the hair is cut off along the entire length With such a problem as split hair,face many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Especially familiar with her owners of long strands. Typically, the hair is split and looks very unattractive in the event that they do not receive moisture and other nutrients. Often the problem arises in girls and women with dry curls, but she is also familiar with those who have fatty ones, and it is especially aggravated after a hot summer. Basically, when we detect the split hair, we go to the hairdresser, who can recommend measures for cosmetic removal of the problem. They include various salon care procedures for damaged locks and will probably have an effect. But whether it will be long-lived or short-lived, depends on what triggered the damage. If the split hair appeared as a result of improper care, after performing some correction and recovery measures, you will be able to solve the problem. But if it returns in a short time, despite the measures taken, its origins should be sought inside your body. And so to understand what actually caused the hair cut, the hairdresser can not do it. This will require a comprehensive approach, including consultation as a trichologist (hair specialist), and doctors of other specializations. After all, many violations can adversely affect the condition and quality of the hairstyle. It should be noted that women with anemia often suffer from hair, which begin to break and be cut along the entire length. There are other factors that can only be identified and corrected by a doctor. But in this article, we will talk about how to solve the problem of split hair, if it is caused by simple errors in care or nutrition. hair is split along the entire length

Emergency measures of prime necessity

If you suffer from the fact that you have a crosshair at the ends or along the entire length, the most correct solution is the haircut. Do not despair if you have to part with long strands for a while, they did not really have a beautiful appearance, but only upset you. Therefore, boldly choose a new short hairstyle and go to the hairdresser salon for the result and a new look. After all, if the ends of the hair are severed very strongly and look lighter than the base color, it remains only to prune them. It is very good, if the master will suggest you to spend a hairstyle "hot scissors", which will prevent further stratification of hair. Experts advise even after such a procedure not to give up intensive care for them. This revolutionary technology seems to be created to solve the problem, in which the hair is cut not only at the tips, but along the entire length. It is performed with special scissors. The blades themselves are heated in them, like the working part of a curling iron or ironing. At the same time, the master will choose exactly the temperature that will be optimal for working with your hair type. This is the only way to make the procedure the most useful and effective. The advantages of cutting with "hot scissors" are obvious, as heated blades, like a soldering iron, seal the tip of each hair, while removing the cut pieces. As a result, its internal structure is completely protected from the harmful effects of the environment and chemicals that make up most of the care products. Hair does not lose moisture and important trace elements, such as proteins, vitamins and amino acids. This stimulates their growth and improves the appearance. To get rid of split hair for a period of two months, one haircut is enough. And to achieve a lasting and even permanent effect, a course of four to five procedures will be required, as the strands grow. In addition, according to hairdressers, the haircut with "hot scissors" significantly facilitates the laying at home, and the hair becomes more voluminous, because due to internal pressure, their thickness gradually becomes equal throughout the length. Therefore, your locks will not only have a healthy appearance, but also a bright and beautiful shine. How to understand that it's time for you to the hairdresser? Holders of short hair do not ask such a question, because they have enough one look in the mirror to evaluate the shape of the hair. I do not like? So, it's time to go to the beauty salon. As for the lovers to wear long locks, it is certainly more difficult for them to decide. Experts advise to update hair, which tend to be cut, with a frequency of once a couple of months, and sometimes more often. Does the cost of cutting "hot scissors" confuse? Then use the usual method, but in any case, regularly cleaned hair that has been visited is necessary if you want to have a beautiful hairstyle. A good way out for women and girls with this problem can be laminating strands. I must say that this procedure has a purely cosmetic effect, so it has no contraindications. The master covers the hair with a special compound that seals their cuticles, helping to retain moisture and protecting against harmful factors. In addition, the strands become more smooth and bulky. The procedure should be repeated at intervals of every three weeks. You can make it at home with food gelatin dissolved in water, and a teaspoon of a conventional balm or mask. The resulting composition should be carefully distributed over all the hair (pre-washed), a couple of centimeters away from the roots and abundantly lubricating the tips, putting on a hat, and over it to wrap the head with a towel. Now take a hair dryer and for fifteen minutes warm up such a "turban". After this time, leave the compound on your hair for another half an hour, then rinse with plain water and allow the strands to dry. If you did everything right, then the hairdo will please you with a lively shine and smoothness. In addition, if you dye your hair, then after lamination they will last longer their color, because it will start to wash off after the protective gelatin film disappears. split hair over the entire length

Precautions in the care and packing

Everyone knows that split hair is peculiarlovers of hairstyles with a chemical wave. They also appear with frequent staining, especially aggressive blonding compounds. The use of electric curling, forceps, ironing and drying with a hair dryer also contribute to the appearance of split ends or damage along the entire length. Therefore, it is so important to protect your hair and do not overdry it. Electrodevices for styling, so beloved by us, women, are in essence the worst enemies of our curls, as they ruin their beauty and health. High temperatures have an aggressive effect directly on the hair shaft itself, overdrying it. This leads to the fact that the flakes of the upper layer are damaged and, no longer sticking smoothly to each other, exfoliate. As a result, the hair becomes thin and brittle, and then formed ends are seen or this process takes place along the entire length. Restoring the beauty of the curls and returning to them the lost beauty and power is sometimes very difficult. To this end, avoid, as far as possible, frequent staining, chemical wave and heat-setting devices, and also minimize the use of various means, for example, foam, varnish and so on. If this is unacceptable for you, try using special compounds that are designed to protect hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures. Here again it is worth mentioning lamination, because when applied, even drying with a hair dryer can be safe for strands that are cut off. In this case, heat, first of all, will not be the hair itself, but the film that envelops it. Thus, the curls will be protected from the effects of high temperatures. But do not forget that when using a hairdryer, you should include a cool or warm airflow, and not hot for quick drying. Hair that cuts, especially if it happens all along their length, does not forgive such a relationship, so do not risk in vain. Remember that this problem will not be solved by itself - only intensive care can help the damaged locks. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to learn how to choose the right shampoo and other care products. Do not buy the first thing that caught your eye, or what is familiar on television advertising. Carefully read the information on the label and give preference to those shampoos, conditioners and masks, which include:

  • ceramide;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • lecithins;
  • plant extracts (chamomile, almond, peach, avocado, plantain, sage, wheat sprouts).

Owners of dry hair should choosefunds for this type and it is necessary to use conditioners, balsam-rinsers and masks. They soften hard after washing strands, nourish them and promote recovery. Means for combined hair will suit those whose curls are dry at the ends and fatty at the roots. Care for them is not easy, because frequent washing damages their already injured lower part. However, you can not do without it, because otherwise the hair gets slovenly. That is why it's important to choose the right shampoos and masks, which ensure optimal care by gentle cleansing and moisturizing. Also, there are special indelible balms for the tips of the hair, which are easy to use and almost immediately give a noticeable effect. For rinsing after washing, you can use decoctions of dandelion or sage. If your hair ends, take the advice of experts on how to properly comb them. First, do not rub them with a towel after washing, but just gently blot or, for a few minutes, go around with a "turban" so that it absorbs excess moisture. It is not recommended and combing wet or very wet hair. After all, if they sekutsya, then for sure after washing are confused, and you will begin to unravel them with effort, stretching and damaging. Wait until the hair is dry, and gently comb the hair with a plastic, bone or wooden comb with sparse and rounded teeth. If you want to heal damaged hair that breaks and break, then forget about elastic bands and hairpins. Give hair an opportunity to enjoy freedom. Try not to expose them to the hot sun or, conversely, rain and snow. Wear hats in the cold season, because this way you will protect your hair from temperature changes in the street and indoors. Do not forget about the hats and caps on the sunny beaches. And always wear a rubber cap if you are visiting the pool, because the substances that disinfect the water in it are not at all useful for all types of hair, especially for those that also split. Your diet is also important for the beauty and health of the curls. After all, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, strong and beautiful hair is an indicator of the state of the body. Note that any malaise immediately affects the hair: it loses volume, the curls seem dull and devoid of shine. Therefore, you need to take your health seriously if you suffer from the problem of split hair throughout the length. Perhaps you are fond of fatty or sweet dishes and drink a little liquid. In this case, revise the principles of your diet and drink more, because it is through the intake of moisture that the water-salt balance necessary for healthy curls is normalized. Or your body loses important micronutrients, which, naturally, affects the hair, which begin to break and crack. Can help in their regeneration and accelerate the growth of some products: milk, cottage cheese, lean beef, butter, eggs, persimmons, pumpkin, cabbage and carrots. In addition, try in winter and spring to take a course of vitamins. Here, perhaps, and all the main ways to combat split hair, which appeared due to ignorance of the basic principles of care for them or simple errors in nutrition. As for the more serious cases in which these methods do not help or give a short-term result, the essence of the problem needs to be looked for deeper. However, having shown persistence and patience, you will still be able to restore the beauty of your hair. We advise you to read: