evening styling for short hair A fairly common misconception isthe opinion that evening hairstyles for short hair look monotonous and inelegant. Of course, for longer hair there are more variations, but still, short hair is not a catastrophe. They can also make a large number of a variety of ways. To do this, you need to include fantasy and use the most basic and accessible materials. Certain evening hairstyles for short hair allow a woman to look spectacular in any situation. Style is chosen depending on the general image. It can be a romantic evening styling for short hair, playful and daring styling, strict haircut and so on. Everything depends on the mood and imagination of the owner of short hair and a master who creates a hairstyle. hair styling

Choosing the Right Stacking

Of course, evening hairstyles for short hairare created in accordance with the attended event. For example, a business meeting or an official reception requires strict compliance. Therefore, the hairstyle should be restrained, without any vulgar notes and playful strands. Typically, short hair is enough to wash and carefully lay with a styling aid. It can be mousse for hair, foam, fixation gel, wax, lacquer. Due to such means, the hairstyle will remain unchanged throughout the evening, allowing you to look impressive and restrained. If you choose an evening hairstyle for short hair for a friendly party or a trip to the entertainment club, then there is no limit to fantasy. This concerns not only the choice of the type of hair, but also the use of various accessories (bows, barrettes, rims, rhinestones and others). Hair can be left straight, curled in small or large curlers, disheveled with a gel or wax. styling by type of face

Matching by type of face

To remain irresistible, it is necessary tothe creation of an image to take into account the shape and features of the structure of the face. For each type there is a certain type of laying, which allows you to harmoniously emphasize the advantages and, if necessary, hide any flaws and defects. For chubby women and girls, an evening hairstyle for short hair should not weight heavily loaded features, so it is advisable to leave elongated strands in front, which allows you to visually stretch out your face and bring it closer to the oval shape. On the occipital part, you can create a small volume, which will also improve the perception of a common image. For women with an elongated face shape, it is necessary to pay attention to these features when creating an evening hairstyle for short hair, using playful strands or curls that allow you to visually change your face. If you have a high forehead, do not get upset, as it is easy enough to hide it with a bang. Conversely, if the forehead is sufficiently low, then it is worth noting the bangs, since it visually makes it even smaller. The most simple and affordable evening styling for short hair is clean hair, laid with the aid of a fixative. To do this, the product (gel, foam, varnish, mousse) is applied to still damp hair, after which the movements of the hands create a creative mess on the head. This hairstyle looks interesting, suitable for those who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and become the subject of envious conversations. To fix the head, it is advisable to sprinkle with varnish. For asymmetrical haircuts, you can use large hair curlers or a hair dryer with a round brush. With the help of applied means for laying individual strands are twisted inside, due to which a rather feminine and romantic image is created. For lovers of curls, you can recommend the next evening hairstyle for short hair. Wet hair damp hair on small curlers, then carefully dry with a hairdryer. Gently move the hair curlers and give the necessary direction strands. In no case can you use a comb, as you get a magnificent cloud of hair that does not give sexuality and attractiveness. It is better to carefully put the hair in order with the help of fingers, in extreme cases - with a comb with large teeth. For special interest, it is possible to fasten the side strands with a hairpin with rhinestones, so that at the evening event they sparkle and draw attention to the person. If there is a bang, it is advisable to use a flat iron, with which to straighten the strands and fix in any position. A fairly common and classic is a smooth hairstyle, for which it is necessary to comb all the strands back and fix them in this position. Of course, not every woman will get a smooth hairstyle, so in some cases it is necessary to create a volume on the occipital part, which visually lengthens the face and improves the appearance of the woman. A special emphasis is put on the parting. With his help, the same hairstyle looks completely different, allowing you to change the image with such trick. It can be a direct parting in the center of the head or on the side, an oblique parting, a zigzag, which looks pretty effective almost always. Thus, short hair is even a plus when creating a hairstyle (evening or daytime), as it does not take a lot of time and effort to create an original image for a certain period of time. In addition, significant savings are also on the means for fixation, which can not be said with the laying of long hair. A light and beautiful hairstyle can be created without much effort at home without the help of a specialist. Different accessories should be selected according to the chosen outfit, allowing to emphasize the presence of taste in a person.