rotavirus infection in adults treatment What is poisoning, knows, probably, everyone withoutexception person. As a rule, under this term people mean a variety of intestinal diseases. And often people do not consider it necessary to take any measures, but in the event that there is rotavirus infection in adults, treatment should be started as early as possible. Otherwise, the risk of developing certain complications is very high. First, let's try to figure out what a rotavirus infection is, and why it is so dangerous. Doctors call that infectious intestinal disease, the cause of which is rotavirus. After penetration into the body takes five to seven days, after which the first signs of the disease appear. However, in some cases, the incubation period can range from three to ten days. And throughout this time a person presents a potential danger to others, as it can become a source of infection. But after full recovery, most often an adult develops a permanent immunity to the virus that caused the disease.

Ways of infection with this infection

Doctors identify mainly the food path of infection- when the virus enters the body through the oral cavity. This can happen when you use unwashed products, or from dirty hands. Most often, rotaviruses enter the human body with dairy products. This is due to the specific technology of their manufacture. And these very viruses are very, very resistant - neither low temperatures (storage in the refrigerator) nor chlorination of water do them practically no harm. By the way, pay attention to the fact that very often infection occurs when using "holy" water. Do not risk your health. There is also another way of transmission of infection - a drop, when you sneeze a sick person. And this is not accidental, because rotaviruses also lead to inflammatory processes affecting the upper respiratory tract. At first glance it may seem that a person is suffering from acute respiratory illness. And only indigestion forces doctors to suspect the presence of a rotavirus infection. This type of infection can occur as single cases of the disease, and the most real epidemic outbreaks. Moreover, the outbreak data, just like the usual acute respiratory diseases, have a pronounced seasonal dependence. As a rule, about 90% of all cases of rotavirus infection occur precisely during the cold season - from November to April.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection

Getting into the body, the virus is introduced into the mucous membraneshell of the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, the mucosa of the small intestine is affected most of all. Due to the fact that rotavirus begins to multiply actively, the gastrointestinal tract is affected, characterized by inflammation of the intestinal mucosa - enteritis develops. It is because of it and there is diarrhea. This disease has characteristic symptoms that allow it to be diagnosed unerringly:

  • Decreased appetite. As a rule, a sick person almost completely lose their appetite, and refuses to eat. However, strangely enough, no feeling of nausea, much less vomiting is not observed. However, it is still necessary to take the liquid - in very small portions, but as often as possible. Otherwise, the development of dehydration of the body is possible.
  • Increase body temperature. The patient's body temperature rises, but insignificantly - up to about 38 degrees. Although, of course, in some cases, the temperature can rise even higher, but not for long. On average, the elevated body temperature lasts two to three days, after which it normalizes independently.
  • A liquid stool. An indispensable symptom of rotavirus infection is a loose stool. Its intensity can be very different - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each individual person. The duration of a stomach upset can last from one to three days, provided the timely begun adequate treatment.

rotavirus infection treatment in adults

Treatment of rotavirus infection

In the event that rotavirus infection occurs without complications, the patient receives treatment at home. However, in this case it is important to know how to help a sick person:

  • Decreased body temperature

As mentioned above, with rotavirusinfection in a sick person raises body temperature. Very often people immediately take various antipyretic drugs, it is necessary to pass the thermometer column beyond the 37 degree mark. However, this should not be done in any case - in fact rotavirus perishes only at a temperature above 38 degrees. Having lowered the temperature earlier, you only "make life easier" for rotaviruses, allowing them to continue to multiply. In the same case, if the body temperature rises above 39 degrees, you can take measures to reduce it. And not necessarily immediately take pharmacological drugs. Often, simple, proven folk remedies reduce body temperature no worse, and do not exert pressure on the body. In the event that you have vodka in your house, try the following method. Dissolve in one liter of cold water five tablespoons of vodka. With a soft cloth, wipe the entire surface of the skin, paying special attention to the palms and feet. Repeat rubbing can be as often as necessary - no harm will be. Typically, one wipe reduces the temperature by one degree. If this measure does not help - which is unlikely - you can take any febrifuge. However, please note - in no case it is unacceptable to exceed the dosage. In the same case, if this measure does not help, it is necessary to call an ambulance brigade. But in practice, such cases of high temperature are extremely rare.

  • Liquid chair

In order to eliminate the symptoms of gastrointestinal cancer,intestinal disorder, you can take Enterofuril. Take it at least twice a day, at the dosage indicated on the package. The course of treatment should last at least five days, even if all the symptoms of the disease disappear earlier. However, before using it, it is still worth consulting a doctor. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe some other drug based on the condition and state of health of the patient. It is not so difficult to stop diarrhea most often. Of course, in most cases, diarrhea stops on its own. However, it is worthwhile to be safe - the medicine is guaranteed to prevent protracted diarrhea.

  • Pain in the abdomen

Often during illness the sick person canexperience pain in the intestines. And this pain can be of a very different nature - from sharp cramp to pulling. This pain arises because of spasms of the musculature of the intestine, or from an excessive amount of gases. By the way, flatulence is a fairly frequent companion of rotavirus infections. In this case, a sick person can drink one no-pill - more often than not, this measure is enough to stop the pain completely. However, be sure to remember that abdominal pain can be tolerated only if the diagnosis is reliably known. The same goes for taking any pain medications. In all other cases, a person experiencing pain in the abdomen, a sick person should seek medical help as soon as possible. This measure is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of other, more serious diseases - including acute appendicitis.

  • Restoration of intestinal microflora

After the sick person appearsappetite and stop diarrhea, you need to start a course of treatment aimed at restoring normal intestinal microflora. As a rule, for this, a patient is prescribed such drugs as "Linex." Dosage and duration of treatment in each individual case is determined by the doctor. As you can see, if there is rotavirus infection, treatment in adults is not that difficult. However, only if you start it on time, you can count on the fact that the disease can be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, as mentioned above, the risk of developing various complications is very high.

Complications of rotavirus infection

In the event that the treatment of rotavirus infectionwas not started in a timely manner, or the patient has significantly reduced immunity, possibly the development of a complicated course of the disease. In order to avoid this, it is worth knowing about them and knowing how to act in similar situations. In the event that a sick person has severe diarrhea or vomiting, the most important danger that can trap him is dehydration of the body. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to drink as much as possible. And the higher the body temperature and the more intense the diarrhea, the greater the amount of liquid you should drink. On average, an adult at the time of illness should drink at least three liters of fluid. To drink a sick person should prefer non-carbonated drinking water, fruit drinks, or broth of wild rose. In the event that a sick person is vomiting, it is worth trying to take a few sips of fluid, after a short period of time. If the vomiting continues, most often the sick person is hospitalized in the hospital of the infectious department, where the fluid will be injected intravenously, with the help of droppers. In no case is it inadmissible to abandon this - for otherwise death is possible, which may occur as a result of severe dehydration of the body. In addition, in the absence of adequate and timely initiated treatment for rotavirus infection, the risk of bacterial intestinal infection is very high. In this situation, the course of the disease worsens tens of times. In similar cases, approximately 3% is fatal. And completely eliminate this pathology is not so difficult - it is enough just to start treatment of rotavirus infection in a timely manner. No distant consequences and complications, this disease does not entail, so there is nothing to worry about. We have already mentioned above that, most often after an infection, an adult develops persistent immunity. However, we must not forget that there are several different viruses, so there is no guarantee that you will never get a rotavirus infection again. But you can reduce this risk by observing basic security measures.

Prevention of rotavirus infection

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from the possibility of contracting rotavirus, there are several preventive measures:

  • Quality and clean products

In order to avoid infectionrotavirus, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality and purity of the products used. Do not assume that the apple is simple enough to wipe before eating, and the spring water is crystal clear by default. You can not forget about the elementary rules of hygiene - remember that the rule that prescribes to wash hands before eating is also true of adults.

  • Vaccination

Recently, doctors have been advisingto carry out vaccination against rotavirus infection. However, this method of prevention is very controversial - firstly, there is no guarantee that the vaccine works 100% of the time, since it was started relatively recently. Secondly, the cost of this vaccine is unreasonably high, and even finding a clinic where there is this vaccine is not so simple. In any case, if you suddenly get sick with rotavirus infection, you should not panic - it's quite easy to cure it. The main thing is to start in time. We advise you to read: