Removing paint from hair at home When a woman wants to change something in herlife, it changes the color of hair. But what to do if, after seeing your reflection in the mirror after staining, you were horrified? It is necessary to wash the paint, which, incidentally, is easy to do at home - only so you can get rid of the sad consequences of the failed experiment.

Why did this happen?

The reasons that the resultant hair color turned out to befor you too unexpected, maybe a few. The first and most common is a cheap dye. If you paid a very impressive amount for the paint, and she smells suspiciously and spreads over the scalp - most likely, you have slipped a counterfeit. In cheap paints contains ammonium hydroxide, which overdry hair and is a frequent cause of color irregularity. So think twice before buying a budgetary paint of a flashy color - and will not you have to do a wash? Did you expect that you will be able to get hair color, the same as the model on the paint package? Most often, the result of staining differs from the one depicted on the treasured box, and at times even very drastically. If you have dark chestnut hair, to wait that after staining it will become light-brown or bright-red without preliminary clarification - it's silly. Particularly comical is the result obtained, if you have grown gray hair for a couple of centimeters. Want to turn into a blonde - go to the master in the hairdressing salon. Recently, you did a perm or keratin hair straightening, and now you decided to dye your hair ... Did the colored stains on your hair make you look like a leopard? No wonder, because the drugs used for long-term styling, change the structure of the hair, so the subsequent staining at home will not give a qualitative result. By the way, henna, basma and other natural dyes have the same side effect. If you have fatty hair, this is possible: the hair does not "absorb" the right shade of paint because you applied the dye to dirty hair. The myth that the paint is best placed on unwashed hair is nonsense. Skin fat, remnants of stowage products "get stuck" in the pores, and then washed out from there during the first washing of the head. high-quality paint removal from hair in the home

Use of salon means for washing hair from hair in the home

In order to take advantage of professionalmeans for washing off the unsuccessful result, it is not at all necessary to resort to the help of a specialist. You can buy such a product in any salon cosmetics store for hair. Important nuance: this drug can be used only after 2 weeks after unsuccessful staining. This procedure is called "decapage" or "picking". You can spend it with a break in a few days, so as not to cause serious damage to the hair. Trichologists are advised to spend no more than 6-7 consecutive batches, during which you can lighten your hair for 5-6 tones. Before you proceed directly to the very decapacity of the paint at home, dry mousse must be applied with a high level of ph. Thanks to the cementing particles in its composition, it will make your hair stiff, and therefore less susceptible to paint flushing. Apply mousse excessively and dry hair with a hairdryer. After a few hours, you can start washing your hair. A small amount of shampoo with a high content of oxides is spread over the hair and carefully rubbed for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with very hot water and check - is there no need to repeat the procedure? Separate the thin strand and lubricate it with a liquid developer. If you still have traces of paint on your hands, then you need to use the hair remover for a second time. After washing, gently squeeze the hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Not so long ago in the Russian market there were wash-masks, which are also easy to use at home. In the package there are two sachets, which must be mixed before each application in equal proportions. Oxide powder is diluted with a liquid reagent to the state of thick sour cream and is applied abundantly on absolutely dry hair from the roots to the tips. Then on the head you need to put on a bathing cap and go to bed. In the morning the composition is washed off with a shampoo with a low ph. After decaping the paint to the desired result, the hair should be dyed. First, so you get rid of yellowness, and secondly, a high-quality dye will "smooth" the scales that were opened due to the use of aggressive reagents. Only now, take a closer look at the choice of the hue of paint. washing away hair from your hair at home

Flushing paint from hair at home: folk recipes

Of course, washing the dye with folk remedies,will not give such pronounced results as chemical. However, it does not damage the hair, even on the contrary - it makes them soft and obedient, heals dryness and returns a lively shine. To lighten hair with the help of "grandmother's recipes" for two or three tones is quite realistic. The most popular variant of flushing paint from hair is oil composition. This remover is especially useful for dry and damaged hair. Use for this purpose any oil that you will find - olive, sunflower, sesame, almond, coconut or burdock. Coconut oil must be melted in a water bath before use, since it is hard. Take 2 cups of vegetable oil, add 2 tablespoons. margarine or any animal fat and heat this mixture on low fire to about 30-35 degrees, so as not to burn the scalp. The wash is applied to clean damp hair. After distributing the oil, put a rubber cap or cellophane bag on your head. After an hour, rinse the mask with hot water. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated even though laziness. If you want to enhance the effect of this home remedy, add a little castor oil and 3 tablespoons. hydrogen peroxide. Such a mask can slightly pinch the scalp and it should not be washed off with boiling water. Hair will have to be rinsed with acidified water - you can use vinegar or lemon juice for this. Vegetable oil will successfully replace mayonnaise - it's true, using it, you lighten your hair only half a ton-tone. If you have oily hair, prepare a mixture of egg yolks, castor oil and vodka. Mix a glass of vodka with a glass of castor oil. Egg yolks, free from white films, so that they do not "weld" on your hair during rinsing. Thoroughly mix the composition and apply it to the hair for 3-4 hours. A tar soap will become a home substitute for shampoo with high ph-level. Use it only if you have normal hair without any problems, such as sensitivity of the scalp or dandruff. If you do not find tar in stores, use laundry soap. You can soap your head with a hard piece or prepare a liquid shampoo: grate a piece of soap on a grater, add a glass of boiling water, 2 d.t. cognac and mix. After such washing it is necessary to use a nutritious or moisturizing mask. An excellent wash for the red shades of paint: add to tar tar shampoo before washing a few tablets of acetylsalicylic acid, previously shredded. Fruit masks also help you to lighten hair after improper staining. Squeeze out the juice of 10 lemons, and chop the peeled peel into a blender until the mushy condition. Mix this porridge with the juice, add 2 tablespoons. alcohol and apply the hair massaging movements. It is not recommended to use this mask if you have sensitive scalp or have microtraumas on it. You can make a similar mask of avocado, strawberry or apples of acidic varieties. To wash off the paint from damaged hair, you can use glycerin rinse. Every time after washing your head, apply a mixture of glycerin and lime decoction in a 10: 1 ratio on your head. After massaging your hair, wait 5-10 minutes for the compound to penetrate the pores. Then rinse with warm water. This option is unacceptable for oily hair, since glycerol increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. On the basis of lemon juice, you can also prepare a honey mask for washing the paint at home. Squeeze the juice of 2-3 lemons, strain through gauze. Preheat on candles or in a microwave sugared honey to a liquid state. Combine it with lemon juice, add a few drops of the vitamin A oil extract. While the compound is not cold and hardened, apply it quickly to the hair and wrap it with cellophane. Wash off the mask after half an hour with cool water. The most pronounced result is given by kefir-soda wash. Mix a glass of kefir and ½ cup of baking soda, which is extinguished with vinegar or lemon juice. To facilitate the application, add 3-4 tablespoons. favorite shampoo. Wash off the formula after half an hour, use a balm-rinse. If you do not trust folk remedies and want to get rid of the traces of experimental staining as soon as possible, visit the beauty salon. However, if the health of hair is more important to you - it makes sense to have patience and still try to solve the problem yourself. We advise you to read: