treatment of dandruff at home Alas, but with dandruff at least once in a lifetimefaced any woman. Of course, there is very little pleasant in this and it is only natural that you need to get rid of dandruff as soon as possible. And in the course are all sorts of widely advertised shampoos and other means of dandruff - it would seem that solving the problem is very simple. But in fact, everything is a little different - not everyone can quickly get rid of dandruff. One means, another, the third - and dandruff less all does not become. And this is at best, and at worst it can become even greater. And this unequal duel with dandruff lasts for many months, and sometimes even years. But in most cases you can get rid of dandruff very quickly. And at home, with the help of traditional medicine recipes. Of course, in some cases a person may need more serious help from a doctor if dandruff is a consequence of a disease. But in most cases, treating dandruff at home is very effective.

Causes of dandruff

As a rule, it is unequivocal to say, why appeareddandruff, quite difficult. But still, with a certain observability it is quite possible. So, let's get acquainted with the most common causes of dandruff:

  • Fungal infection

The most difficult thing is to get rid of dandruff,if dandruff is caused by a fungal lesion of the scalp. Typically, this requires a course of treatment with a special antifungal drug. And it should be selected by a dermatologist.

  • Cosmetic preparations

Shampoo, balm rinse, paint forhair - all this can provoke the appearance of dandruff. You can sin on these funds with a high degree of probability in the event that recently you have changed any means for hair care.

  • Rigid water

In the event that you have sensitive skinhead, the appearance of dandruff can provoke even hard water. In this case, it will not be easy - it will be necessary to boil the water before every wash of the head. Or go broke and put very good filters. how to treat dandruff at home

Masks for dandruff

So, dandruff is also a fact. Hence, it is necessary to get rid of it. And the easiest way to do this is with the help of therapeutic masks. All components are easily accessible and absolutely safe. Of course, in the event that you do not have an allergic reaction to any of them. Therefore, pay attention to this moment in advance.

  • Onion mask

Onion mask will allow one shot of twohares to kill - and to get rid of dandruff, and improve the condition of the hair. To prepare a mask you will need two or three large heads of onions and ordinary boiled water. Peeled onion on a small grater, place in a hot pan and pour water so that it completely covers the onions. Under the lid, simmer the onion for about three minutes, then cool. The resulting onion gruel is applied to the roots of hair and carefully rub into the scalp, comb the hair with a comb with sparse teeth. Top the plastic bag and wrap the head with a towel, leave the mask for at least 30 minutes. After that, rinse your head with plenty of water. Very many women are afraid of an unpleasant smell and try to get rid of it by means of shampoo. This is a completely useless procedure - the onion smell does not eliminate the onion shampoo. But to cope with this side effect is very simple - you will need ordinary vinegar. And it is best to give preference to apple - it is more useful for hair. After you wash off onion mass, rinse your head with vinegar, diluted in equal proportions with water. Smell as a hand will remove. Do not abuse this mask too much - just do it twice a week. The effectiveness of this will not decrease. As a rule, one month of such treatment is enough to completely get rid of dandruff, and the first improvements you will notice after the first application.

  • Oily mask

With the preparation of this mask will have to tinker,but the result is worth it. Especially if your hair is dry and brittle - not only dandruff will disappear, but the hair will strengthen. You need a chemist's daisy and vegetable oil. Place two tablespoons of dry chamomile inflorescences in the pan, pour half a glass of any vegetable oil and bring to a boil in a water bath. Then turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and leave to infuse for about two hours. Then apply oil to dry hair, rub into the scalp and wrap with plastic wrap. To enhance the effect, you can warm the head with a towel. The mask should stay on the hair for at least an hour. And be prepared to wash that mask off your hair will not be so easy - after all, vegetable oil. Wash your head five to six times and with shampoo - otherwise your hair will look fat and very untidy. But if you wash your hair, your reflection in the mirror will surely please you. Ideally, this mask should be done twice a week for a month. Dandruff will disappear quickly enough - about a week later. But do not stop treatment so that the problem does not return again.

  • Mask made of flaxseed

The mask of flax seeds will eliminate even the strongestdandruff, and quite quickly. To prepare a mask, buy flax seeds from the pharmacy. Put five tablespoons of flax seeds in an enamel saucepan, pour half a glass of water, bring to a boil and simmer for about 15 minutes. After the broth has cooled to room temperature, strain it with a gauze cloth. As a result, you will get an almost full glass of mucus-like mass. Here it is for you and it is necessary to put a head on the skin, rub it and distribute the remainders through the hair. Be sure to wrap the head with a plastic bag and warm it with a towel. The mask should be kept on the hair for at least 15 minutes, and then you need to wash your head. Dandruff will become much less after the first application of the mask. And you need to do it three times a week, at least. Duration of treatment should be at least a month, and even if the dandruff disappeared much earlier. Otherwise, she can come back again.

  • Kefir mask

In the moneybox of our grandmothers there is a wonderful waytreat dandruff at home with kefir. It is very easy to do this - you only need a glass of yogurt. Apply it to dry hair, rub into the scalp. Wrap the head with a plastic wrap and warm it with a towel. The mask should be on the hair for at least 30 minutes, after which you must wash it off with cool water. Two or three applications - and dandruff will begin to recede. The scheme of treatment is as follows: three masks a week, for a month. After this, the most persistent dandruff will not survive. how to treat dandruff at home

Rinsing hair

If some masks for eliminating dandruff do notenough, you can add rinsing with medications. The main condition is not to use balms. Otherwise, rinsing will be completely vain.

  • Broth of nettle

The most simple and effective remedy for dandruff -decoction of nettle. For its preparation, place 10 tablespoons of nettle leaves in a saucepan - you can use both fresh and dry ones. Pour them a half liters of water, bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat to a minimum. Boil until about a third of the water boils. The broth must be carefully filtered, so that you can not comb out the leaves from the hair. The resulting broth of nettle rinse your hair after each washing of the head. Very quickly dandruff will begin to recede. Yes, and the state of hair you probably will be pleased. And by the way - do not prepare a decoction of nettles for future use, since in just 5 hours it loses more than half of all its medicinal properties.

  • Grape leaves

Well, if you are lucky and you will find grapeleaves, count. that with dandruff is over, if not forever, then for a very long time. Prepare the infusion for rinsing - in a large saucepan place two glasses of grape leaves, pour them a liter of steep boiling water. Cover the pan with a lid, wrap it with a towel or a blanket and leave to infuse for three hours. Every time you wash, rinse your hair with this infusion. And ideally, do it every night. But the head is washed with shampoo every day is highly not recommended - it dries the scalp and provokes the appearance of dandruff. by the way, very often enough to stop washing your hair every day - and dandruff disappears without any outside interference. You can foresee objections - they say, your head will be dirty! In fact, this is not the case - just a week later the sebaceous glands of the head will be rebuilt and you will be able to wash your head every other day. If you do not manage to get rid of dandruff yourself, there is nothing else than to seek help from a dermatologist. And to pull with this case it is not necessary, otherwise to treat dandruff will be long and difficult. We advise you to read: