causes of acne on temples Acne on the temples is probably the most common problem in our time. Acne can appear only in two cases. The reasons are as follows:

  • a person neglects personal hygiene, in this case pores are clogged and a pimple is formed,
  • there are problems related to the health of internal organs.

The formation of acne on the temples, what is it?

In our body, a fat secret is produced,which covers all of our skin. Bold secret, in another way, sebaceous glands, protects and moisturizes the skin. When the consistency changes, and it becomes more than it should, the inflammation appears on the skin. Inflammation is the habitation of bacteria, which in turn lead to the appearance of pimples. If you leave the duct, the sebum turns dark, then black dots are formed, which are so difficult to get rid of. In not infrequent cases, the sebaceous gland sticks inside, and because of this a solid white ball appears, which can inflame. Most often, these pimples are formed on the temples. They can also appear anywhere on the face, be it the forehead, nose or chin. In no case should you put pimples on your temples, since the skin in this place is considered very tender and hard to recover after acne. steaming a face for acne treatment

Causes of occurrence and prevention

How can I get rid of unexpected acne ontemples In any case, you will need to contact a specialist to find out the cause of their occurrence. With the help of various analyzes, you can accurately find out. If their appearance is associated with a natural change in the human body, then deep cleansing will help. It is better to clean the face in the beauty salon. Currently there are 2 ways:

  • Pairing the face with subsequent cleansing with a gel.
  • Peeling face with the appropriate scrub.

Most people have the impression thatfacial cleansing includes manual cleaning, namely extrusion with the use of various cosmetic tools. Nowadays, this is practically not used, because there are more modern cleansing faces, which include physiotherapy, peeling and cryomassage. That the effect after a campaign to the cosmetician last long, it is not necessary to start your face, continue to look after it daily. In salons you will be recommended suitable creams and lotions for the further care of your skin. This is foam for washing, and moisturizing cream, lotions for cleansing and much more. If you have not identified the cause of pimples, then you should reduce the consumption of fat, spicy and sweet foods. It is better to focus on proper and healthy nutrition. It is advisable to wash twice a day, washing off an extra protective layer of sebaceous glands. mask peeling for acne treatment

Causes related to health

Most often the appearance of pimples on the temples and anyAnother part of the body signals a violation of the functioning of one of the internal organs. According to experts, one of the most common causes is insufficient work of the spleen. In this regard, to find out the reasons why you have acne on the temples, you need to seek help from a specialist, pass various tests, go through the necessary examination, find out the state of health of your body and be sure to check the condition of the spleen. Most often, a dermatologist (or a cosmetologist) sends his patients for examination to a therapist or gastroenterologist. An equally frequent cause of inflammation is considered to be malnutrition, which can have a harmful effect on the skin condition. Most people know that an incorrect diet of 40% is considered the main reason that acne appears on the temples. It is advisable to exclude with pimples all flour, spicy and sweet products, any fizzy drinks (it is preferable to drink mineral water without gas). Many people who work in the office at the table, there is a bad habit to prop up the head with your hand, which contributes to the appearance of pimples on the temples, since the dirt gets from the hands to the skin of the face. If you control yourself in this case, you can avoid the fact that there are pimples. Also it is undesirable to touch the face during the day with dirty hands, it is better to use wet napkins.