Jewelery with precious stones Jewelery with precious and semipreciousstones can be an excellent addition to any image, but their ability to influence the condition and destiny of a person makes it necessary to select stones with extreme caution. The fact is that wrong choice of a stone can bring misfortune to its owner, and vice versa, by choosing a suitable jewelry insert, you can improve the course of your life and bring a lot of pleasant moments to it. One of the most popular is the distribution of stones according to the signs of the Zodiac, according to which , for example, differ from Aries stones, since they affect the representatives of these or any other signs in different ways.

Dependence of stones on the sign of the Zodiac

Zodiac Constellations and Precious Stonesare interrelated things, because wearing a "one's own" stone brings a benefit to the owner of such jewelry in the form of happiness, prosperity, love and luck. Awareness of this relationship has come to people in antiquity. Even before the beginning of our era in written sources of ancient Egypt, the correspondence of stones to the signs of the Zodiac is mentioned. Although in those days such knowledge could only get the richest people who have the opportunity to turn to astrologers. Fortunately, any modern person can easily find the complete information collected by specialists of this field for many hundreds and even thousands of years.

How to choose the right stone?

To make the right choice in the modern variety of precious and semiprecious stones, it is necessary to determine which minerals are suitable for a particular sign, for example, if your sign - , Libra, etc., and then study their properties and characteristics in detail. It happens that a stone is very like, but in the list of recommended it was not. In this case, you can still afford to wear it, unless it is contraindicated on a horoscope. All this happens because the "own" stone will show its inherent favorable properties especially strongly, while the contra-indicated jewelry insert will lead to a conflict between the sign of the Zodiac and its characteristics with the precious stone. The consequences of such a confrontation can be quite deplorable, reducing the amount of vitality in a person and attracting negative situations that worsen his condition. For this reason, more and more people around the world are eager to choose jewelry with due attention, placing emphasis on their compliance with the zodiacal constellation in which they were born.