Wavy Hair Hairstyles Long wavy hair is a real giftof destiny. But if the girl does not know how to take care of herself, it will be difficult for her to cope with the curvy curly hair on her head. The only way for such representatives of the fair sex - straighten the strands and be like thousands of other women. But if you want to emphasize your wealth, you will need to exert maximum effort and patience. But the result will surpass all expectations, and the attention of men will be exactly ensured.

Hairstyles for all occasions

From morning to work, at lunch for a meeting, and in the eveningto the club? Then you need a hairstyle that will look appropriate under any circumstances. To give you an image of more elegance, you can always decorate pigtails or tails with beautiful ribbons, flowers, hairpins. Elegant weaving At first you should determine the model, shape and volume. If the hair is long and wavy, but not large enough, gently branched the upper locks on the vertex and occiput. Now we proceed to the hairdress. We grasp the strands on the right side of the growth line and begin to braid them in the inner side. Pay attention, the flagella should not be too prolonged! The same is done with the other half. As a result, you will get two spikelets that will lie on your head. The ends are weaved together, then carefully loosen the pigtails to make them look more lush. Long tails wrapped in a bundle and pinned invisible. Before going outside, sprinkle everything with varnish to fix the result. Quick laying If the fair sex does not have time to create a complex hairstyle from long hair, you can do the usual laying for work or a party. The most simple variant will leave from force 5-10 minutes, no more. But you do not have to walk with a whip in the back. So, in the beginning we apply on the entire length of hair foam or mousse of medium fixation, so that for a day the curls are not disheveled. Pay special attention to the roots and tips of your hair. Casually we collect strands on the back of the head and dry them with a hair dryer. Choose medium speed and warm air. Bend forward and lightly sprinkle the curls with varnish. If you washed your head in the evening, before going to bed after this laying, put on a special hat or cellophane bag. In this case, you do not have to fight in the morning with shagged hair. As soon as you wake up, loosened strands of hair a little wet and twist. Spit Falls This hairstyle is done on medium length hair (just below the shoulders). To braid your hair, you will need a stiff brush, mousse and invisibility. Note that combs with plastic or iron teeth can not be used in this case. So, at the top along the hair growth line at the parting, we take a curl, divide it into three identical flagella, then make the usual pigtail. Every time you put one strand on the second, grab a small amount of hair. When you reach the right temple, you should change your technique. Now grab the rest of the hair in the braid, braiding not only the upper but also the lower tourniquet. At the same time, a new strand is taken from below, and the old one is released. When you dopplete to the left temporal part, continue to do the usual French weaving. The remaining tail should be hidden under the hair, fastened with pins. The French braid At the very top, where the hair growth line begins, we take three identical strands. In centimeters five from the roots, we begin to weave a not very tight braid. We put the flagella on top, grabbing the loose hair on the sides. Having reached the end, you can either pin the tail, or continue the weaving. Open the neck The next hairstyle model is suitable for girls who have not only wavy but also very curvy hair of medium length. To do this you will need a silk ribbon or a special pigtail from artificial strands. So, first gently tie the device around your head, like you used to wear hippies. Divide the head of hair into curls and start to fill them in the gum. wavy hair

How to make artificial waves

Dream to look like Sarah Jessica Parker("Sex and the City") or Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct"), but do you have perfectly smooth strands of nature? It does not matter, it's possible to make similar hairstyles for medium length hair with the help of a regular curling iron, a hair dryer, pins and locks. In this case, you do not have to spend time and money doing chemistry, which, incidentally, is harmful to the hair.

  • Hairpins

We share the hair on thin strands thatalternately wind up with a figure eight on the legs of the stud. The ends should be fixed with a thread or an elastic band. Please note, such manipulations should only be carried out with wet hair. Otherwise, the hair will not work.

  • Scythes

Long curls worth braiding in pigtails (thickor thin - depends on what you want to get the result). Not bad copes with the task assigned to the normal and inverted spikelet. If you use a ribbon or thick threads, the hairstyle will not be torn overnight. This option is also great for girls who do not have their hair curly.

  • Plaice

Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way,how to make curls wavy. It is enough to choose the appropriate size and set the desired temperature. Before starting work on any long locks, any lock is applied, otherwise the curls will quickly spin. Do not forget to use thermal protection. Otherwise, it will be the last thing you did on your head. hairstyles for wavy hair

Making a haircut

That long hair was easier to stack, and youdid not have to suffer with foams, lacquers and irons, it is necessary to constantly visit the hairdresser. If you fall into the hands of a good master, he will help you cope with disobedient curls. The main task of the stylist is to remove excess density at the ends, so that you do not look like a sun with rays in the morning. It does not matter what your hair length will be. The main thing is to choose the right proportions. You will not believe, but long and short wavy hair can not be confused and do not stick out in all directions. In order for them to lie properly, your master must cut the ends, whiskey and top. The average length of hair is not worth drying with a hair dryer and combing with a brush. In extreme cases, use a comb with sparse teeth. After you wash your head, shake a towel. Choose cotton, it will absorb excess moisture better. The tangles after this should be combed with fingers. Doing this or that hairstyle in a beauty salon, always consider your style and rhythm of life. Those who go on hikes, where there is no possibility even to wash, hardly want to bother with hair. Especially if it's a scythe to the waist. Kare is suitable for you if you do not have free time for complex laying. In this case, even combing in the morning is not necessary. The average length of the haircut looks equally good for young girls, and for women for fifty. The only thing you should not do is cut your head too short (completely or cascaded). Otherwise, curls, which used to straighten under their own weight, will begin to curl too much. And if the beauty does not use special tools and ironing, she will look like a fluffy poodle. We advise you to read: