can I have sex with cystitis About what is cystitis, many womenperfectly know the sex not by hearsay. To date, this is one of the most common female diseases, in which inflammation of the bladder occurs. Men are much less likely to encounter this trouble. The reason lies in the anatomical features of our body. In women, the urinary canal is broader and shorter, so the infection is much faster and easier to get inside.

Symptoms of cystitis

In girls with cystitis observed frequenturination, which is accompanied by painful sensations and cuts. Sometimes blood may be released in small amounts. Even in a relaxed state, a tingling or burning sensation is felt in the perineum and the area of ​​the bladder. After the sex, the state only worsens. And the more inflammation, the more pronounced the above symptoms. In neglected cases, the fair sex has to go to the toilet every fifteen to twenty minutes. Urine in cystitis can acquire a dull yellow color. If you do not start treatment in time, the girl will be even difficult to move around. A fever is possible. At high temperature it is necessary to drink antipyretic and analgesic. The day after the onset of symptoms, go to your gynecologist. Naturally, during an exacerbation you can not have sex. Is it possible to make love with cystitis

Causes of Cystitis

  • Improper use of personal care products

Many girls forget that gaskets (conventional anddaily) can be worn for no more than four to five hours. Otherwise, bacteria begin to multiply, which lead to inflammatory diseases. The same goes for tampons - they need to be changed on time. By the way, the latter can not be used for cystitis.

  • Disturbance of blood circulation

If you spend more than sixhours, wear tight jeans, tight pantyhose, a little underwear, in the pelvic region there is a violation of blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended to do five-minute breaks every hour. Stand up, be like, pour yourself a mug of delicious green tea. For work or a walk with friends wear comfortable clothes that will not crush, restrain movement, cause discomfort. The problem can also occur with frequent constipation. In this case, it is best to contact a specialist. An important role is played by proper nutrition (fast foods, flour, sweet, etc.). Drink more liquid, and at night, take at least one glass of kefir. Eat light foods that are quickly digested and processed. For lunch or dinner, you should have soup, borsch, milk porridge. Do not neglect the liquid dishes!

  • Decreased immunity

Fatigue, stress, vitamin deficiency - all this reducesresistance of our body. As a result, even a commonplace cold can lead to inflammatory processes. Therefore, if you feel weak, try to have a good rest. And, despite the fact that sex is the best medicine, take care of yourself.

  • Spicy food and spices

Lovers of pepper, spicy, saltyare susceptible to such a disease as cystitis. The fact is that the urine of a person who has eaten too many spices and spices, contains a high concentration of toxic substances. They negatively affect the wall of the bladder, causing a strong inflammation.

How to have sex with cystitis

Fortunately, the cystitis itself is not transmitted sexually. But, despite this, making love during illness is not recommended. And the problem is not even that sex can cause quite unpleasant sensations. Firstly, the state of the fair sex can greatly deteriorate after such a load. Remember: any sex, in which there is pressure on the bladder, can provoke an exacerbation. And then you will have to treat pyelonephritis. Secondly, even if you almost got rid of cystitis, there is a risk of relapse. Thirdly, the probability of infection of a partner by some serious virus is high. Pay attention - this disease can be caused not only by hypothermia, but also by infection. Those passionate people who can not help themselves, during sex, must comply with a set of certain rules. So, for example, before the sexual intercourse, be sure to wash your hands and body. Ask the partner not to touch the anal opening, if he then plans to caress you vaginally. It is also necessary to warn a man that cystitis can not stimulate the clitoris. Otherwise, irritation of the urethra can be caused. Sex is contraindicated if a woman has just drunk a lot of fluids. You can make love only on an empty bladder, so as not to exert pressure on him. After intercourse, it is also recommended to look into the ladies' room. This will help get rid of the bacteria that could get inside during intimacy. Observe the rules of basic hygiene - at the end of the process, rinse the genitals with lukewarm water. Do not use ordinary soap or shower gel, as such cosmetic products can cause irritation or inflammation. Flavors, dyes and flavors also severely harm health. It's great if you can purchase special means for intimate hygiene in the pharmacy for this. By the way, do not steam in a bath and do not take hot baths. With cystitis, you can swim only under a slightly warm shower. Do not forget to use conventional condoms. But with oral contraceptives and various lubricants, creams, vaginal suppositories, you should be careful. Do not buy stimulant or stimulant products for cystitis. It can cause a disease of the genitourinary system. If you are not excited enough, it's better to postpone sex for a while. The act of love on dry will lead to microtraumas of the vagina. It is also necessary to determine the position in which one can make love with cystitis. The missionary position is not recommended for the afflicted representatives of the fair sex. The doggy-style is also in question. The weight of your second half, the angle at which the partner enters the vagina - all this can lead not only to severe pain, but even to bleeding. Experiment with other line items to choose the right one. And be sure to arrange with your loved one that he should stop as soon as you say. In this case, you can relax without fear that sex will be unpleasant and painful. If in any position you are uncomfortable, try to engage in oral sex or stimulate your beloved hands. And the man will be pleased, and you will finally relax from his persistent caresses. Such tricks can be resorted not only during the treatment of female diseases. Sex with cystitis

Sex and cystitis: when to abstain

  • If you are being treated

Sex with cystitis is not a pleasant pleasure. In addition, regular intimate intimacy significantly slows down the healing process. Therefore, do not be surprised if your doctor prevents you from making love for the next three to four weeks.

  • If there is no protection

The urethra is inclose proximity to the entrance to the vagina. Moreover, our reproductive system, thanks to lactobacilli, easily copes with pathogenic microflora. Men do not have such protection in the urethra. Therefore, it is not necessary that your second half has an infectious disease that is transmitted during sex. Dangerous microorganisms can get inside after the act of love or in the case of neglecting the elementary rules of hygiene. Always use condoms and spermicidal lubricants, especially if it is not a regular partner. Once every six months, visit a gynecologist and venereologist to identify hidden diseases of the genitourinary system. Before you start, ask your loved one to take a shower.

  • After anal sex

If you just had anal sex, do notimmediately move on to the vaginal. In extreme cases - change the condom. Otherwise you risk infecting. Even if you take all the precautions (make an enema, use grease, etc.), bacteria from the intestine can still get into the vagina. And then you will have to forget about the pleasure for a long time. By the way, that's why doctors recommend rubbing themselves after defecation from pubic to coccyx. Similarly, do the washing of the genitals.

  • If you recently got sick

Women who have undergone urologic orgynecological diseases, are at risk. Especially if they are not fully cured. By the way, it's dangerous to have sex, if the girl did not go to the doctor, but made her own diagnosis and took the medicine at random. The same goes for venereal, inflammatory diseases.

  • If you are frozen, you have a stomach ache

It is enough to sit down on a cold bench,splash in the icy water, rest on the concrete parapet to pick up the inflammation. By the way, experts recommend to beach-goers on the beach, girls immediately change clothes after bathing. The fact is that under the sun your body starts to get very hot. In the bikini area, covered by swimming trunks, the temperature will be much lower. This contrast is fraught with inflammation. In this case, sex with cystitis is completely contraindicated, until you are cured. It is unlikely that you will be pleased if instead of the expected pleasure in the pelvic region, there will be pain and pain. After you cope with the disease, wait one to two weeks to avoid repeated inflammation of the bladder. The weakened organism sometimes does not have time to cope with such a load.

  • Under adverse weather conditions

Sex in the park or in the sea will help diversifyyour intimate life. But, making love, the fair sex must always remember about their own safety. In the water there are bacteria that can get inside the body. If your body is weakened, then this will be quite enough for cystitis.

Do or do not - the decision is yours

Remember once and for all - no one canmake you make love, especially if you have health problems. Explain to the partner that when cystitis sex is not pleasurable, but only brings a strong physical and moral pain. If he likes you or the man loves you, he will understand this. Otherwise, there is reason to think about why you need a person who is guided only by their desires.