Sore throat: what is the difference between angina and ARVI? Unfortunately, when the throat hurts, most peopleis wrong about the origin of the pain. But to understand the reason is fundamental for treatment and prognosis. Angina in the people is often called any sore throat. But the pain in the throat can be like an angina (bacterial purulent infection), and the manifestation of acute respiratory viral infection (a viral non-venous infection). These two conditions require different treatments. With angina, an antibiotic is needed, but with pain in the throat with ARVI - no. In practice, if you have a high fever, intense pain in the throat, but there is no runny nose and a cough - it is, with a high probability, . In the throat on the tonsils one can sometimes seeyellowish raids, but this sign is quite unreliable for self-diagnosis. If the temperature is small, there is a runny nose or cough, in addition to sore throat - this is most likely, ARVI. With ARVI, symptomatic treatment (antipyretic, rinsing of the throat) is permissible, with antibiotic administration always necessary. Treatment of sore throat should always take place under medical supervision.