Sunglasses 2012 In our time, sunscreen, or, like themcalled, sunglasses are worn by everyone: both young people, and older people, and quite elderly. And this is not surprising, because this indispensable summer accessory not only reliably protects our eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but also emphasizes the individuality of each woman. Fashion sunglasses 2016 attract the attention of women of fashion with their variety. In the collections of fashion designers they are presented for every taste: different shapes, sizes and colors. Bright, flirty and stylish, they beckon and attract the attention of the female. Before such a choice it is really very difficult to resist and pass by. Thanks to a wide range of purchases, one, two or more vending models this summer will be able to any woman, whatever her preferences. Undoubtedly, women's sunglasses are a bright and indispensable accessory of the spring-summer season, which can not be resisted by any fashionista. How not to get lost in the presented variety and make the right choice? This issue worries many of our contemporaries who, regardless of the time of the year, always want to look perfect. To fully meet the new fashion season, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the main trends of the fashion of the spring-summer season 2016. fashion sunglasses 2012

Women's glasses of summer 2016: the main trends of fashion

Due to the variety of sizes, shapes and colorsfashion accessories, presented in the collections of modern designers, to pick up sun glasses 2016 will be suitable for any style of clothing. And it will be quite simple to do this, having studied the main fashion trends beforehand.

  • In the collections of famous designers this fashionable andan indispensable attribute of the summer season can be found in a frame of plastic - monochrome bright or dark colors with a geometric print or animal pattern.
  • At the peak of fashion this summer will be women'ssunglasses the size of half a face. As for the shape of the frame, it can be the most diverse: both round and semicircular, and in the form of an elongated rectangle. No less relevant and models that resemble the animal world - seals, chanterelles and butterflies of bright colors.
  • Especially popular this spring and summer will be using fashionable and stylish glasses with a plastic frame and colored lenses, selected "tone-to-tone."
  • Despite the fact that the collection contains many bright models, the frame of white color this summer will be beyond any competition, especially in combination with very dark, almost black glasses.
  • Also, chameleon glasses will also be popular, which, it seems, are not going to surrender their positions.
  • The hottest trend for women's sun protectionglasses of a new fashionable season - frames in the form of hearts, asterisks and other original forms. Such glasses will allow fashionable women to draw everyone's attention to their person, and they will be able to stand out against the background of the general crowd. Therefore, the brighter they will be, the better.
  • Although in the new design collections there is a great variety of different glasses in plastic frames, the favorite of the season will be glasses in metal frames.

sunglasses 2012 As you can see, the choice of sunglasses forThe coming spring-summer season is very wide and varied. Which of them should you give your preference? Whichever model of glasses you choose, you can rest assured that any of them will not only reliably protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun, but in combination with other fashion accessories will accentuate your style and make you unique. We advise you to read: