causes of cystitis Cystitis is a developmentinflammatory process in the bladder. Typically, in order to treat the disease, it is necessary to establish a precise diagnosis, since some diseases of the genital tract and organs can have similar symptoms and signs. What means can cystitis be treated? Of course, pills for cystitis should be drunk only as prescribed by the doctor, when there is an urgent need for it. It is advisable to take herbal preparations that do not have a negative effect on the human body. Various medications (including antibiotics) have side effects that are undesirable for a woman's health. Prevention brings more good results. It should be noted that most often cystitis occurs in women, but it also occurs in men. In any case, it must be treated. what are the pills for cystitis?

What are the best drugs to use for treatment?

Preliminary it is necessary to conduct a complexexamination of the body. To do this, it is necessary to pass the urine test correctly in order to take effective means in the future. Before the delivery of urine, the sexual organs (the vagina or the tip of the penis) are thoroughly washed. The first portion of urine descends into the toilet. For analysis, only an average portion is suitable (about 4-5 teaspoons is enough). The remaining urine must be drained into the toilet bowl. Avoid touching hands or objects with the inside of the jar. Good tablets help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. The main symptoms are the occurrence of pain during urination, the occurrence of sensations of rubbing and burning sensation in the groin. Even after emptying the bladder, there may be a desire to urinate. In some cases, spontaneous urination occurs, in which a few drops are released. The urine itself becomes a muddy consistency, often with impurities of blood. Particles of blood are a dangerous signal, which requires an immediate appeal to a specialist, so that he appoints some powder or antibiotics that help improve the condition. Drink any medication follows the attached instructions. This is due to the fact that any drug can aggravate the situation when the dosage is exceeded. The list of causes is large, but the most common cause is infection. First of all, staphylococcal, streptococcal and intestinal infection, which penetrates the human body from the outside. In men, the cause of cystitis may be inflammation of the prostate gland, in which many internal organs associated with urination are affected. Therefore, in this case, you should drink a completely different drug to improve your health. To fight infection, you need to drink more fluids and take antibiotics that help extinguish the focus and destroy the pathogen. Emerging symptoms - this is the reason for the beginning of treatment. There are various (cheap and expensive) remedies against the disease. In each case, the best medicine against the inflammatory process in the bladder is chosen individually, as it takes into account the physical characteristics of the body, the most pronounced symptoms. In one case, it is enough to drink a diuretic regularly, since harmful substances are released from the body with the liquid. In another case it is necessary to drink a stronger drug, it can be powder, tablets, capsules. Any effective method of fighting against cystitis significantly improves a person's condition, but after the course of treatment mandatory prevention is required so that the symptoms do not happen again. Many experts in the field of gynecology and urology advise to drink at least two liters of liquid daily. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on ordinary water and vitaminized beverages. At the same time, it is necessary to try to drink less strong tea, coffee, alcoholic products, as they aggravate the situation and have an irritating effect on the walls of the bladder. If a person additionally takes the drug to enrich the body with calcium, then for the duration of treatment it is necessary to stop. This also applies to foods that contain a large amount of trace element (for example, milk, yogurts, cheese and others). The most effective treatment is an integrated approach. It is not enough to just drink any drug, you need to supplement it with other procedures. To reduce pain in the groin area, it is advisable to apply a warm water bottle. But this is only after an accurate diagnosis, because with some gynecological diseases heat can provoke bleeding. To get rid of the burning sensation when urinating, it is recommended to drink a soda solution (a teaspoon per glass of water) every three hours. The effect of the drug is due to the fact that the acidity of urine decreases. treatment of cystitis

What other symptoms appear with cystitis?

In case of a disease, urine can acquire an unpleasantand a sharp enough smell. Of course, this can be inherent in other diseases of the genitourinary sphere. Often there is a deterioration in overall well-being and the appearance of pain in the lumbar region. To remove the symptom it is not enough to apply a warming ointment, you need a special drug that neutralizes the focus of inflammation. Acute cystitis can be accompanied by the appearance of pain in the abdomen, nausea, an increase in body temperature, which is observed in almost any inflammatory process in the body. In this case, you should take an antipyretic drug, and then treat the cystitis.

What is fraught with the lack of treatment?

If you do not take any drug from inflammationthe bladder, then, as a rule, there are various complications, the disease flows into a chronic form. First of all, the complications concern the kidneys, which do not cope with their functions. Do not neglect drug treatment if several days of symptoms persist and the condition worsens. It is very important to note that in severe and neglected cases, surgical intervention by specialists may be required. Prophylaxis is quite effective, since there is no single cure for cystitis, which gives a guaranteed result for each case in particular. To get rid of cystitis, treatment should be started on time. In order to avoid the re-occurrence of the disease in the future, it is advisable to empty the bladder regularly, since deterrence provokes inflammation. It is also necessary to observe the hygiene of the genitals in order to prevent infection. It is preferable to wear quality cotton underwear, which does not constrain movement. And after sexual intercourse, it is recommended to empty the bladder and wash the genitals. Regular prevention will protect the body from inflammation of the internal organs.