why when you get nervous in the region of the heart Pain in the region of the heart, probably,human. Doctors very often hear the question: "Why, when nervous, does it hurt in the heart?" However, in this case, the person does not always have a heartache - sometimes similar feelings can be caused by a number of other pathologies - spine diseases, intercostal neuralgia, and sometimes and psychogenic diseases. Moreover, often people are interested in why the gastritis hurts the heart. And in fact, just pain in the stomach is given to the heart area. However, this phenomenon does not always happen - often pain in the heart really indicates the presence of a pathology of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, do not ignore a doctor's visit, because only he can put the right diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment in this case, which will help alleviate the condition of the sick person. In the same case, if the pain is sharp - immediately call the ambulance team.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Duration and intensity of painfulfeelings in the heart can vary very much - from very small to almost intolerably strong. However, doctors note an interesting fact - the intensity of pain is not always consistent with the severity of the patient's condition. Thus, with ischemic heart disease a person has a feeling of pressure in the region of the chest, gradually spreading to the left arm. Typically, a similar phenomenon is observed after a plentiful meal, after stress, after a strong nervous or mental experience. Approximately the same feelings occur with acute myocardial infarction. However, in this case, in addition to feeling pressure in the chest and arm, a person most often experiences quite intense pain, which can last for half an hour, and sometimes even longer. This condition is a serious enough threat not only for health, but also for his life. Therefore, it is necessary to call an ambulance team as soon as possible. With myocarditis, the person also has painful sensations, and they can be very diverse - stitching, pressing, aching. Unlike coronary heart disease in this case, pain can occur not immediately after physical stress or emotional stress, and after a few hours, and sometimes several days. Another common cause of pain in the chest is a disease of the cardiovascular family, like pericarditis. Pain sensations can be localized in the heart and left arm, but their intensity varies depending on the position of the patient's body and the depth of his breathing. why does a gastritis hurt the heart

Types of pain

It is very important to pay attention and try to accuratelycharacterize the pain - this will greatly facilitate the doctor's diagnosis of the disease. At various diseases and painful sensations also there are the most different:

  • Stitching pain in the heart In the event that the patientpeople complain that in the heart like a needle prick, the doctor suspects the presence of such a disease as neurosis of the heart. Neurosis of the heart is one of the varieties of vegetovascular dystonia, as well as a consequence of the violation of nervous activity, as well as the nervous tone of the heart muscle. As a rule, doctors in this case recommend keeping patience, self-control and applying various soothing drugs that the doctor will choose. Such a disease indicates that the nervous system of the human body is not in order. In addition, sometimes physical stress can lead to the same outcome.
  • Aching pain In the event that ua person who is sick, not passing hours, and sometimes day, the doctor can suspect myocarditis - an inflammatory process in which the heart muscle is involved. In addition to aching pain, a person can feel peculiar "interruptions" in the work of the heart, weakness. In some cases, even an increase in body temperature is possible. Most often, such a disease is a consequence of an infectious disease, for example, angina.
  • Pressing pain in the heartof a sick person there are painful pressures, most likely you can talk about a disease such as angina. In the event that the disease is already diagnosed, it is not so difficult to get rid of such an attack - it is enough to put nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue under the tongue.
  • In the same case, if in two to three minutesthe attack will not pass, it is necessary to take another pill and as soon as possible to call an ambulance brigade. In no case is it inadmissible to endure painful sensations, since in this way one can not overlook the critical point in which angina pectoris becomes a myocardial infarction. And in this case, the lack of timely medical assistance life of a sick person is under threat. Thus, it becomes clear that regardless of what exactly triggered the pain, a sick person should seek help from his treating doctor as soon as possible. Self-medication can end very badly, so do not risk your health, and sometimes life. why does my heart ache

    How to relieve an attack of pain in the heart?

    You can independently take offense of pain inheart only if the cause of pain is reliably known. And the pain has an unpleasant tendency to catch a person at the most inopportune moment, thereby greatly complicating his life. Fortunately, there is So, for example, if the pain sensations in a person arose as a result of an attack of angina, it is not so difficult to remove the attack. As a rule, it is enough to take a tablet of nitroglycerin, to loosen pressure clothing - collars, belts, etc., and to ensure the influx of fresh air. The attack takes about three to five minutes. In the event that the pain is sharp and very strong, you can suspect the presence of myocardial infarction. It is necessary to call an ambulance as soon as possible. Before the arrival of doctors, you can try to ease the condition of a sick person, reducing the intensity of pain. Under the tongue, it is necessary to put a tablet of validol or nitroglycerin, give it a sitting position and put your feet in hot water, if possible. In the event that the pain sensations occurred simultaneously with the increase in blood pressure, it is necessary to try to reduce it as soon as possible. In the event that this happened for the first time, it is necessary to lie down and call an ambulance brigade. If you regularly suffer from hypertension, take the medicine prescribed to you by the doctor and try to rest a little. In the same case, if the pain in your heart has appeared for the first time in your life, and you do not know how to act in such a situation, first of all try to calm down - unnecessary negative emotions will only worsen your overall condition. In the event that you have at hand Valocordin, Corvalolum or Validol, take it in accordance with the instructions. If you do not have such medicines, take one acetylsalicylic acid tablet and one analgin tablet with a large amount of cool, clean water - at least half a glass. If there is a possibility, you should sit down or lie down for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. In the event that these measures do not help, you need to call an ambulance team. Only doctors will be able to diagnose the disease and, if necessary, provide emergency medical care. Separately, I would like to talk about a drug like nitroglycerin. Unfortunately, people often take nitroglycerin at the first pain sensations, without even trying to find out why the heart hurts. But its use is permissible only with a very narrow limited number of heart diseases. Nitroglycerin is a very serious medicine, and its use without evidence can lead to a disruption of the full functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, do not experiment with nitroglycerin, as, indeed, with any other pharmacological drugs. All appointments should be done only by a cardiologist. We advise you to read: