Vacation time Summer holidays last so long! Where to put the child to be followed by a good care? After all, parents work, and leave in summer can not give. Summer is the time for holidays. And if for children this is the best time, then a lot of problems fall on the parents. Where to put the child for the summer? Well, if there are grandparents who are able not only to look after the child and feed him, but also to work with him, teach something new. Children will be happy to learn how to start or to fish. Any occupation is useful, if not associated with a risk to life. If the child is hyperactive and used to "stand on his own", grandparents will find it difficult to cope with it. In this case, without hesitation, it is worth taking a ticket and sending a fast-moving child to a children's sports camp.

Grandmother's pies

So, the family has brought happiness, and parentsagreed to take the grandson to her for the summer. Suppose the classical version - they live in the village. Will, space, natural food. All this, of course, is good. But what will the offspring do in the wild? Computer parents are unlikely to be brought to the village, so online games are canceled. TV watching boring, and grandmother's pies can soon get bored ... It remains to walk in the evenings with peers. And here "adventures" begin: children can easily climb a dispute in a transformer booth or bathe in a drainage canal. How many accidents happen to teenagers in the summer for these reasons! Although if the child is independent, properly raised, and grandparents have authority, you can try to leave it for a week, while maintaining a permanent connection.

In summer camp

If possible, it is better to send the child tosummer camp. There he will always be under the supervision of adults. Educators and counselors take responsibility for the life and health of the child. All children are different. Collectivists by nature mastered instantly. Find friends of interest, engage in circles, participate in competitions. Children are not solicitous to stay in a noisy children's collective, it will seem at first torture. But this is only in the early days, as long as they look at and get weaker from the hothouse home conditions. However, the rhythm of the life of the children's camp will soon enthrall them, and children will be happy to go camping, learn to kindle bonfires and take part in common activities. The camp is a good school of life, here children become more independent and adults.

Holidays at home

So, there is nowhere to send the child and he remainssummer home. It is necessary at once to make a reservation: it is impossible to leave one's children alone at home. Is it dangerous. Therefore it is necessary either to hire a nanny or ask grandmothers to look after the child. If children "rebel", require independence, it is worth talking quietly, discuss the situation. In the evening - compulsory classes with children. And let the reward be a "campaign" in . With teenagers it is more difficult, they do not give in well.control. The worst thing is that it's a bad company. Moms and dads should be aware of, with whom the child is friends, what he does and how he spends his free time. And that the teenager felt "in business", you can try to arrange it for several hours to work - to distribute flyers or help at the car wash. In this there is another plus: pocket money earned by own labor will not be spent on bullshit. We advise you to read: