Summer games for kids Summer has come and we are taking the children out of the country -away from gassed air and asphalt. In nature, they will be at ease, and the unaccustomed situation is capable of constantly provoking curiosity. In the summer, not only the way of life of the whole family changes, but also entertainment. We often go on picnics and to ponds to cool a little in hot weather. The child will be even more interested in participating in these activities if he can take with him the suitable toys. For example, LEGO® DUPLO® offers a set of "Funny Picnic", "Merry Ice Cream" and "Boat for Toddlers". With these sets, the child can create his own original dishes for a picnic, while his parents cut salads and place on the cover plates with light snacks. Often we can see how children experiment with food, combining the most incompatible products. The kid will like to build multi-layer burgers of bright details depicting a cutlet, bread and onions, which can be poured with ketchup. No less interesting to your child will create fruit salads, looking at the slices of apples, pears or oranges. The lid of the box easily turns into a convenient tray. Lego Duplo In hot weather we want at least a littleCool, and if there is no river or lake nearby, you have to be content with ice cream. However, many parents are afraid to give their children this delicious summer treat, fearing the health of the kids. The way out of the situation can be a toy ice cream, the colored balls of which can be placed in "waffle" horns and adorn with mouth-watering fillings. And, of course, there is nothing to replace water games with floating toys. Kids from one and a half to three years will be very fun to let them through the waves of the river, the sea or the pool. And if they resemble a boat or a boat, the opportunity to put "passengers" in boats creates unlimited possibilities for imagination.