warts on the legs Warts are a very unpleasant phenomenon. But most of all, people who suffer from warts on their feet suffer. Plantar warts - as they are called - do not cause any inconvenience for a while, and very often people do not pay any attention to them. And very vain, because warts have the property very quickly increase in size. and with the growth of warts a person will begin to experience pain. At first they will be insignificant, and they appear irregularly, from time to time. But every day the pain will be stronger - even walking will be a real test for man. Therefore, if you notice the appearance of a plantar wart, take action immediately, do not wait for the situation to start. Of course, it is more reasonable to go to a dermatologist, who will remove the wart itself and prescribe the antiviral treatment that suits you. Without it, warts will return quickly, because they develop because of the presence of the human papilloma virus in the body.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic - one of the most powerful tools in the fight againstany warts, including plantar ones. There are several effective recipes, which we will now tell you. But just remember that garlic can damage the healthy skin around the warts, so it must be protected. You can simply lubricate the skin around the wart with a thick layer of any fat cream or sunflower oil before each procedure. And you can use a more reliable method - adhesive plaster. Take a small piece of adhesive plaster, cut a hole in it so large that a wart crawls through it, glue it to the skin. Everything is ready - you can apply the prepared product to the wart, without fear that it will get on the skin.

  • Garlic gruel

The simplest means, the preparation of which is notit will take you a lot of time - garlic mush. Peel three cloves of garlic, crush them very carefully and attach to the wart. Top cover with polyethylene film and fix with a bandage, leave for about an hour. If you feel a burning sensation, wash the garlic immediately, and next time add to the onion slurry a small amount of any vegetable oil. After you wash off the garlic, gently remove the protective sticking plaster - if left for a few days, an allergy may develop. If you really do not want to mess around with protective adhesive tape every day, then buy a special hypoallergic patch. After removing garlic, be sure to rinse the wart with cool water, and apply a moisturizing cream around the skin around it. Repeat this procedure every day and after a week you will notice that the wart has become much smaller. And after about three weeks, it completely disappears.

  • Garlic cake

In some cases, the discomfort is quite strongeven if you add onions to garlic mush. It goes without saying that in this case it is best to look for another agent that acts more gently - for example, a garlic cake. Of course, you will need a little more time to get rid of the wart - an average of one and a half months. To make a cake, cook five cloves of garlic, flour and water. Garlic clean, grind, mix with flour and knead a fairly steep dough. The resulting volume is enough for a few days, so put it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator. Pinch a small piece and form a cake from it. Attach the cake to the corn, put a small gauze napkin on top and fix it - you can use bandage or sticking plaster, or you can simply put on tight socks. Garlic cake should stay on the wart for at least 6 hours, so it's best to apply it at night. After you remove the cake, wipe it with apple cider vinegar and leave until it is completely dry. The first results you can observe in a week and a half or two. wart on the leg

Treatment of warts with apple cider vinegar

If your warts are very stubborn, you canresort to the help of apple cider vinegar. It helps to get rid of even old warts, but it is often too aggressive - there may be sores on the wart site, and then scars. True, this happens only if you either over-concentrate with concentration or keep the remedy longer than the recommended time.

  • Compresses with apple cider vinegar

Again, in the first place, we will tell you aboutmeans for lazy people - it does not require cooking either. Simply slice a few small gauze napkins and pour a little apple cider vinegar into any non-metallic container. Dampen a few napkins in the vinegar, attach to the wart, on top, be sure to put the plastic wrap and then put on the sock. Leave the vinegar compress for about 10 minutes, then rinse the wart with plenty of warm water. After the skin on the wart dries, be sure to grease it with either a normal baby cream or boiled vegetable oil. Every day, this procedure should not be done - it is enough three to four times a week.

  • Apple cider vinegar with chalk

In the event that after two to three weeks of wartswill not disappear, it is worth trying another remedy. For its preparation you will need white school chalk, honey and apple cider vinegar. Chalk the chalk on the smallest grater in such a way that you get a powder. Take half a teaspoon of powdered chalk, half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add a little honey, mix thoroughly - you should have a mass resembling sour cream. This mass is applied a thick layer on the plantar wart, from above place a piece of gauze or cotton swab, fix with a stick plaster and leave for two hours. Then rinse the wart with water and brush it with baby cream. Repeat this procedure daily for one week, and then make a three-day break. About a month from your wart absolutely nothing will remain.

