knots for ties If you like wearing ties and at the same timelook elegant and elegant, try to tie a tie is not a traditional way, and knot eldridge. This method is one of the most chic, elegant and original, so it always attracts the attention of others. That's why it will suit people bold, stylish and eager to stand out from the crowd, but in any situation and situation look well-groomed and elegant. It is also remarkable that this way of tying a tie is suitable for both men and women. A detailed instruction on how to tie a necktie with an Eldridge knot will be found below. knot

Node Eldridge: who will it suit

This type of node is one of the mostelegant and beautiful. Outwardly it resembles a Christmas tree. You can use it in business style, but on the condition that you do not have a very strict dress code at work. This is also an ideal option for those people who have a hard dress code at work, but it does not cover accessories. Tied in this way, the accessory will bring a raisin and variety to the image of a business person, after all business suits are usually sewed from fabrics of restrained colors. If the office style does not allow such frills, then the Eldridge knot is an excellent option for a corporate party or any celebration, including your own wedding! If you are going to a celebration, do not forget that it is the main "highlight" of your outfit and try not to overload the image with other details that can "kill" it. Tie the tie in this way is better monophonic and, preferably, made of natural silk. A bright coloring will distract attention from the site itself, and after all, all the chic is in it. As it was said, this option is perfect for both men and women. Moreover, he will give a woman a chic, emphasize an elegant long neck and soften the image of a strict business lady, emphasizing femininity. Women also can experiment, using for this purpose not a tie, but a silk scarf: it can also turn out very exquisitely. neckties

Step-by-step execution instruction

At first glance, it may seem that tyingtie knot eldridge difficult, but if you follow the step by step instructions, you will definitely succeed! The main thing is not to rush and follow the recommendations exactly. If suddenly something does not work out for you, do not worry, it's a whole art. Detailed instructions:

  • Choose the right tie: monochrome coloring and made from natural silk. In this case, the color can be both calm and bright: the main thing is that there is no drawing.
  • Hang it around your neck, as usual.
  • Place the wide end of the tie at the height you need.
  • Cross wide and narrow ends.
  • Pass the narrow part downwards behind the wide one. You should get a loop.
  • Pass the narrow part through this loop and tighten the knot so that the end of the tie is "looking" to the side.
  • Now narrow the narrow end with the main node in a horizontal position and thread through the loop in the direction away from yourself.
  • Again tighten the knot, while the narrow part should be in the direction down and to the side.
  • Around the wide end, tie another knot, tightened in a direction to the side and up.
  • Spend a narrow section around the "neck".
  • Circle the tie around the "neck". In this case, again, a loop should form.
  • Thread the tie into this loop in the opposite direction and down.
  • Now draw the narrow end from the front and thread into the loop.
  • Tighten the knot and hide the narrow end.
  • Step-by-step instruction allows you to quickly masterthis method. It will be even easier for you if you follow two rules. First, the tie that you want to tie in this way should be quite long. And secondly, the most important - immediately align the length of the wide end as you will wear it. Since all manipulations will be carried out with a narrow part, the length of the wide part will remain unchanged. So you do not have to redo everything anew, if you suddenly notice that the basic length of the tie you ultimately does not suit.