children's mini games Thanks to modern achievements in science andtechnology, kids with diapers have the opportunity to explore the world without leaving home. Therefore, do not make the most common mistake of parents - to limit the child, allowing to spend at the computer only ten to fifteen minutes a day. Of course, it all depends on the age of the baby. But on average a day, he can sit at the monitor at least three or four times. In this case, you should clearly monitor what your child is doing, so as not to harm his psyche. Bloody wars and aggressive battles are unacceptable for minors.

Types of computer games for children

To date, there is such an amounta variety of genres of children's games, that sometimes it is difficult for parents to choose a specific option. To make it easier to understand what to download, buy and install on a computer, first determine the purpose. Think about what is most important for you - to distract the kid, to help develop some specific skill or to teach him something new.

  • Adventures This category of mini gamesis a kind of cartoon in which children periodically take part. The main goal is to develop savvy and logical thinking. It is worth pointing out that the older the player, the harder the levels and tasks. Therefore, choose a specific option should be based on the age of the baby.
  • Simulators Such a toy allows you to relax,relax and have a good time. But, unfortunately, it does not bring benefits. A simulator is an imitation of a vehicle (a motorcycle, an airplane, a car). The main goal is to deliver the goods or to get there without damage from point A to point B. Usually a traffic violation is allowed, which is already bad initially. The little man does not yet understand that this is just a game, and he takes everything quite seriously.
  • Logical Find scattered items, composefrom the letters of the sentence, to solve the crossword - such mini games are considered the most useful. They are recommended to be used from three to four years, when the kid already understands the meaning of many words. The first time you need to sit next to the player to prompt or help with the solution of the problem. In the future, when a child understands the principles and rules, he himself perfectly copes with any level.
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    Why do we need computer toys?

    • They help to develop perseverance

    No other occupation can make you sitin one position for two hours without interruption. However, you still need to control the time allotted. After half an hour, ask the kid to help you around the house (clean in the room, wash the dishes, water the flowers), so he distracted and warmed up.

    • They develop

    Baby mini-games developed in accordance withinternational norms and requirements, help to fantasize, develop logical thinking, learn to read and count. In this case, parents do not have to stand with a strap over the child, so that the kid wants to learn the multiplication table. In the process of passing the levels, he will have to be smart, performing simple, but quite fascinating tasks.

    What computer toys to choose a child?

    Children's toys are divided not only by age, butand by gender. For girls and boys, completely different subjects are being developed. The male sex is offered more serious and complex tasks, the future ladies are more often offered to develop a sense of taste.

    • Toys for sons

    Boys will be much more fun to play minigames where you need to pass levels, jump, run, fly. Children's shooters and sports tournaments should not contain bloody scenes, deaths, etc. Ideal when you need to get from a gun in the usual target, and not in the enemy.

    • Toys for daughters

    Very small (up to 6 years) it is more interesting to play withdolls - to dress them, paint them, make them different hairstyles. The older children will have to taste the children's games, in which there are prototypes of their idols. The only thing you should follow in this case is that in the story, developed even for adult girls, there was no sexual underlying reason. children's mini games play

    Instruction for parents

    In order for the game to be really useful, it is important to follow several rules.

  • Check the content Before you allowchild to play computer games, try yourself to go through several levels. So you find out whether the program is really intended for little girls and boys, whether there is no banned advertising or spam. An important role in this case is played by the maturity of the children and the complexity of the plot. If the task can not even be performed by an adult person, the child will certainly not be able to do it. This can cause aggression, apathy or even a nervous breakdown.
  • Check the duration of each mission. Play intoys for girls, where you need to dress up a doll for a date, the baby will not be able to do it for a long time. Boys are very special, so distracting them from the computer will be much more difficult. Therefore, developers are trying to create versions where all missions would take no more than fifteen minutes to complete.
  • Buying this or that product, be sureget acquainted with the annotation. Check who is the publisher of the mini-game, whether it is approved by the state. Best of all, if the creators involved not only programmers, but also children's psychologists. This is usually written on the back of the package.