Every time is different in its manners andcustoms, and gender roles. What do men expect when they take modern girls to their spouses? What should they do? Where to work? What to do around the house? I always teach intellectual work. Plan, analyze, read, organize. A gold medal, a red diploma ... Married to go out only for love. But visions of common life, in the full sense of this phrase, were not. And now in perplexity: add all the things (and their whole heaps) in the cabinets, prepare a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take care of the child (which is the whole day of the time), keep yourself clean at the height, wash the windows and the floor, collect spiders (from childhood I'm afraid), to wash, to make garden, to do twists for the winter, to find time for self-development, etc., - where are dreams of a career, self-expression in society, when one has to spend all day at home !? Is it possible in our time to be happy, doing homework? Will the husband appreciate everything done in a day? "You have nothing to complain about. All the day you stay at home and do whatever you want! "Yes, indeed - every woman has her own separate room, and in it she does what she wants: she wants to wash dishes, wants - borscht cooks, wants - pies bakes ... Is it worth devoting yourself family, if they do not value their own? On the other hand, all homework can be simplified by modern methods - servants, appliances, fast food. But it's all about money, time and health. And, usually, such resources are always not enough. Besides, I think that nobody will do this work better than me. Then why get a "second-class" service - this can affect loved ones and native people ... To begin with, you need to distribute the scope of the work: - the husband (planning sovmesnogo pastime and small services); - children (education and training); - Self-development (correspondence education or self-education); - kitchen (dishes, purchase of food, cooking, harvesting); - home (interior, cleaning); - clothes (cleaning, washing, ironing, auditing, shopping); - Native (birthdays, joint meetings, calls); - garden (for those who wish). We planted the first and last time - to buy in the market would have turned out to be cheaper (a degenerated, of course, without our love and care - this is a minus :-) ) And now, young wives and girls dreaming aboutmarriage, are we ready to organize and implement all this? Of course, men are more busy with us: they have work and petty housework. Where are they to us, the breadwinner ... Where is the "influence of modern trends" here? What can you persist in demanding from all the faithful? What to expect from life? The investigation began. To be continued! .. Author: