Tibetan milk mushroom Many thousands of years ago, Tibetan monkslearned about the milk fungus, which has truly magical properties. According to legend, this happened by chance, however, like all discoveries and inventions of history. Tibetan monks fermented milk in special clay pots. Once they saw that the milk in the pots is rustling not everywhere the same. Pots that washed in running water gave one color of milk, and the pots that were washed in mountain ponds and clean crystal rivers were quite different. The same monks noticed that in the pots that were washed in ponds and mountain rivers, the taste of milk was much more pleasant, with some interesting sourness. It was further noted that if the curdled milk lasts several days, then it begins to change, the milk seems to be going to a heap, and then bunches appear. So the monks of Tibet considered that this remedy has useful properties for the body, they can heal the heart, kidneys, liver, and in general any organ and the whole human body. And the liquid that formed around the bunches of milk, Tibetan monks called the elixir of youth. Medicine Tibetan monks already then (many millennia ago) was highly developed. It was noticed that people who drink the elixir of youth at least once a week, practically do not age, feel young, do not complain of pain in the joints and heart. Juvenile milking by Tibetan monks continued, but already deliberately, with the aim of obtaining the elixir of youth. It should be noted that for such manipulations used any milk - sheep, goat, horse and cow. Tibetan monks always get the right result when squashing. And again, people who drank the elixir, felt better, healthier and more cheerful. Then the inhabitants of Tibet kept the elixir of youth in strict secrecy. Nobody could know what a Tibetan milk mushroom is and how to do it. Only high-ranking people of Tibet could get access to this drink of the gods. The very recipe of the elixir was passed on from generation to generation and has come down to our days. Today, the Tibetan mushroom is familiar to the whole world, everyone can try to prepare a magic remedy on their own at home. You can easily ensure proper care. And to find application to the received substance it is possible even in cosmetology. Tibetan mushroom milk

Nature of the milk mushroom

By itself, the Tibetan milk mushroom in the adultThe state is similar to a white bunch of grapes, its size is relatively small (only a few centimeters in diameter). And at the time of its appearance, it is 5-6 mm at all, as it grows in the second stage, the fungus can be 40-60 mm. The adult stage is determined by the size of 8-10 centimeters. Tibetan milk mushroom is a natural pharmacy in which you can find medicines from all diseases in the modern world. First of all, each of us seeks to live a long time, we know that immortality remains only a dream of mankind, but that's prolong life quite real for several decades. And there are a number of diseases in which the use of milk fungus is simply necessary.

  • Food

Modern medicine has long known that people are poisonedyour body from the inside with food that is consumed daily. The digested food enters the intestine and remains there for some time before it leaves the body. All this time it rot and releases toxic poisons that poison the human body and kill the cell behind the cage. Those same poisons are absorbed into the body through the capillaries and penetrate into all organs. Milk mushroom helps the digested food to leave the stomach faster, not allowing it to poison us from the inside. The resulting elixir helps quickly and without harm to the body to solve the problem of toxins.

  • Ecology

In the modern world, clean air and waterbecome a luxury, every day we breathe in and drink heavy metals, salts, toxins, all this settles on the walls of the lungs. Salts get inside and form stones in the kidneys, harm the liver and other organs. Often this causes the growth of polyps and cysts. Tibetan mushroom and then come to the rescue, it easily removes metals from the body, salt, prevents the formation of polyps. With its application, the cells of the body are renewed, the organs are younger and the human body too.

  • Allergy

Allergy became a problem of the 21st century. To date, every second inhabitant of the planet suffers from one type of allergy. Pediatricians note that every newborn child already in the womb can have such a problem. Tibetan fungus is a natural antiallergen, which was proved by numerous experiments of scientists and doctors. He can quite effectively solve such a global problem of mankind. But in this case, the use of milk fungus should be agreed with your doctor.

  • Excess body weight

Also an important problem for todayis considered obesity or overweight. Already many countries have recognized this trouble as a social problem. Due to the fact that the Tibetan mushroom quickly releases the body from processed food and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, the body itself will lose weight (due to this effect). Milk mushroom does not cause any harm and side effects, because it can be eaten even by small children. The use of the drug will strengthen immunity. In addition, the mushroom is infused with milk. And milk, as is known, contains in itself all the necessary nutrients necessary for growth, full-fledged development of the body. It is also worth noting that during fermentation the kefir obtained has doubled properties. In other words, it accelerates and improves the effect of nutrients. Kefir, prepared from Tibetan mushroom, contains lactic acid, which helps the body to fight disease-causing bacteria, thereby enhancing the immunity of the fair sex. In this case, the woman's body absorbs phosphorus and calcium well, strengthening the bones. mushroom milk Tibetan

Care for Tibetan milk fungus at home

Start a milk fungus at homequite simply. You will need milk, a medical gauze, a can or a three-liter jar, clean water, you can use distilled water. It is necessary for washing the mushroom between fermentation. Remember, you can not use metal dishes to grow mushrooms, except for high-grade steel. For a full understanding of the case, it is recommended to purchase the relevant literature, in which the process of growing the mushroom will be detailed. The mushroom can be purchased from people who have bred it for more than one year. They can also tell you how to follow it, and also share some tips. The very process of growing begins with the fact that a clean jar needs to be poured with half a liter of milk. Please note: it must be fresh and not sour. Next, we calculate the amount of fungus: about one tablespoon bunch per one member of the family. This amount is put into milk. The bank should be covered with gauze and put in a dark, but not cold place. A few days, usually 2-3 days, around the mushroom will be the same Tibetan elixir of youth. Through a plastic colander, it is necessary to separate the bunches of the fungus from the resulting mixture. The liquid can be eaten. But the fungus must again be thoroughly rinsed through a plastic colander and re-immersed in fresh milk. The whole process is repeated in a circle, each time the mushroom bunches are increased in size, which means that the fungus is growing. As it grows, when it will fill the entire width of the can, it can be divided into two parts and grown again. Here you need to remember that you can not use a metal colander to rinse the mushroom, it can perish from it. In some cases, you should store a jar of milk and mushroom in the refrigerator, but the cooling temperature should be kept to a minimum. But remember that the process of identifying the elixir of youth here will be more slow. Long-term storage in such a place is not recommended.

Recommendations for the use of Tibetan milk mushroom

Despite all the useful properties of the fungus, there isSome simple recommendations that must be observed when treating the body with the elixir of youth. To ensure that the application is not harmful, remember that:

  • It is not necessary to drink peroxidized elixir, which stood in the bank for more than 4 days;
  • it is not necessary to drink more than 700 ml of elixir per day (per adult), at the same time it is worth to divide the elixir into portions, for example, 200 ml in the morning, 200 ml of days and 150 ml in the evening;
  • the child's norm is about 300 ml per day, also this amount should be divided into portions;
  • Do not drink the elixir just before you go to bed, do it at least an hour;
  • if you start to drink fluid for the first time, thenalso start with a small dose, adults - no more than one plastic cup a day, and children under 12 years - no more than one quarter. The dose gradually increases to 700 ml per day;
  • the first two weeks of taking the Tibetan dairyfungus can affect the body only laxative effect. Do not be scared: the body is thus cleared of toxins. Further, after two weeks, when the fungus removes all toxins from the body and completely cleanses it, the process of organ recovery, skin rejuvenation and other health effects that seemed irreversible earlier will begin;
  • Do not mix this medicine with alcohol.
  • for serious diseases, such as diabetes, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Milk Mushroom Tibetan

How to normalize weight with Tibetan milk mushroom

As noted above, the problem of excess weightis today mass. Every person who suffers from this disease fights him differently. Someone sits on strict diets, visits a sports hall, someone turns to a nutritionist. But, unfortunately, this does not always give positive results. Tibetan fungus helps to solve this problem. Scientists have proven that people who are overweight live less on average for 7 years (compared to those who have normal body weight). As you can see, there really is a problem and it must be solved. But to poison yourself with pills or to overdo with diets does not make sense, there is a simpler and easier way. Overweight inhibits the work of organs and the body as a whole, cells are not updated on time, toxins are retained in the intestine, excess food keeps in the body longer than the deadline and poisons the body. Also fat affects the work of the heart, blood vessels, brain, liver, kidneys and other organs. With such a problem, sooner or later a person will find it difficult not only to walk and think, but even just get up in the morning from bed. It's not a secret that sour-milk products are quickly absorbed by the body, they almost instantly deliver useful substances to the organs by blood, thus improving the state of human health. For example, yoghurt is digested in just 1 hour, and milk is consumed for 3. Tibetan milk fungus is also a fermented milk product, but its useful properties are doubled compared to conventional milk or sour cream. This means that useful substances will be reported to the blood and organs in just 20-30 minutes. The secret of getting rid of excess weight with the help of Tibetan milk fungus is simple - it breaks down fats not to fatty acids, which in the future are deposited in the liver, but to simpler elements that do not stick in the body, but are easily removed from it. To lose weight and bring your body back to normal, you need to drink half a glass of Tibetan youth elixir every day after half an hour after a meal, and twice a week arrange for your body unloading days. Unloading days should also be with the use of Tibetan milk fungus and fruits. Menu examples:

  • kilogram of apples green and elixir 700 ml.
  • kilogram orange and elixir 700 ml.
  • 400 g black bread and elixir 700 ml.
  • honey drink and elixir 700 ml.

In this case, water can be drunk indefinitely. Changes that will begin to happen to you, you can see the third week. When the body is completely cleared, you will feel the lightness of the body, the emotional lift and physical activity. Do not be afraid of strict diets on days off, as the elixir of youth contains all the necessary nutrients for a daily rate. In summary, it is worth noting that the milk fungus is a unique natural substance that can literally heal the body and soul of a person. Its unique properties are familiar to people for more than a thousand years. And for this in time they have not changed at all. If you want to cleanse your body of toxins, stones, get rid of excess weight, then you can do it with the help of the famous Tibetan milk mushroom.