hairstyles for curly hair Every girl with straight hair at least once inlife dreamed that her curls would become curly. It's no secret that the fair sex is inclined to think of soft curls or mischievous curls more attractive than even strands. Indeed, to create many hairstyles, curly hair fits perfectly. However, some beauties hardly thought about how much effort is spent by the owner of curls on grooming and laying, as sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable haircut or make an unusual hairstyle for curly hair. Hairstyles for curly hair amaze with its variety and airiness. In this article we will talk about suitable haircuts and hairstyles for long, short and medium length curls. At the same time we will consider fashionable variants of packing for daily use and solemn occasions. But first, let's talk about proper care for the head of hear, because this is the basis of its strength, beauty and beautiful appearance.

Basic rules for grooming hair

Locks of this structure are famous for their fragility anddisobedience, so they require special attention. What are the basic rules to be guided in the care of curly locks? First, moisten them. Without enough moisture, the curls become weak, so it is important to use moisturizing hair conditioners on a regular basis. Today, cosmetics stores offer a wide range of air conditioners, which differ in quality and price. If you choose the right hair for your type, use it after each wash. Apply this tool over the entire length of the curls (leaving about 5 centimeters from the roots) and leave for 10-15 minutes, and then comb. Secondly, dry your hair properly. Best for curls is a fen-diffuser, since it does not have a too aggressive flow of hot air. To keep the curls elastic and give them a shape, dry the curls not to the end, but approximately 50 percent, so that they dry up on their own. If you have time, then let the hair dry completely by yourself, and to give your hair a shape and texture, you can moisten your curls during the drying process with hands every 15 minutes. In order not to "crumple" your hair and do not damage the shape of the curls, do not make a "turban" from the towel on your head, instead, just squeeze the hair lightly. Third, correctly comb your hair. Do not do this immediately after washing! Short strands can be combed from the roots, but long ones are better from the ends, gradually rising upwards. As for the comb, it is better to choose wooden or brushes with natural nap. hairstyles for curly hair

What haircuts are suitable for curly hair?

It is best to conduct experiments with styling andhairstyles on long hair. In this case, it is recommended to shear the curling mass of curls in several layers (to make a so-called "ladder"). These layers do not need to be clearly expressed, their main function is to make the whole hairstyle of long curls more docile, and laying more simple. A large number of hairstyles are suitable for mid-length curls. You can comb them up or leave beautiful fashionable curls on the sides, you can curl up curly hair or make a haircut "quads" or "beans." The curly, curly hair of medium length can effectively emphasize the attractive features of your appearance and hide the existing shortcomings. Curls of medium length are versatile: one day you can change several styles of laying, from business to evening. When creating any hairstyle, curly hair gives an extra elegant volume, so so many girls and women tend to make "chemistry" or constantly use curlers and hair curlers. No less attractive and stylish on the curly hair look and fashionable short haircuts, but this choice is a responsible thing, because you need to find exactly the option that will perfectly emphasize the shape of the face and its features. A short haircut can be asymmetric, with a few prominent strands, and can be made in the style of rock or retro. But short haircuts have a minus: they are more demanding. This means that they need to pay more attention, daily laid with the use of gel, mousse or varnish. Therefore, when deciding on this option, remember this feature. Today, fashion again includes a haircut in the style of the 60's: short locks on the back of the head and a long bangs that are laid in waves. This hairstyle looks very elegant, stylish and does not require much time.

Simple and fashionable hairstyles for curly hair

Let's now talk about the ways of stylingcurls that are suitable for every day. After all, you always want to look good, but not every day there is enough free time in the morning, which you can spend on your hair. That is why it is important to have in your "fashionable arsenal" several options of such simple and fast ways. Lush curls Among all the variants of hairstyles for curly hair, this looks incredibly spectacular, and you can create it in just a few minutes. On damp curls, apply a means for volume (preferably use a light mousse or foam), then tilt your head down and "squeeze" the curls with your hands (you need to do this from the roots to the tips). Then flip the strands back and dry them with a hair dryer (it is better to use a diffuser, which we mentioned earlier), giving the hair a shape. The result should preferably be fixed with varnish. A free spit Such a hairstyle will perfectly suit both for a more formal style or hot weather, when the "hat" of curls is simply inappropriate, and for a party, if decorated with ribbon or rim. To begin with, apply hair to the product to strengthen curls and let them dry. Comb the strands on one side (try to do this first on both sides to decide how much more is going on) and weave a loose braid. You can dream up and braid instead of the usual braid "fish tail", French braid, flagellum of two strands. Doplytete to the end, fasten with an elastic band, and then loosen the braid along the entire length, stretching the strands in different directions, so it will look more voluminous. Little advice: learn how to weave a few types of braids, then you will always have interesting hairstyles for different occasions, and if you use fashion accessories for curls, then the number of hairstyles on curly hair increases several times. Delicate curls This is one of the most romantic and gentle hairstyles for curly hair, which is perfect for daily use. So, apply a styling agent to the wet strands, then make a parting (it's better to do it not in the middle of the head, but slightly from the side), then start drying the curls with a diffuser at a low power (this is necessary in order to get softer curls). To make the volume of the strands in the face can be raised and flipped back. Very well, such a styling looks when there are bangs and "ladder". To make this hairstyle of curly hair even more elegant, you can remove strands from the face. To do this, separate the curl on each side and wrap them back (make a free flagellum), fastening with an invisible or hair clip. Knot on the back of the neck This hair style is often considered one of the most popular by curly hair. To create it, just smooth the strands (not even combing) and collect them on the back of the head. You can leave the curls curly, and you can wrap the hair around the rubber band several times, fix it with a hairpin - and you will get a wonderful free knot from which you can pull several strands to make it look slightly careless. Hairstyles for curly hair of medium length

Evening hairstyles for curly hair

So, we looked at the options for daily hairstyleson curly hair, and now let's talk about the evening options. One of the most popular styling is soft curls, curled from the face. To create it you will need medium or large diameter curlers (the size depends on what curls you want to get). Finished curls need to be fixed with a varnish and decorated with a ribbon or some other bright accessory. Unconventional solution for a special occasion or party can be straightening hair. If you want to experiment with a hairdo or surprise with your appearance, then such a cardinal solution will be just right. Remember that when straightening strands ironing it is necessary to use a thermal protective agent. On straightened hair, you can apply a spray-shine to give a radiant effect. Creating fashionable hairstyles with curly hair, often use hair. So you give your hair more volume and make the hair more magnificent. In this case, bangs or a series of curls along the forehead can be stabbed up, also pre-brushing.

Fashion weave for curly hair

Separately it is necessary to talk about weaving, which inrecently actively returned to fashion. Weaving is an incredibly beautiful, original and creative solution for creating hairstyles, they are perfect for everyday and business style, for holidays and parties. Learning to weave just a few types of braids, you will discover many beautiful hairstyles. For example, you can completely braid all the strands (this option is ideal for work or study), and you can use only individual pieces of braid to decorate the curls. In any case, hairstyles for curly hair will only benefit in beauty and originality, if you use additional weaves in them.

Secrets of styling for naughty hair

And finally, a few secrets of styling for curly naughty curls.

  • Do not try to "pacify" your locks in rainy and wet weather.
  • Defeat the split ends. Curly hair is more prone to their appearance than others. But this can be prevented if you use air conditioners for curls (including indelible ones) and styling products that contain silicone.
  • Use the hair dryer correctly: dry your hair at the minimum temperature, directing the airflow from the roots along the hair growth.
  • If there is no time for packing, use a hoop or tape. These simple details will help to calm the curls and at the same time decorate the hairstyle.
  • Buy a scallop. This simple and unpretentious thing will become the best friend of your curls, as with its help you can gently comb the curls, while dividing them into neat strands.
  • To create hairstyles from curly hair you needvery little time and imagination. They are an ideal base for almost any styling option. When forming spectacular hairstyles curly hair is best to scratch a little. Using different accessories (double and single hoops, crabs, combs, flowers, bows) you will impart your curls to the curls of uniqueness and charm. Having tried the methods of creating hairstyles from curly hair, described by us, you will certainly be irresistibly look in any situation. Successful experiments! We advise you to read: