Different bags are needed, bags are all important You can talk about women's handbags for hours. For us they are necessary accessories, in which there is a place for everything that is necessary for everyday life outside the home. For men - an excuse for jokes and jokes. However, they themselves do not mind using a pack of napkins, manicure scissors or a brush for clothes, which we extracted from the bowels of that handbag. So, forgetting about the ridicule, let's talk about these inalienable attributes. First, they are different. Some are designed to "go out into the light." As a rule, these are small models, slightly larger in size . Under the same category get clutches and socalled "theatrical" models, decorated with embroidery, paillettes or beads. Since they do not differ in size, a small purse or even a credit card, keys, phone is placed inside and, at best, there is a place for lipstick. The second type of bags of the fair sex use "both in the feast and in the world." Typically, these accessories are quite capacious so that you can put a purse, makeup bag, comb, notebook, book or netbook, paper and wet napkins. In the bag of a mother who left the house with a small child, there is a place for a couple of toys, a replacement diaper, a bottle of water and a packet of cookies. The third category - . Most often they have a rigid frame, so thatThe papers were wrinkled, the size of them allows you to place an A4 format folder inside. At the same time, they are provided with offices for telephone, writing supplies, business cards and a laptop. Addition to the pens usually becomes a strap so that you can carry the bag over your shoulder. Models for business ladies are made of high quality materials, decorated with embossing. The color scheme here is most often used black-and-brown, but sometimes you can see models of red color. As a rule, blue and green shades for such bags do not use. And finally, travel bags. It can be a set consisting of a suitcase on wheels and a small coffer that is fixed on the handle, for which the whole "design" can be easily moved, made in a single style from one material. Many women choose elegant valise bags with inner pockets, where they fit easily and documents. Things in these bags will not crash, so on the trip you can take your favorite dresses and blouses. A women's bag is a necessary thing. Maybe not always practical, but without it many women consider their image not complete.