The best decorations for the New Year 2013 No matter how original the surprise was, ornamentsfor any girl, they are always the most desired gift. In our review you will find out about the most actual present for the upcoming holidays. According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2016 is dedicated to the Serpent. A shrewd gift giver knows that getting a small souvenir associated with this symbol will be pleasant for every woman. It will not be an ordinary present, but a real talisman, bringing good luck. Danish company prepared for the meeting of the upcoming festivities,releasing the Reptillian collection. Ornaments bear the name of one of the snake species, be it the Phytonia bracelet ("Python"), the Anaconda necklace ("Anaconda") or the Nerodia ring ("Nerodia"). Each of the decorations of the brand is created manually from a unique alloy of copper and zinc - brass - and passes up to 40 stages of processing, which makes it resistant to scratches and tarnishing. In the brilliance of Bengal lights and New Year's garlands in the Reptillian theme items, every girl will feel special. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 French Brand fully justifies its name, creatingmasterpieces from what nature presents to us: volcanic stone, wood, shells, coconut, raffia fibers, palm bark boldly adjoins pearls, turquoise, rock crystal, moon stone, jade, quartz and other gems. Get amazing combinations, such as in the ring from the collection of Tamarine, in which the agate passes all the nuances of the snake skin pattern. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 Masters of Franck Herval share the view of theircolleagues Nature Bijoux to the fact that the inspiration in the design gives us the world around us. However, their wonderful fantasies do not stop there. Bold design, unusual colors and materials such as tapes, tin, Hovlite, a variety of Indian, Italian, Chinese glass - the Franck Herval universe. Products of this brand are created in the French style "l'art de vivre". The necklace and ring from the Sauvage collection are made from natural materials: snake skin, fish scales, skin of the stingray and coral. An additional piquancy is given to them by Swarovski crystals. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 The color scheme of the New Year 2016 is strict and at the same timeTime is aristocratic - this is the time of the black water Snake. The shades of the night will be the most in demand for decorations for the holidays. The Charming collection of the Danish company Pilgrim will appeal to those who like to experiment with accessories. It included bracelets and attachments to them, striking a variety of decor, including in the range of "Noir". Ornaments can be modeled on their own and transformed even every day, getting a new bow that matches the emotions, situation and moment of life. Without a doubt, Charming bracelets will create a truly New Year mood. It should be noted that each Pilgrim product is a hand made in the current Scandinavian design. Among the lovers of this brand are the most beautiful women of the planet: the face of the brand in different years was Liv Tyler, Emmanuelle Bear, as well as the famous Danish top model Helena Christensen. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 Black color - can never spoil the outfitlady. This is sure Franck Herval, as evidenced by their collection Pretty Lady. In these ornaments a very original combination of materials: satin ribbon, buffalo horns, onyx, leather and rare astrophyllite. This mineral with a beautiful effect of "asterism" has only 3 deposits in the world: Norway, Greenland and the Kola Peninsula, so the decorations from it are already unique. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 All the riddles and magic that hides in itselfblack color, opens the Dutch company Zsiska. In Whimsical decorations, whimsical shapes, like flowing smoke, create a magical effect. A unique translucent rubber, from which all the decorations of this brand are made, gives the drawings a volume, as if you are looking through the glass on a 3D image. In the collection Twist it seems that the sun's rays and the warmth of summer, which you dream of snowy winter, are enclosed in rings or pendants. An important feature of all Zsiska products - they can be worn in the heat and in the frost, they do not get in touch with water and with various hard surfaces. And, finally, the Symbols collection is a real collection of talismans, each of which will bring happiness in the New Year. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 Its options in the style of lady in black offers andcompany Nature Bijoux in the collection of Moonshine. The ornaments are made of the diver and the sea shell "Nautilus", as well as the Dyrberg Kern brand in Vintage products. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 Classics never lose. That's why each of Pinta's silver jewelry can be an excellent gift. Semiprecious stones: smoky, pink, lemon and green quartz, blue topaz, chrysolite, rock crystal, hematite, onyx, green amethyst, lapis, as well as pearls - create jewelry pictures that amaze with their diversity. These elegant ornaments are suitable for any holiday, but especially they are good for the upcoming 2013 year. The best decorations for the New Year 2013 Dyrberg / Kern, Nature Bijoux, Franck Herval, Pilgrim, Zsiska and silver jewelery from Pinta can be found at the online store