thin hair what to do The main problem of thin curls is theirdisobedience and gentleness. You can independently strengthen the thin, thin hair and give them more volume. From our article you will find out what you need to do to make your curls become magnificent and beautiful. Thin hair

Proper care is the basis of success

Thin rare hair is the most vulnerable, sorequire special care. However, such care is not too complicated, the most difficult is to show patience and be consistent in the implementation of our recommendations. To care for thin hair is not recommended to use air conditioning. "And what to do, because liquid strands are usually very much confused?" - you ask. We advise you to rinse them after each washing with still mineral water. Minerals will make the hair stronger, without making them heavier, like a conventional air conditioner. But if you can not imagine how you can do without an air conditioner, then when you buy it, try to choose a transparent or at least white product - it will be easier in texture and less heavier strands. Apply the product only from the middle of the locks to their tips, avoiding it on the roots or on the scalp (thin hair, as a rule, is often prone to fat, so do not provoke increased sebum secretion). Keep in mind: if you have thin hair with a short haircut, they are not as tangled as liquid long curls, and therefore do not need to be conditioned. And if the scalp is too dry and you are bothered by itching, then it's not the conditioner but a good moisturizing shampoo that will help you. When buying funds for fine hair, read the composition, it should not contain fat. But best of all - and more economical! - independently prepare a special composition with keratin, which will help strengthen your curls. Do it the following way: take a calcium pill, dissolve it in warm water, stir well. By the way, instead of ordinary water you can use mineral water. With this tool, you can do wraps on thin hair - this will help strengthen the liquid and rare curls and stop their loss. If you like to do styling often, do not forget that thin hair is very easily broken, so try not to abuse heated tools: pliers, curling iron, ironing, a hair dryer with too hot air, thermobigi and the like. Using the styling tools, make sure that they will lift the curls, making them more airy, and not heavier. For example, for you the ideal means for styling will be mousse, but not gel. Picking up any tool for your hair: shampoo, conditioner, mousse for styling, stop your choice on those of them that will give your locks a volume. Usually, such a means creates a special film on each hair, thereby thickening them and imparting a volume. Therefore, once a week or two, rinse your head with an ordinary shampoo to wash off the accumulated cosmetic product from the strands. After washing your head, do not rush to comb the locks, especially with a frequent comb or comb. If you have a liquid head of hair, then combs with frequent denticles can easily break your hair, especially if they are still wet, and the split ends will become your permanent "decoration". Therefore, never comb your hair until it dries completely. Let your curls dry up on their own after washing their hair. Do not use a hairdryer for any reason. Of course, it's much quicker to fix your head of hair this way, and the hairstyle after styling with a hair dryer or curling iron looks much more attractive. But this is only a short-term effect. But in the long run you will get completely destroyed thin hair, not only liquid, but also dull, split and completely lifeless. If you really prefer to dry hair with a hairdryer, at least make the air colder, and also use special thermal protection means for curls that will help prevent their serious damage. rare thin hair

Firming Masks

If your thin curls are damaged, for example,sektsya or abundantly drop out, then you should often make masks. This is a great way to keep the curls shiny, strong and healthy. Just do not forget to consider the type of your head of hair: if it is prone to fat, then use a mask that will not weight the strands, since this does not have a good effect on the appearance of your hair. Here are just a few recipes for masks that are suitable for thin curls, effectively healing and strengthening them:

  • With mineral water and black bread

Flesh of black bread pulp in mineralwater, stir well. Prepared mask put on hair and leave for ten minutes. After the due time, rinse your head well, dry it, and after the curls completely get rid of moisture, carefully comb them with a comb with sparse teeth. After such a procedure, the hair will become not only magnificent, but also will acquire a wonderful lively shine.

  • With oat flakes

Grind the oatmeal in a coffee grinder, thenmix them with water at room temperature until the formation of gruel. Apply the resulting mask to your hair and soak it for fifteen minutes, putting a polyethylene cap over your head and wrapping it on top with a thick terry towel. At the end of the procedure, carefully rinse the strands to remove any remnants of the remedy. Oatmeal mask very well restores hair and reduces their loss.

  • Apple-Butter Mask

Egg yolk to combine with sunflower (andbetter with olive oil) in equal proportions. Apply this mask for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water. We talked about different methods of strengthening the head of hear and giving it volume. But at once we want to warn: if you tried to do both masks and rinses, and many other things, but no means helped you, then you need to go to the clinic. The doctor will help to identify the reason why your thin hair falls out, and tell you about the methods of treatment. Do not pull with a visit to a specialist, do not expect your hair to become thinner and less often! We advise you to read: