brush your teeth with soda Snow-white smile without a speck - a dreamevery girl. But to become owners of such beauty can afford a few. Bleaching by laser or chemical means is not a cheap pleasure. In a professional clinic, the fair sex has to leave more than one hundred rubles, to at least one step closer to the ideal. Therefore, those who can not afford such procedures, try to use folk beauty recipes. Unfortunately, women forget that such experiments always carry a hidden threat. Baking soda is the most popular substance with which girls try to bring their teeth in order. In this there is nothing surprising, since sodium bicarbonate is in the house in almost every hostess. And to prepare special mixtures do not have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Whitening with folk methods: is the risk justified?

Before you start brushing your teeth with baking soda,be sure to weigh the pros and cons. After all, in most cases free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Perhaps it's better to save some money and go to a specialist, than to eliminate the consequences of self-treatment. Benefits

  • High performance sometimes takes onecleaning soda to get rid of the old plaque, which can not cope with the usual paste. Before an important meeting or a date, it is enough to rub your teeth with a prepared mixture. And for the rest of the day you will sparkle with a snow-white smile. Perhaps, that's why this method of bleaching is so popular.
  • Cheapness and availability Sold bicarbonatesodium in stores and supermarkets. The pack costs five to ten times less than special whitening pastes, gels, strips and similar products. And this is not to mention a visit to the dentist. In addition, the fair sex of baking soda is not enough for one hundred times.
  • Possibility to conduct procedures in the homeConditions Not all girls have the opportunity to allocate several hours for a visit to the clinic. To whiten your teeth, you will first have to undergo a test, repair your teeth, and do a complete cleaning. At home, the yellow coating can be removed in just ten minutes.
  • Note! Use soda in its pure form or mixed with pasta not more than once a week. Otherwise, you can severely damage the enamel. Do not risk your health. Caries is the smallest, which in this case is waiting for girls who are hungry for a quick result. disadvantages

  • Short-term result It is not necessary to hope forthat once you have whitened your teeth, you no longer have to resort to such procedures. The positive effect after applying soda lasts a maximum of a couple of days. Then enamel starts to turn yellow again, on it there is a scurf and formations.
  • Damage to the enamel Perhaps this is one of the mostlarge pitfalls, which you will have to face after the second or third purge. Small particles during the friction break the enamel, leave it scratches and cracks. Due to this, the teeth become more sensitive to temperature changes. Hot and cold food for the next five days can cause severe acute pain.
  • Allergy Sodium bicarbonate is not only usedHarmful, but also dangerous to health. Some representatives of the fair sex on baking soda may have an allergy. As a result, a rash may appear in the sky, tongue, lips and gums. Due to irritation of the mucosa, burning, itching, or pain can occur. Cases of bleeding gums are also not rare.
  • Contraindications: who should not take risks. It is harmful to use not only soda, but also hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon, ash, citric acid. To whiten teeth is strictly forbidden to girls who have such serious diseases as periodontitis, caries, pulpitis, gingivitis, etc. It is not recommended to use such substances to people with sensitive, damaged or very thin enamel. To refuse such dangerous experiments it is necessary and in the event that you wear braces, at you the increased teeth, there is a crown or a seal. Otherwise, you can spoil the artificial material. clean teeth with soda

    How to properly brush your teeth with homemade pastes?

    There is a rather large number of ways,How can I clean my teeth at home with sodium bicarbonate. If you do not have the time and the desire to mess with complex recipes, soda can be used in a dry form, without impurities and additives. However, the concentrated solution will be more effective and effective. For bleaching, you will need either a conventional toothbrush that you use constantly, or a cotton swab. Dipping the tip in a solution or powder, you can begin to clean the problem areas. At the end, rinse the oral cavity with plenty of water or a decoction of herbs. Brew best chamomile, bark of oak, yarrow. To reduce the harmfulness of soda, once a week, add it to the paste, and do not use it in its pure form. We prepare toothpaste with our own hands

  • Strong If you do not want to wait longresults, this option will do just fine. The only thing, do not use this folk beauty recipe more than once or twice a month. So, for cooking you need: baking soda, ordinary toothpaste, table salt, hydrogen peroxide. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the teeth and leave for two minutes. In case of strong dirt, it is recommended to rub the enamel lightly with a brush or a layer of gauze curled in several layers. After this time, rinse your mouth. Pay attention, swallow this tool in any case impossible! Otherwise you can poison yourself.
  • Eucalyptus paste To reduce aggressiveexposure to bleaching agents, be sure to add any neutralizing ingredients to the mixture. But, despite the less traumatic danger, such pastes without harm to health can be used once a week. On the effectiveness of this almost does not affect. If you have a tendency to inflammation of the gums, you can prepare the following remedy. For this you will need: food salt (fine, iodized) - 1 tsp, baking soda - 1 tsp, olive oil - 2 tsp, powder of eucalyptus leaves - 1 tsp. Preheat the oil to room temperature, add all the necessary ingredients to it and transfer the resulting mixture into glass containers. Keep the whitening toothpaste recommended in a dry, dark cool place, not accessible to animals and children.
  • Tooth powder If you are concerned not onlyyellow plaque, but a stone, one soda to deal with this problem will not be enough. However, you should not rush to the extreme from the extreme. In some cases, if the enamel is weak, you can simply lose your teeth. Therefore, before going to such risks, it is worthwhile to think carefully, weigh all the risks and consult a dentist.
  • The following cleaning paste is very effective. For its preparation you will need white clay (sold in a pharmacy) - 50 g, chalk - 45 g, baking soda - 20-25 g, essential oils of mint and tea tree (to soften the effect) - 10 drops. Mix all ingredients and use as toothpaste, but not more than twice a week. A solution of soda (3-4 teaspoons per half liter of water) will help you get rid of food debris, inflammation and gingival abscess. It is recommended to rinse your mouth every 1.5-2 hours until the condition is completely improved. Please note that the liquid should be at room temperature. Use a hot or cold mixture is very harmful to the teeth, as you can aggravate the situation. Can I clean my teeth with soda?

    How to prevent yellowness?

    Brush your teeth even once a weekincredibly harmful. Therefore, all measures should be taken to repeat such procedures as rarely as possible. The most interesting thing is that in some cases, the fair sex only need to get rid of bad habits. And, of course, you need to ensure proper care and do not neglect the approaches to the dentist. Causes of plaque occurrence

    • Tobacco

    Smoking is one of the main reasons for the emergence ofyellow plaque on the teeth of the girls. Try to reduce the amount of nicotine used to a minimum. However, if it is difficult for you to give up tobacco, after each cigarette, rinse your mouth with a special solution.

    • Food and drink

    Both natural and artificial colorsequally badly affect the state of the enamel. Instead of coffee and black tea, for example, it is better to drink green. He is quite well invigorated, plus does not leave behind a trace on his teeth. Bright sweets and bars are best replaced with dried fruits, honey or condensed milk. Wine and other colored spirits try to exclude from the diet altogether.

    • Medications

    Before you drink this or that pill,be sure to read the annotation and read the instructions. Antibiotics, antidepressants and other drugs can affect the color of the teeth, even in unborn children. Therefore, be especially careful if you are in a position or breastfeed.

    • Injuries and diseases

    A sharp darkening of the enamel indicatesany serious illness, up to infection. If you notice that the color has changed greatly and become grayish-brown, immediately consult a doctor. Do not delay the visit, if you accidentally injured the tooth or a piece of it broke away from it. Otherwise, the caries will appear on the damaged area with time. We learn to care for teeth. Even children know that teeth should be cleaned in the morning and in the evening. However, many people sometimes forget about how long this procedure should last. Often, the manipulation of the brush is spent about a minute, no more. As a result, the plaque is practically not removed, but simply rubbed. It should be remembered once and for all, everything should go for at least three minutes (ideally - 5). But about the benefits of a special thread, unfortunately, are aware of the unit. Many people in our country still consider floss a useless waste of money. In fact, this device helps to get rid of food stuck between the teeth. Otherwise, the residues begin to decay. However, try not to use wooden toothpicks, if you do not want to chop off a piece of enamel or scratch the gum. Also, do not forget to use mouth rinses. It is not necessary to buy an expensive product in the store, if it can be cooked at home. Decoction of chamomile, nettle, oak bark, green hour, solution with soda - all this will help to preserve the whiteness of the enamel and the health of your teeth. We advise you to read: