tea with milk is good and bad The morning of almost every modernThe fair sex begins with a cup of strong and fragrant tea. It not only invigorates, tones up and saturates our body with useful elements, but also acts safely on the stomach (unlike coffee). In this case, everyone drinks in different ways. Some women prefer to add milk or cream to the tea drink, others do not recognize any additives and use it only in pure form. Everything depends not only on tastes and preferences, but also on the place of residence of ladies, as tea traditions have been formed for centuries by different peoples. Everyone knows that English breakfast includes a cup of tea with cream, Mongols add milk or butter to the drink (I wonder, is not it?). And the Chinese drink only pure tea leaves. Moreover, the inhabitants of the Heavenly Empire exclude the addition of flavors, honey and even sugar, believing that all these elements distort the true taste. Is it so? Tea with milk: will the benefit or harm come from such a mixture? About this later in our article.

Tea with milk: the pros and cons of the drink

In our stores the range of these productsvarious. To date, you can buy traditional black, popular green, as well as rarer types of tea, such as white and yellow. I want to try them all, so we buy and experiment with tastes. And many of us, as mentioned above, add milk to the cup. Here the opinions of many are divided: some talk about the undoubted benefits of a diluted drink, while others prove that these are two completely incompatible things. In fact, here, as always, there are positive and negative sides. Only having familiarized with them, you can make a decision, whether it is necessary to use tea with milk. Benefit and harm - it all depends on how you will drink it, in what quantities. An important role in this case is your condition. Why you should drink tea with milk Let's start with positive feedback. With daily use of tea with milk improves well-being, increases vitality, stabilizes the general condition of the body. This drink contains a large amount of antioxidants that release free radicals, as well as B vitamins. And, of course, potassium, necessary for the cardiovascular system and the normalization of pressure. When adding milk, the above elements are better absorbed by the body. In addition, the enzymes of dairy products are catalysts and affect the diuretic properties of tea. Consequently, they contribute to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body. Green tea with milk is useful for everyone who thinks about getting rid of a few extra pounds. Nutritionists recommend using this tool, but only as an auxiliary. That is, you do not have to sit on long diets, enough to exercise and drink this cocktail. This combination accelerates metabolism, promotes elimination of toxins and toxins. Due to the calcium content in milk, the fair sex is strengthened bone tissue, improves the state of tooth enamel. The use of this magic mixture reduces the risk of kidney disease, physical and nervous stress. Supporters of this drink believe that this combination has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, since milk neutralizes caffeine. By the way, that's why it is recommended to drink diluted tea and coffee drinks to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system and stomach. Note that you can drink tea in combination with low-fat cream even for people with lactose deficiency, which tolerate whole milk badly. Such a drink will provide the body with the necessary nutrients, and the feeling of hunger will not arise almost the whole day. When you do not need to eat tea with dairy products, there are opponents of drinking tea with milk. Let's talk about the disadvantages that they find in such a combination. The main argument, as experts and scientists say - neutralization of nutrients. The problem is that the catechins that are contained in tea become ineffective when exposed to caseins contained in milk. And these same catechins are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. According to opponents, milk prevents the positive effects of tea, which usually affects the walls of blood vessels. And in combination with green or white tea, milk forms a number of substances that do not dissolve in the body. They are displayed in this form. Of course, there will be no harm from this, nor will it be of use. Those who oppose the use of tea with milk, believe that such a mixture leads to a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the capillaries, disruption of the work of the stomach and intestines, the formation of kidney stones. Abusing these drinks, you can achieve a slowdown in metabolism, the appearance of weakness and permanent headaches. Than this opinion is confirmed - it is not known, because there are no published results of studies on this issue. German scientists say that only tea in its pure form stabilizes blood pressure. They also scientifically proved that milk caseins nullify many useful properties. Experiments were also carried out in rats, during which it was established that catechins release nitric oxide. This contributes to the expansion of blood vessels. Unfortunately, milk greatly reduces their concentration, reducing the positive effect. However, British scientists believe that the study was conducted incorrectly. So, for example, laboratory assistants restricted the possibility of moving rats. And for the health of the cardiovascular system, a very important factor is a mobile way of life. Plus, an important role is played by the correct regime, type of activity, ways of rest, proper nutrition. So, the fair sex is unlikely to sit on the spot, giving up food, while using only tea alone. Benefit and harm of tea with milk

How to drink tea properly

So, you already understood that tea is rich in vitamins andmicroelements, it contains more than 200 nutrients. If caseins of milk and reduce the action of catechins, this does not mean that they also affect other substances. Therefore, those who like to drink this drink in a diluted form, do not deny yourself the pleasure. How delicious tea with milk, if it is cooked correctly. The most famous, simple and popular recipe is known to almost every fair sex. First, you need to pour a half-circle of hot milk, then add strong brew, without diluting it with boiling water. It is best to combine unboiled cow's milk with tea. This drink will be delicious both in cold and hot. However, be careful when buying dairy products. Do not buy it in natural markets, because it may contain dangerous to human health bacteria. Many women can not even imagine their diet without tea. It remains only to choose which tea is best to buy. Choose large-leaf or Ceylon, but do not buy flavored or in bags. Useful in such products nothing will be, only the money will be wasted.

To drink or not to drink tea with dairy products

Unequivocally answer this question, what teait is better to give preference, no one can. Just need to monitor your health, listen to the state of the body. If there is discomfort after you have been drinking tea with milk for a long time, try to abandon it for two or three weeks. If the symptoms pass, then the case is really in the drink. And if it continues to be bad, the cause should be sought in another. If the use of tea with milk causes only positive sensations, gives a charge of vivacity, then drink such a drink for health. The main thing is to observe the measure. Do not be a similar cocktail to replace everything (and juices, and compotes). Remember once and for all: even in simple water contains a large number of microelements necessary for health. And do not forget that the mood with which a person prepares and consumes food plays an important role. If you made tea with milk for breakfast, and in your head - a swarm of thoughts about the harm of such a combination, it will, at the very least, lead to bad health for the whole day. So think about good, and drink coffee, juices, mineral waters and teas with pleasure.