case, the microcapsules will be visible at the slightest movement. As for the harm that is applied to your hair, then there's nothing to talk about, just know that keratin melts at 120-200 degrees, the tongs are heated to 130-200 degrees. Despite the fact that the resin cools down on strands very quickly, but the thermal effect will have time to do its job. Is hair buildup harmful?

Cold build-up on rings: advantages and disadvantages

In this case it is permissible to use not onlynatural, but also artificial hair, which significantly reduces the cost of the procedure. This method came to us from Korea, where young brides with luxurious braids are still appreciated. Special clips made of copper or aluminum are simply attached to the hair, with no thermal impact produced, which reduces the risk of damage to a minimum. However, it's worth noting the downsides: at first it will be hard for you to get used to the fact that you have a lot of small rings on your head. Those who at least once slept in curlers know what inconvenience this brings. Another drawback - the hair so created in this way will need to be carefully laid, otherwise the attachment points will be visible.

Rigging: for and against

Used for hair extensions in advanceattached to the adhesive base, which is applied to the strands of the girl. A second ball is applied over it, then this structure is fixed by means of a special apparatus. Fast, inexpensive, easy - this is what attracts customers this method. In just forty-fifty minutes you will turn into a beauty with long hair. The advantages can also be attributed to the fact that you can normally wash your hair, dye, cut, dry your hair, sleep, without feeling any discomfort. In order to remove the embroidered strands, the hairdresser will need to spend about 15 minutes. If you remember the minuses, then this is an adhesive that is not made from natural ingredients. In some women, it can cause an allergic reaction, but this happens rarely. In some cases, problems with hair styles may occur. For example, you can not wear a so-called pony tail, comb your hair back, braid braids and do many styling, as you will see the attachment points. Otherwise, there are no serious shortcomings.

Who is against building up?

How would you not like to become the ownerchic, lush and long hair, you will have to abandon the procedure if your own hair falls out, too weakened because of the painting, chemistry, if you have recently suffered a serious illness and taken strong drugs (hormones, antibiotics, etc.). Otherwise, you risk irreparable harm to your own hair, which will not withstand such a load (especially if they are subjected to thermal effects). Also the master can refuse if you have not reached the age of eighteen. Before contacting the salon, be sure to consult with specialists. harm to the hair

Proper hair care

  • Shampoo and balm

To begin with, you will need to get rid of the usualshampoos, which you used before. Special cosmetics for professional care can be purchased both in beauty salons, and in specialized stores. Best if you are recommended by your master. Also, in no case should you use masks, balms, air conditioners on a fat basis. Pay special attention to the fact that all necessary means can be applied only on strands, but not on roots or attachment points. If necessary, you can use an indelible spray that will prevent hair from becoming tangled.

  • Washing head

The cons also need to write down whatextruded hair can only be washed vertically, otherwise they may fall off or become shabby. Great, if you have a shower, since from this day you will have to do all the procedures just standing. In addition, you will not be able to go to sleep until you completely dry the strands. It is best to use a soft terry towel, as it absorbs moisture well and does not harm the junction of your and artificial hair. Before you go to bed, you will need to braid the braid, otherwise in the morning you will wake up with tangled shreds.

  • Correction

In the event that you are promised that you do not havethere will be no problems with the hair for six months, immediately run away from this institution. If you opted for the capsule method, you will have to resort to the services of a master again three months later, with a tape method, after two months. Do not skip the procedures, do not try to save, otherwise as a result you will be like a homemade Kuzya from the well-known cartoon: your locks will get tangled, the fastening points will be allocated, and the hair (both yours and artificial ones) will break down.

  • Combing

Such a hair can be combed onlyspecially designed for this purpose with brushes or combs, which have rather wide and not sharp teeth. Do you think that by increasing your hair, you will avoid many problems? No matter how! You will have to carry a scallop in your bag to put yourself in order even at work, since combing in windless and dry weather needs at least three to four times a day.

All the subtleties of building strands

Do not think that immediately turning to the salon, yougo out from there with a long oblique to the waist. On all procedures, depending on the method, length and splendor, you will leave from forty minutes to four or five hours. First, a specialist should examine your hair, assess the condition and determine its structure. After the procedure, the master must make sure that everything went well, give a couple of recommendations for care, clarify when you have to return to the salon for correction. In principle, you will understand this, when the roots grow two centimeters, because of what your non-human hair will begin to stand out too much. If you decide to remove artificial strands, after the procedure you will have to use masks and restorative balms. Also, there are many less popular ways, such as afro-growth (sewing individual strands to plaits braided on the head), boding (gluing), etc., but they are mostly preferred only if the girls are very limited in finances. The hair that is grown in such ways can ruin even completely healthy hair, and there are a number of restrictions in wearing popular hair styles, in care, as well as many similar nuances that cause discomfort in everyday life. In order to make a correction, you need to go to the salon for the third week, otherwise the junction will be too obvious. We advise you to read: