anorexia treatment The term "anorexia" is known to almost everyone. But many do not know why this disease is associated, what are the reasons for its occurrence, how to get rid of it. And most importantly - how to prevent the development of this dangerous - we will not even be afraid of this word - a deadly disease? To answer these questions, you need to start from afar - in other words, deal with the psychology of people suffering from anorexia. So, let's start by defining this term. Anorexia is a serious illness that is accompanied not only by problems with digestion, but also by a mental disorder. The latter is expressed in the deliberate refusal to eat. Anorexic drugs are very sensitive to the amount of food consumed, constantly comparing it with their own weight. Afraid to gain extra pounds, they come up with any ways to stop eating. They convince others that they are disgusted with food, forcefully induce vomiting, or take huge doses of laxatives. According to doctors, successfully treatment of anorexia is only in 7 out of 10 people who have fallen ill. For the rest, everything ends in a lethal outcome.

What you need to know about anorexia?

Mostly this disease affects young peoplegirls 15-25 years old. Having looked at the elegant forms of models, they decide to radically change the diet, in order to get as close to their idols: a figure, and only then - as the devil does not joke - and the degree of celebrity. It all starts with a banal diet. A girl who dreams about a modeling career, literally exhausts herself with starvation, moves from one diet to another and never adheres to the rules of healthy weight loss. The weight goes away, but the dream is carried out in no hurry. That's when psychological problems begin. The girl blames everything for her insufficiently perfect (in her opinion) figure and the fasting continues with a vengeance. In her dreams, the doors to higher society are open only to women with an ideal figure, without a single flaw. She is no longer able to abandon the obsession. And, most interestingly, the body as it comes to meet it, stopping to eat at all. Or such a case. A teenage girl recklessly falls in love with a guy. But he does not pay attention to it, prefers to meet with another. The girl for a long time is looking for the cause of such injustice and, finally, understands - it's all in her figure. She is not slender enough compared to her opponent. For the sake of love, we go to many sacrifices, especially in adolescence. Parents of adolescents need to delve into the life of the child, do not let things go by themselves, help in time - otherwise you can not notice the trouble. To distinguish an anorexic from simply excessively thin person is quite possible. Usually people with a lack of weight do not refuse to eat - they eat very tightly, but do not get well. Such people are always active, cheerful, their behavior does not give any cause for concern. But if you notice that your daughter, niece or girlfriend has become cunning, complaining about the lack of appetite, constantly inventing excuses, so as not to sit at the table - you need to be alert. Be sure to follow her behavior for several days - if your fears are confirmed, immediately seek help from specialists. treatment of anorexia

Symptoms of the disease

All the anorexicins with great inspiration talk aboutfood, about the caloric content of foods and even prepare delicious and unusual dishes for close people. In their subconsciousness, the idea of ​​proper nutrition is so deeply rooted that the theme of food becomes obtrusive. They study books on caloric content, calculate it with rapture and never allow themselves to eat the food forbidden in their view. In addition to psychological symptoms, anorexia also has physical signs. There are a lot of them, but if you compare the facts, then you can easily calculate the disease at an early stage. However, remember: the presence of one or two of the following signs can not cause fear. It is necessary to carefully understand the behavior of a person, take into account all the nuances.

  • Frequent weighing (literally several times a day), for hours watching yourself in the mirror;
  • Constant dissatisfaction with his figure;
  • Very low self-esteem;
  • Fear of gaining even a couple of extra pounds;
  • Depression or persistent mood swings;
  • Refusal to communicate with friends, and in general from walks and going out into the light;
  • Passion for cooking, but unwillingness to eat;
  • Constant criticism in his address;
  • Excessive accuracy and cleanliness;
  • Very dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails;
  • Rapid weight loss, constant refusal of food;
  • Signs of anemia and growth retardation (for adolescents);
  • Reduced body temperature, cold hands and feet;
  • Severe menstrual irregularity;
  • Frequent fainting, weakness, shortness of breath.

Approaching the critical stage of the disease, a personhas a real horror before eating. And this fear does not go away, even when there is complete exhaustion. The organism no longer accepts food, rejects it, but the subconscious of the patient says: "Do not stop at what has been achieved, you still have everything ahead, you are not good enough to realize your dream." If you do not take action on time, the disease can completely destroy a person. It is very, very hard to recover, the process takes more than one year.

Treatment of anorexia

If the case is too neglected, treatment of anorexiacan last from three to five years. The process of recovery is not without psychological help, suggestion that treatment is necessary. After all, in most cases, the patient categorically does not want to seek help from doctors, he considers himself quite a healthy person. The complexity of the treatment process is that it is necessary not only to stop the patient's fasting, but also to "teach" his body to perceive food again. The psychologist must overcome the patient's passion for starvation, direct his subconscious mind along a new path, instill new life priorities. The statistics show that 60% of the patients are completely restored, they begin to lead a new way of life, marry happily and give birth to children. Although infertility in this case is not an exception. Another 20% of patients are constantly on the verge of collapse and undergo rehabilitation throughout their lives. And the rest, however regrettable, do not lend themselves to treatment at all. What ends with a lethal outcome. Moreover, not only exhaustion becomes the cause of death, cases of suicides are frequent. Anorexic understands that his dream is unrealizable and decides that it is not worth living. Treatment begins with the restoration of the patient's physical data. There is a category of patients who are no longer able to take food or move independently. In this case, the body is maintained through a dropper. Gradually a person comes out of a critical state, the necessary products are introduced into his diet. But the main problem lies in the fact that during the fasting all organs suffered. It is not enough to just start eating, it requires complex treatment, which takes a long time. Parallel with the restoration of the body, a course of psychotherapy is being conducted. The task of the doctor to identify the causes of the disease, try to save the patient from phobias. Often the disease leads to disruption of the nervous system. In this case, prescribes the use of sedatives. how to treat anorexia

Effects of anorexia

Anorexia can lead to very, verysad consequences. That's why doctors are categorically forbidden to comply with any kind of diet, without consulting a dietitian. Before you start a hunger strike, think about whether the game is worth the candle. After all, health problems will last a lifetime.

  • People who suffer from hunger often have low blood pressure, which results in impaired cardiac function;
  • One of the most dangerous consequences of anorexia -hormonal failures. They are what lead to a menstrual cycle. Developing osteoporosis, a girl who did not start treatment on time, runs the risk of never becoming a mother. Diagnosis - infertility - a frequent phenomenon in anorexic patients. And it is very difficult to treat it;
  • Developing, the disease begins to disrupt the brain. There are convulsions, mental disorders, numbness of hands and feet;
  • Because a person does not receive sufficientamount of vitamins, anemia may develop. A low level of hemoglobin, held for a long time, can cause changes in the structure of the brain. So anemia needs to be treated right away.

Damage to the liver, weak immune system,intolerance to cold and heat, dehydration - all this is also the consequence of this terrible disease. When the started stage of the disease comes, the anorexic is no longer proud of itself, does not feel the most beautiful. There remains only one fear of the future, which he himself and deprived. No professional help is needed here. It should be remembered that it's not worth to blame those around (parents, acquaintances, husband) that their loved one is sick. A man pushes himself into a corner, from which it is not easy to get out. But we can still prevent the disease, you just need to be a little more attentive to others and not to brush aside their problems. During the treatment begun, it will avoid serious consequences and build a happy life. We advise you to read: