Orthopedic mattress for health and high-grade rest of the child All mothers know that a pledge of goodthe health of their baby is a strong and calm sleep, and for this you need a good mattress. Indeed, the quality of the mattress affects the duration and comfort of sleep. Having bought a cheap low-quality mattress, you will save money, but will harm the health of your child. Do we need such sacrifices? Moreover, in the online store you can and good quality are spring andspringless mattresses with orthopedic effect. Both these types have their advantages, so to say which of them is better than not. Modern spring mattresses with orthopedic effect, in turn, are also divided into two types - with dependent and with independent springs. The classic option is when the springs are connected to a block and when pressed on one of them, the adjacent ones are deformed. In the second case, each spring is in its pocket and works independently of others, that is, it is isolated from them. This type of mattress is better adapted to the body, so it is considered more successful. Prices for such mattresses are slightly higher. There are universal models, which have dependent springs on one side, and independent ones on the other. The optimal ratio of price and quality are Swiss made. Currently, the production of these mattresses is established in the south of Russia and the Moscow region. All manufactured products are environmentally friendly and safe, as they are produced only from environmentally friendly raw materials. What are the advantages of DreamLine mattresses? First, all products are certified and pass quality control, which is carried out by the Moscow All-Russian Design and Technological Institute of Furniture. Secondly, mattresses pass a four-level quality control system - when materials are received for production, when cutting material, when assembling products and when packaging finished products. The Dreamline factory produces a wide range of springless mattresses for children. Having bought your child such a , you will not have to worry about, since allproducts for children of this company are hypoallergenic, because it is made only of natural materials. To fill the orthopedic mattresses of this production the most modern materials are used, which give the most useful and comfortable effect when used. Dreamline constantly monitors all the latest developments in the field of production of mattresses and other products for sleep, and constantly improves the quality of its products.