thrush symptoms Thrush is a serious disease that, toUnfortunately, every woman can appear. And it does not matter which woman leads a lifestyle, how many times a day she runs into the shower and has a permanent partner. Candidiasis can be in a young virgin, and in an adult woman. Each thrush manifests itself in different ways, but there are a number of common symptoms. If you find at least one of them, you must go to the therapist or gynecologist for an examination. The fact is that, for example, genital candidiasis is similar to some other diseases transmitted sexually. But even if the diagnosis is confirmed, you still should not do self-medication, because only the doctor will be able to determine what type of fungi you have (there are several types, and some can be resistant to certain drugs, others can not).

What is Candidiasis: Highlights

First of all, it should be understood that thrushappears due to fungi of the genus Candida, which affect the mucous of the genital organs. Note: Yeast-like fungi are present in the body of each person (on the skin, in the mouth, vagina and rectum), but in small amounts. Thanks to a special microflora, they do not multiply and do not spread. Usually, candidiasis appears after a fair sex is ill with something serious. Reduced immunity leads to the fact that the fungi begin to develop very rapidly.

How does candidiasis manifest?

Candidiasis can be in the cavity, and on the skin, and on thenails, and on the nipples, and on the genitals. Symptoms of thrush, as you know, in each case will be different (depending on the area of ​​the lesion). Only itching, swelling, burning, soreness will be common. symptoms of thrush

How does candidiasis of the oral mucosa look like?

First you need to find out whycandidiasis. The cause may be dentures (the foreign body is rejected by the body), the use of antibacterial agents (inhalers, fresheners for the mouth), antibiotics and hormonal drugs. Quite often thrush appears, if a person received a burn mucous. In old age, the risk of this disease is much higher than in the young. Note: Candidiasis often occurs with HIV. Symptoms of thrush in this case will be the following: dry mucous, itching and burning, swelling, redness and the formation of white, curd-like in the tongue, sky, gums, etc. If you do not start treating the disease in time, the fungus will spread to the tonsils, esophagus, pharynx. This will cause incredible pain while drinking and eating. There are two types of thrush: acute and chronic. In the first case, there are cracks in the corners of the mouth, white islets on the mucosa. The treatment of this disease takes an average of up to two weeks. If you do not go to the doctor in time, you can get chronic candidiasis. This changes the color of the plaque (on light brown or dark yellow), jaunts and cracks appear, which begin to bleed. By the way, the chronic stage of candidiasis almost always accompanies people with HIV. To accurately diagnose, the oral cavity is made scrapes from the affected areas, then they are sent to microscopic studies. Also, tests are made, during which it is established which preparations the fungus is more sensitive to. Other hidden diseases are revealed, and only then treatment is prescribed. How to prevent this disease? First, you need to monitor the oral hygiene, brush your teeth in time, rinse everything with an alkaline solution. Secondly, do not get carried away with antibiotics. If you have to be treated with such medications, be sure to take anticancer drugs. Third, we sit down on a low-carb diet. You will also need to eat as much fruit, vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, and juices.

Candidiasis of the intestine: signs, symptoms and prevention

In this case, not only the mucous membranemouth, but also the esophagus, intestines. The reason - the deterioration of the microflora of the stomach. Impact on the patient's condition could, for example, problems with the psyche (nerves, stresses), malnutrition, pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotic treatment, hormonal failure, HIV, etc on the list. If it is a non-invasive thrush, the symptoms will be as follows: indigestion (severe diarrhea or loose stool with white curdled streaks), flatulence, bloating, severe rubbing, discomfort or pressing pain in the navel area. The patient constantly wants to go to the toilet, there is an incomplete emptying of the intestine. As for the invasive thrush, the situation here is even worse. The fact is that it appears only in the event that a person has serious problems with the immune system. Symptoms: stool with blood and mucous secretions, pain in the intestines. To determine the disease, you will need to pass tests (endoscopy is done, feces are taken for bacterial culture). the right symptoms of thrush

Thrush on the nipples: the more dangerous the disease

No matter how surprising this may sound, thrushcan appear on the nipples of a nursing woman. This occurs immediately after birth, when the body of a woman does not manage to recover. He is too weak to deal with such a serious burden. Often thrush on the nipples appears, if during pregnancy the lady already had vaginal candidiasis, which was not treated. A woman could infect a baby when he was in her womb. As a result, an infected child is a carrier of Candida fungi. Another factor that could provoke the thrush is systematic skin trauma. It is very important that a fair sex representative can take care of nipples during feeding. Symptoms of thrush: the skin around the nipples slightly reddens, there is roughness, erosion, cracks, from above, visible whitish plaque. After a while, you can find small bubbles, inside of which a cloudy liquid can be seen. At the same time, a woman experiences severe discomfort, tingling, itching, burning, pain on the affected areas. After feeding, manifestations only increase. You can not get rid of this disease on your own! It will take medicamentous treatment with antifungal ointments and tablets (you can not choose on your own, because it can affect the health of the child). If it suddenly turns out that the baby also got the thrush, the doctor will prescribe a suitable means for infants. In addition, the patient will first have to adhere to a strict diet.

Candidiasis of the skin: what is it and how to deal with it

Thrush on skin appears in warm and moistmicroclimate, in obese people in folds, as well as if a person has to walk for a long time with a bandage or gypsum. Often faced with this in the spring-summer period. Pay attention: the symptoms of thrush appear in the case if a person is in a stuffy and hot place for a long time, walks in close clothes, does not take shower often. At first, on the body of a diseased woman, spots appear that develop into erosion. After some time the tumors start to crack, inside the wound there is a white curd mass. On the affected area there are sometimes bubbles that can be strongly itchy. To get rid of the problem, you will not only have to take medicines and monitor hygiene. It is necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle, eat right, so that in the future you will never face candidiasis.

Vaginal candidiasis: a serious female problem

Get Candidiasis Representativethe fair sex could if non-observance of the elementary rules of hygiene (the fungus comes from the intestine into the vagina), with unprotected sexual intercourse, with a weakened immune system, with diabetes mellitus. This list can be continued indefinitely. The main symptoms of candidiasis (thrush) are severe itching in the genital area, irritation, burning, and vaginal pain. In this case, white or grayish-yellowish curdled masses may be released from the perineum. At first, the smell is not observed, but after a few days a slightly sour unpleasant odor may appear. To get rid of this scourge it is possible with the help of modern antifungal agents (applied locally). Pay attention: compresses, baths and steam baths in this case do not. Only it will be worse! Doing self-medication is ungrateful. You can distort the symptoms, temporarily suppress the manifestations, and a month and a half later thrush will reappear. Only the area of ​​defeat will be much greater.