preterm infants after cesarean section Lately, more and more childrenCaesarean section. You can argue long about whether it's good or bad - but the fact remains. And very often the caesarean section is for the baby the only chance to appear relatively healthy. Especially in the case if the crumb is a hurry, and decided to meet with parents before the due date. Premature babies after cesarean section are a very urgent problem. Many parents deny the very idea that their baby, born with caesarean section, is something different from other children. There is a large number of theories that such children in development not only do not concede, but sometimes even outstrip their peers. However, it will never be superfluous to be safe. One of the most common misconceptions is that the appearance of a Caesarean section is the least difficult for a child. And really - at first glance it may seem that everything happens very quickly and completely painless for the child. But this is not so, because natural births are exactly what nature has chosen. And nature carefully thought through this process, providing all possible nuances. And the child does not suffer at all from passing through the mother's ancestral ways. Rather, on the contrary, he experiences physiological sensations and emotional impressions vital to him. On the eve of the birth of a child in the body there are significant changes - nature holds a kind of preparation. And as a result of these processes, a child is born ready to live outside the mother's body. And this is true even if the birth began prematurely - within a few hours the body of the crumbs is mobilized. But in the case of surgical intervention in case of premature pregnancy, the baby may not be at all ready for an independent life. It goes without saying that such a method of delivery has a very, very negative effect on the child. And in most cases this can not but affect the physical condition of the crumbs. Of course, the way the baby was born means a lot - premature babies are different from those who were born on time and naturally. Although very often the parents are firmly convinced that these two groups of children are no different. And really - a child, even a premature baby, has all the chances to grow healthy, properly developing, to be on breastfeeding for a very long time. Yes, and in its physical and mental development, "Caesar" is not inferior to the children, born naturally. However, such babies need much more attention and concern both from the medical staff, and, of course, from the mom and dad. There are several secrets that will help your baby to adapt more quickly to this world, which is still new to him. Today we will talk about the characteristics of both physical and psychological care for such crumbs. After all, there are a few very important things, the fulfillment of which is very important for a premature baby who was born with the help of cesarean section. And to ignore them is not necessary in any case.

What to do? Emotional side

The first and most important rule is communication withchild. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that communication is extremely important for all children, regardless of how they were born and at what time. But for "Caesar" communication is important doubly - use for this every opportunity. First - emotional and physical contact. Doctors - neonatologists recommend as often as possible to stroke the crumb from the head and to the heels. And the movements should be strong enough, but soft. Stroking should be done twice a day, about 7-10 minutes. On the subconscious, the child will certainly have an analogy with passing through the birth canal. And it will launch certain processes - both in the mind of the child, and at the physical level. This measure is effective in the first three weeks of a baby's life. By the way, it is also necessary to mention that children's psychologists recommend already grown-up kids, who were born with the help of Caesarean section, often play themed games - climbing through tunnels. And it is not necessary to buy very expensive gaming complexes - homemade tunnels from chairs and bedspreads are used by children not less than love. Secondly, pay special attention to such an aspect as a child's night sleep. Doctors authentically established that babies, who were born by cesarean section, often have terrible dreams. Of course, what exactly can dream of such a crumb is reliably unknown. But the fact remains. Therefore, never leave a sleeping baby in the room alone, at least during the first year of life. Joint night sleep in this case - one of the most optimal options. Waking up, the little one will feel Mama's warmth, comfort and tranquility. This will greatly facilitate the life of both the baby and the mother. Yes, and feed the baby can immediately, without getting out of bed. However, in no case should we forget about precautions. First time, doctors recommend to put the baby to sleep if not on a separate children's mattress, then, at least, under a separate blanket. And in the daytime, try to take your baby as often as possible, preferably at a time when the crumb takes air baths. Contact "skin to skin" is very important for the baby: for both physical and emotional development. You will very soon notice a positive result - the baby will stop crooning, and sleep will be much calmer. In addition, certain observations make it possible to conclude that such children, even growing up, feel more calm and protected. By the way, such babies and as they grow older require special attention. Despite the fact that the cause is unclear, the fact remains that children born by cesarean section grow more self-confident and cautious than their peers, born naturally. Parents must constantly remember this and strengthen their faith in themselves. Praise your child for the slightest reason, and sometimes even without any reason. But with criticism and remarks, on the contrary, it's worth to be very careful. But let's sit on your neck, of course, not worth it. Try to find a "golden mean" so that the child does not just begin to manipulate you. children after cesarean section

What to do? Physiological aspect

Now it's time to talk about thosefeatures of the body, which the child has after cesarean section. In principle, they are equally relevant both for full-term children, and for those born in the world prematurely. And parents should consider these features to grow a healthy baby.

  • Breast-feeding

Children born with caesarean section, yeseven before the deadline, often very poorly gain weight. Yes, and the immune system in them is often significantly weakened. Therefore, doctors recommend feeding these babies with mom's milk as long as possible. Of course, it is much more difficult to organize breastfeeding than after a natural birth. But this is quite realistic, so a young mother should make every effort to do this, however hard it would be for her at first.

  • Swaddling a child

Modern parents, as a rule, preferdo not swaddle the baby since the very first birthday. However, premature babies, as well as those who were born by cesarean section, pediatricians highly recommend swaddling at least the first month. They believe that in diapers the child feels about the same as in the uterus. And this brings the child moral satisfaction.

  • Visits to the neurologist and cardiologist

The child should be shown regularlyneuropathologist. The first examination should be carried out in the maternity home, immediately after the birth of the child. Further, it is recommended that the neuropathologist be examined every month, during the first year of the child's life. Well, if the parents notice that the child is excessively crying, especially at night, or in a quiet state, the crumbs will begin to tremble hands and chin, to see a doctor - the neurologist needs to go immediately, without delaying the visit. As a rule, your attending physician-pediatrician makes a schedule of visits to a neuropathologist. Overcautious in this case is fully justified, because preterm babies are at risk of developing pathology of the nervous system much more.

  • Visiting other specialists

You can not forget about the need to visit andother narrow specialists. After all, for certain the kid was born on prematurely, moreover by a cesarean section, not simply so? And those pathologies that were the baby, and after birth will not disappear. And in the event that the mother's pathology became the cause, they can also make themselves felt, but already with the baby. Therefore, in the event that a pediatrician advises you to show your baby to some other doctor, do not ignore it at all. And do not forget about the cardiologist. All children born prematurely - both by natural means and by caesarean section - should be examined at least three times during the first year of life by a cardiologist. Therefore, even if your pediatrician does not give you a referral, ask for it yourself. After all, the problems with the heart noted in time are most often amenable to correction.

The most common problems

And at last it is necessary to tell about somethe most common health problems in preterm infants born as a result of Caesarean section. Of course, it is not at all necessary that these problems will appear in all such babies without exception. But it's not for nothing that the proverb "Who is forewarned is armed". In these children, in about 70% of all cases, as they grow, the syndrome of hyperactivity develops. And its peak is, oddly enough, at adolescence. And this problem does not come to anyone's mind to be associated with heavy births. Because there is a sharp drop in pressure in the uterus and the environment during cesarean section, micro hemorrhages to the brain are often observed. And approximately in half of all cases the child appears on light with the raised or increased intracranial pressure. Often, these babies are born with iron deficiency anemia and hypoxia. Therefore, it is very important to closely monitor these vital indicators in order to notice the problem in time and take the necessary measures as soon as possible. And remember: the main thing that your kid needs is your love! We advise you to read: