Long hair with tape stretching Tape hair extensions with eachin the daytime more popular. And all because this technology is an ideal option for those who want to add to their locks of denseness and length, but does not want to damage his hair. So what is ribbon hair extension and what are its benefits? technology of hair extensions with ribbons

Process technology

The main plus of tape build-up -security. Donor strands are attached without the use of heat treatment, which usually badly harms the hair. Strands are connected by a special tape, which is attached to the base of the roots. Adhesive base is made with the use of keratin, and along the length is about 0.5 cm. The classical width of the tapes is about 4-5 cm, and the length - up to 60-70 cm. Masters attach the tape no closer than 1 cm from the roots. This is done in order to avoid excessive stress on native hair. One tape is attached to the strand from below, and the other is attached to the top. So, the donor's strands seem to envelop the natural hair. Usually for tape building use from 20 to 70 locks. The required amount is calculated individually (depending on the thickness and thickness of the client's natural hair). Recently there was a new technology - micro-tape build-up. From the usual it differs in that the attached strands of strands several times already. It suits admirably the owners of thin and weakened curls due to the fact that the mounting area is small, and the load on the roots is minimal. Ribbon hair extensions are done quickly and easily. Unlike other traditional methods of hot and cold build-up, tape hair extensions take an average of 30-40 minutes. In addition, this method is hypoallergenic and suitable even for pregnant women and nursing mothers. fastening of ribbon hair

Correction, care and precautions

Strands that are grown in this way needfairly frequent correction - every 1-2 months. This is considered a minus of this technology. If the correction is not done on time, then various unpleasant consequences can arise. Strands grow and become visible zones of "junction" of ribbons and natural curls. In addition, the adhesive, with which the tapes are attached, is destroyed with time and they begin to peel off. The curls are removed quickly and easily. They are treated with a special spray, which dissolves the sticky substance. Strands do not suffer when removed, so they can be used many times. On average, the strands are applied up to 6 times when corrected. Locks, accrued with this technology, need constant special care. You will have to purchase a special comb, which does not harm strands. In addition, it is necessary to use shampoos that do not contain too much moisture. these substances can destroy the adhesive, and the tapes will fall off. Also I will have to give up high and too intricate hairstyles. When lifting the curls, the fastening points will be noticeable, and this does not look very aesthetic. Before going to bed it is recommended to braid a not very tight braid. So locks are less confused and combing hair extensions will be much easier. When visiting a sauna or solarium, experts recommend wearing a special hat. This will help to protect them from harmful temperature effects. If you do not start the state of your hairstyle, then the grown strands will look very natural, harmonious and effective. Look after your accreted hair properly and they will delight you every day with a luxurious density and magnificent length!