  • Onions with vinegar

Cut half the onion, put it ina plate and pour apple cider vinegar so that the whole onion is covered. Leave the onions for three hours, then pour the vinegar and pound the onion with a fork. Store onion puree for a week, only in a closed container and only in the refrigerator. The treatment itself is as follows. Before going to bed, make a hot foot bath and steam your feet for at least 20 minutes, pouring hot water if necessary. Then wipe dry your feet, apply a thick layer of onion on the wart. Top with a polyethylene film and secure it with a bandage, put on a sock. Ideally, the compress should be on the wart for at least 6 hours. But if you feel unpleasant sensations, you can remove it before. Most likely, your skin is very sensitive, so this method of treatment should be abandoned. If the treatment is proceeding normally, do this procedure in a day, until the wart disappears.

Treatment of warts with celandine

Purity is an excellent tool thatIt is effective in all skin diseases, including the plantar wart. And this plant can be used both in summer, fresh, and in winter - a dried plant, which is sold in many pharmacies. Care should be taken so that the celandine does not get on to healthy skin, and keep it away from children.

  • Juice of celandine

In the summer, celandine treatment does not requireyou no effort. Simply tear a branch of celandine and plentifully lubricate the wart with the juice. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day and just a week later you will notice significant changes from the wart. Duration of the full course of treatment varies depending on the size of the wart - from several weeks to several months.

  • Compress with celandine

In the winter, when at hand only drycelandine, you can try to get rid of plantar warts with the help of a compress. Thoroughly chop one tablespoon herb celandine, pour it with two tablespoons of boiling water and leave for an hour. After that, strain the herb, but do not squeeze it, attach it to the wart, always place polyethylene film on top and leave it overnight, and in the morning, rinse with water. Repeat this procedure is necessary daily, until the moment when the wart disappears. As a rule, you need a lot of time - at least two months. unpleasant warts on the legs


A person suffering from plantar warts,feels very much pain when walking. And in the first weeks of treatment of warts this pain becomes even stronger. To endure it is very difficult, so it makes sense to try out some very effective recipes of traditional medicine, which at least temporarily relieve the pain.

  • Aloe and toothpaste

At first glance, this tool may seemquite strange, but in practice it proved to be very well proven - the fact that the pain has receded marks almost 90% of all people who tested it on themselves. To prepare the product you will need a mint toothpaste and one aloe leaf. Aloe is peeled off, very carefully chopped and mixed with toothpaste - the consistency should be thick enough. Apply the resulting product to the corn, leave until the paste has dried, and then rinse with plenty of cool water. The pain will begin to recede after 7-10 minutes, and the anesthetic effect will last long enough - not less than five hours. The product is completely safe for health, so you can apply it as often as necessary.

  • Drops in the nose with menthol

This tool is no less surprising,than toothpaste. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that it does not act any worse. This is explained by the action of menthol. In extreme cases, if drops with menthol can not be found, you can buy with eucalyptus. But in either case, the base should be strictly oily. A small piece of cotton wool is abundantly saturated with droplets, attach to the wart and press firmly, fix with a sticking plaster and leave for 30 minutes. Painful sensations will begin to recede after 10 minutes, but before time, do not remove the bandage. Otherwise, the action lasts for an hour.

  • Novocaine

If the pain is so strong thatprevious ways you have not helped, you can try almost a win-win option - novocain for injections, which can be bought at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. But despite the fact that you can buy without a prescription, you can not use novocaine without the doctor's approval - the medicine is after all. If the doctor has given good, you can safely try. Take a small piece of cotton wool, soak it with novocaine, attach it to the wart and cover it with a plastic wrap. Such a compress will save you from pain for at least three hours. But you can leave it not for 15 minutes, but for the whole day - then the anesthetic effect is enough for the whole day. Pay attention - the layer of cotton wool should be thin, otherwise you will experience uncomfortable sensations when walking. Despite the fact that in most cases, independent treatment of plantar warts is quite successful, sometimes you can not do without the help of a doctor. It is not necessary to survive - for today doctors know a large number of painless ways to remove plantar warts. By the way, a visit to a doctor is necessary even if you have all the same got rid of the wart yourself. Remember, we talked about the fact that the cause of the development of warts is the human papillomavirus? So, if you do not get rid of it, another wart will come to replace it with such difficulty. You do not want your life to be a continuous struggle with warts? We advise you to read: