face skin mirror of all diseases Is it familiar to you when you seem to behealthy, but the appearance says the opposite? Tired look, yellowish skin - everything disappears under the skillfully imposed makeup, and you again run to work, not reflecting on the fact that your facial skin literally screams to you about some impending (or already existing) illness. Unfortunately, this is what 85% of modern women do. They simply do not have enough time to listen to their body in a daily rush. "Reward" are weeks in a hospital bed and mountains of medicines in addition. And by the way, and bags under the eyes, and acne can give a lot of information about the state of our health. Of course, the facial skin will not be able to notify absolutely all diseases, but it is able to tell about a lot of ailments. Everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than treat it later, so do not ignore sudden (even minimal) changes in the skin. After all, in order to determine whether you have a propensity for a particular disease, you do not need to be a doctor with experience. Sometimes it is enough to just look at yourself in the mirror. Important: this information can in no case replace the visit to the doctor. This is only an occasion to reflect on your own health and the health of people close to you, balance your diet and move on to a healthy lifestyle.


A thick skin with rather dense wrinkles,which look "puffed up," at the top of the forehead speaks of a weakened kidney function. Brownish spots on the skin near the roots of the hair - this is a problem with the liver. Two vertical wrinkles that form above the base of the nose are usually a sign that the human diet is oversaturated with proteins and animal fats that overload the liver.


Rare eyebrows with brittle, short, oftendropping hairs are a signal about the need to check the thyroid gland, in this case, its hypofunction is likely. If you have very narrow eyebrows by nature, this can be caused by a lack of estrogen - a female hormone. In the opposite situation, when the woman's eyebrows can be compared with Brezhnev's eyebrows, that is, they are the same bushy and broad, it can talk about the excess of testosterone - the male hormone. not well-groomed face skin mirror of all diseases


Upper eyelid "Sunken" eyes or sharp creasebetween the motionless and moving part of the upper eyelid - this is evidence of a reduction in general tone and lack of energy. "Fragile" eyelids indicate that the heart is not able to cope with the load, it does not beat hard enough, as a result, the required amount of blood is not delivered to the kidneys. The sagging, thin crease that runs diagonally from the middle to the corner of the eye indicates a weakening of the heart. Wen and brown spots in this area of ​​the face can be a sign of liver disease. Lower eyelid The area under the eyes "speaks" about the condition of the kidneys and bladder. If there are small swelling under the eyelids, it is very likely that you have a bladder problem. If this swelling is more than one and a half centimeters, it means that the kidney function is significantly weakened. Redness near the inner corners of the eyes and up to the base of the nose gives reason to assume inflammation of the internal organs or stagnation in the circulation. The lower eyelid openly speaks about the possible presence of gynecological diseases.


The upper part of the cheeks helps to recognize the developmentdiseases associated with carbohydrate metabolism. Frequent companions of all such problems are wrinkles and gray, lifeless, toneless skin of the face. If similar problems are combined with enlarged pores under the cheekbones, this indicates problems with protein metabolism or even protein intolerance.


Now look in the mirror at your nose. A wrinkle going diagonally through the base of the nose can signal a decreased function of the thyroid gland. If there is an increase in thyroid gland, then you need to contact the endocrinologist. Looking at the back of the nose, you can determine the type of the human nervous system. People with a narrow back of the nose easily lose their temper and "explode". People with a broad back of the nose are much more balanced and calm. If small blood vessels are seen on the back of the nose, then this may indicate a tendency to increased pressure. The tip of the nose is a "thread" to the stomach. If after eating the skin on the tip of the nose becomes white, then the body lacks gastric juice. If the tip of the nose turns red, this may indicate the presence of gastritis. The wings of the nose are "indicators" of the state of the respiratory organs. Redness of the wings of the nose on a rather pale face can talk about inflammation of the bronchi. Thickening of the wings can be a sign of asthma. ugly skin of the face mirror of all diseases

Nasolabial folds

A pronounced right nasolabial fold,which descends to the lips and bends the tip of the mouth, encourages you to think about the presence of liver diseases. Nasolabial fold of a similar shape, but on the left side, is an occasion to ponder the pancreas. It can talk about problems with carbohydrate metabolism, which affects the level of sugar in the blood. Straight nasolabial folds, descending from the nose to the mouth, without the formation of a classical trapezium, speak of a weakened cardiac activity. This can be both atherosclerosis and cardiovascular insufficiency. If the nasolabial folds have a rounded shape, then you need to pay attention to the work of the intestine - it can have a weakened peristalsis. Folds ending at the level of the chin, talk about problems with digestion and too frequent stress. Of course, almost everyone at least once experienced a nervous shock, but only in some people this way of life is not only reflected on the face skin, but also in the medical map. So we advise you to be more careful, often look in the mirror at the nasolabial folds and, if possible, lead a more relaxed way of life.

Upper lip

A thin strip of white over the upper lip(as if you have a "mustache" of milk) may indicate a poor assimilation of food. And vertical wrinkles can talk about problems with water balance.


If you know the feeling of heaviness in the stomach aftereat food, pay attention to your lower lip. Small wrinkles can be seen that the intestines "laziness" to digest food. Pale areas speak of disagreements with digestion, dark red spots - about polyps. Well pronounced deep wrinkles indicate a disturbance of the water balance. Wrinkles on the right side under the lower lip, which showed you a mirror, speak of a violation of the blood supply of the liver. Sealing or redness in the center under the lower lip gives a sign to pay attention to the level of sugar in the blood.

Zone around the mouth

The yellowish skin of the face in these places is typical forproblems with fat metabolism, purple skin speaks of a lack of oxygen, a brownish shade indicates that the food is long and begins to "wander" in the intestine, grayish color - that nutrients are poorly digested.


The area of ​​the chin is connected with the genitals. Expanded pores, acne and acne are a sign of the irregularity of the menstrual cycle and the possible presence of problems in the hormonal and gynecological area. Wrinkles that rise vertically to the cheeks from the chin indicate that you need to pay attention to the 12-colon. If there is a well-visible wrinkle, going to the center of the chin obliquely from the lower lip, then you may have a genetic predisposition to problems with the veins. A deep, pronounced dimple on the chin indicates the need to monitor the spine. There is another disease, which is typical for 90% of the total population of our country. Our people are very fond of self-medication. Did you get a headache? I took aspirin. Did not help? In the medicine cabinet there will always be a stronger means. And now our people are swallowing pills, potions and powders, not thinking about the fact that quite a harmless headache can testify not to a migraine, but to another, more serious, illness. And at a time when you are trying to drown out the pain (symptom), the disease progresses. No, no, we are not talking about the fact that you should run to the doctor at the slightest headache. However, if the head hurts for a week, the skin has turned to an unhealthy yellowish color and the usual means do not help, there is an occasion to ponder. Especially since the second chance to live your life differently, without mistakes, you will not succeed. And the body does not forgive mistakes. And quite a harmless disease can turn chronic and cause a lot of trouble. So do not forget about the annual survey. Finally, we want to advise you to look in the mirror not in order to see signs of an impending illness, but to fix makeup or just smile to your beloved. Be optimistic, believe in miracles, and all the illnesses are minutes away. However, you sometimes go to the doctor. But only to make sure that your body works like a clock. We advise you to read: