strollers mothercare Going to the street with kids, all momsexpect a comfortable and easy walk. But that it was really such, about convenience of favorite children it is necessary to take care. Therefore, the attention of any caring mother deserves the Mothercare stroller - it will definitely provide the comfort of a walk. In this we are assured by the high status and world fame of its manufacturer. For 50 years of work, the English company has pleased millions of customers around the world: today it has opened more than 500 of its stores in different parts of the world. Baby strollers from the British company Mothercare have long been a guarantee of the comfort of the child. In them, even the most restless boys and girls are always comfortable, fun and interesting. And when it's good for the child, it's great for the mother - with models from this English manufacturer, every exit to the street will be as pleasant as possible.

Mothercare stroller is well represented in Russia

Very conveniently, that the English company has openedmore than 30 of its official stores in Russia. Of them, as many as 10 are in the capital, so that Moscow's moms and dads can always easily provide comfort to their child. But other parents should not worry: British representations work successfully in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and other large cities of the country. Plus, Mothercare, like any good company, has excellent delivery. Therefore, dads and moms can always purchase baby strollers from this brand, order accessories and spare parts for them, and give them for repair to official representatives. The British have completely solved all questions of support for Extreme, Spin, Urban Detour and other models in Russia - the parents of the kids may not worry about this. With the choice, too, there are no problems: in official stores located in different cities of the Russian Federation, there are all current wheelchairs of the English brand. And they are presented on actual and quite affordable prices for Russian families - practice shows that many moms and dads choose models from a British company for this reason. But the main trump card in favor of Mothercare - it's still time-tested quality. English walking strollers are sure to please parents who do not want to worry about the safety and comfort of the child. Lying or sitting in one of the modern British models, boys and girls will be able to easily make any moves. As a result, any trip to the street will bring mom, dad and their beloved child a maximum of pleasant impressions. mothercare strollers

The complete set of English strollers is impressive

Modern options, for example, Xtreme or Jive, have everything that kids can only need. The basic kit includes the following accessories:

  • Hood and raincoat - they protect the child from rain and wind, allowing you to walk in comfort in any weather.
  • Apron apron - thanks to him, baby carriages perfectly keep the heat, he takes care that the baby does not catch cold on the street.
  • Game tray - with him, moms and dads will be able to take a hundred cheerful entertainment even the most restless and mischievous children.

And this is only the basic equipment, which isMothercare Urban Detour, Spin, Xtreme and any other models. A British company can please Russian parents with a wealth of additional accessories. This is clearly seen in the example that we want to bring to the attention of moms and dads.

Mothercare Xtreme: sample functionality

Today, this model bears the proud titlefull "system for travel." It is noteworthy that it is possible to carry the child comfortably from the very moment of his birth. This level of convenience is due to the following reasons:

  • Each children's stroller "Extreme"has a unique back that is able to fold from an angle of 90 degrees and up to a completely horizontal position. In this model, the child can sit and lie in comfort.
  • Maneuverability and easy running of Xtreme gives the presence of energy-saving springs and steering wheels. Thanks to them, even the most tiny and fragile mother can cope with the English model.
  • In this case, the frame "Extreme" can also develop,and it is very convenient for families with cars. Plus, in the basic version of the model there is a place for a portable chair, securely fixed and able to withstand a child weighing up to 10 kg. It can be removed, put in a car and installed on the frame absolutely without any effort, and this is also more than comfortable.

We draw a conclusion: children's stroller Xtreme and other famous models (Jive, Spin, Urban Detour), even in its standard configuration, perfectly suited for modern life, so active and dynamic. Their lightness, maneuverability and compactness are perfectly combined with reliability and functionality. That's why Mothercare is not buying for a season - in such a stroller the child can really grow. Mom, and yet we have not yet become acquainted with the removable elements of models, which are also worthy of attention. Adjustable footsteps, extra wheels, buffer beams, shopping baskets, mosquito nets and hoods are all those small but convenient benefits that will give you peace of mind and the baby is in a great mood. By the way, it's also great that the English try to make their children's stroller even better. Of course, each model released by the British can be a model of comfort, but over time, there are even more refined options with parents 'and their boys and girls' pleasant changes. We can judge this with the following concrete example. stroller mothercare

The latest model of English prams is impressive

Recently there was a new variant - walkingMothercare Spin, which has many useful qualities. The design of this stroller allows you to easily and quickly change the position of the child ("face to yourself" or "face forward"), without causing him anxiety and not getting it out of the stroller. With such a model, mom can finish the walk, climb the elevator, open the doors and go home, and her baby will be sleeping sweetly all this time. Let's say more: according to the opinion of pediatricians, visual contact with parents is very important for the child in the first months of life, which is why the new wheelchair is a modern decision of the developers who thought this important fact. And the promenade Spin is perfect for kids from the first days of their life, because with simple manipulation it turns into a comfortable cradle. The main advantage of a new product of an English company lies in the high convenience of the stroller, both for the child and for the parents. In addition, the entire new line of strollers has a beautiful design - each of them is simply nice to take along the street. This model can be made in various colors, for example, classic black, elegant green, memorable red. Moms have the freedom of choice - you can easily buy an option from which you will be delighted, your little one or her older brothers and sisters. Plus, Mothercare Spin is a trendy stroller today, which is ideal for women who want to emphasize that for their child they choose the best. But, in principle, other models continue to remain interesting, attractive, reliable and very convenient - branded English baby carriages deserve the highest ratings, in this, our dear readers, you can be sure.