gift to a child for 10 years Ten years is a turning point in the lives of children. It is at this age that a child ceases to be interested in ordinary toys (the girl is a doll, the boy is a designer and a typewriter), but she does not find a new hobby. Therefore, it is very important to be serious about the choice of a gift for your child. Today, you give it to your birthday just as chess, camera or encyclopedia about animals. Perhaps, by doing this, you will help determine the choice of a hobby or even a future profession in the future.

Universal gift

There is a category of things that you can givechildren, regardless of gender. In this case, the value of the thing plays a dominant role, and its value. Remember, it is not necessary to buy very expensive presents. The main thing is that the gift should come in handy even in the distant future. Spend large sums only when the kid can not do without something, and you easily allow yourself to buy it. Expensive things

  • The tablet

First you need to find out why you need itschoolboy tablet. If he plans to play on the changes (or rather, in the classroom) and watch movies, then it makes no sense to buy such an expensive device. Without this device you can not do it when the baby is constantly traveling. He can call you via Skype, send an email or just read a book on the train.

  • Mobile phone

This, perhaps, is the best gift. A child of 10 years old and he after school constantly linger with friends? You can always call him to find out what he does. At a younger age the schoolboy does not yet realize the value of things, therefore he treats them casually. It's unlikely that you want your entire class to be mobile. As for the value of the gift, it is better to choose from the average price category. Too simple apparatus - it's not prestigious, too expensive - it's too early. After all, the main function of the phone is to call. Video, music, games and other entertainment - a secondary.

  • A computer

The first two years of schoolchildren are taught to write by hand. But in the senior classes teachers no longer accept abstracts and some works in writing. They demand that everything be printed. If you do not want a child to bring deuces, just now buy him a computer or a laptop. Those who are afraid that their children will play too much, it is worth choosing weak devices. The main thing is to run office programs there. And on some Internet sites you can put a lock.

  • Camera

A professional camera, unfortunately, is worthnot cheap. But if you want the kid to take pictures, you have to spend a little. But the usual soap box is not worth buying. After a month or two, this gift will be lying on the far shelf in the closet.

  • Music player

Buying this gift, you should count onthat a schoolboy simply can lose it or break it. Therefore, do not choose trendy options. It is enough that the player read the most common formats, and its battery would hold at least 8 hours.

  • Sports accessories

Roller skates, skate, bicycle, badminton,volleyball - all this has a beneficial effect on the child's body. Your baby must have sports equipment. If the student is always sitting behind the lessons or at the computer, then he may have problems with posture. Inexpensive things

  • Board games

A child can be pleased by giving him a monopoly,chess, drafts and other developing children's games. If the student does not show much excitement, try to take part in the competition. Be sure to succumb, but only so that the baby does not feel it.

  • Book

Various encyclopedias, adventure novels,magazines and comics - all this is interesting for children at such a young age. Just do not buy books from the school curriculum or textbooks. Choosing a gift, rely on the tastes of your child. What you were interested in in 10 years, he may not like.

  • Musical instruments

Guitar, piano, violin - it's time for your childlearn to play not only on the nerves of parents. However, do not immediately buy new or professional tools. Must pass at least six months or a year before you decide to take such a step. Otherwise your family will acquire another unnecessary thing that will occupy a place in the apartment. And, of course, writing a child to a music school is necessary only with his consent.

  • Pets

It is foolish to hope that the child will be constantlyclean and care for the pet. Therefore, choose non-selective parrots, fish or hamsters. Of course, beforehand make sure that the baby is not allergic to wool or excrement. gifts for children 10 years old

Gift for daughter

Do you want your daughter to be twentyfeminine and had an excellent taste. Begin to teach her all the girlish tricks now. Buy exquisite things that will help emphasize the individuality of the baby. After all, queens are not born, they become.

  • Diary for a girl

At this age, children do not always share theirthoughts with parents and friends, because they are afraid to be misunderstood. Having at hand a beautifully designed diary, specially made for girls, your daughter will be able to express everything on paper. But remember, you have no right to look in the record!

  • Accessories

Earrings, chain, barrette, watch, bracelet - allthis will help feel more mature and independent. But choose not too massive and catchy accessories, as they can hurt the baby. In addition, not all schools allow you to go with decorations.

  • Cosmetics

Children tend to imitate their parents. Therefore, if you do not want to once again find a spoiled blush, shadow and mascara, give the girl a set of cosmetics. It includes hygienic lipstick, lip gloss, hand cream, foam, mousse. In general, everything is the same as that of my mother, only from natural ingredients.

  • Handbag

The daughter must go to school only with a speciala briefcase or a backpack. But for walks with friends she will need a small, but a capacious handbag. It should contain keys, a mirror, a mobile phone, wet wipes. If all this is difficult to tamp down, this thing will not last long.

  • Perfume

It is necessary to accustom the child to spirits with suchage. In this case, you should not spare money for quality products. Also it is not recommended to allow to use mother's perfumes. Remember, for each age, manufacturers release their own smells.

  • Certificate in the beauty salon

Never cut your hair to your baby, if youDo not work as a hairdresser. Let her daughter visit the beauty salon, where the stylist will choose the most suitable hairdo. Do not impose your opinion. If the schoolgirl wants to walk with short hair, do not dissuade her from this venture.

Gift for son

In our time, it is quite difficult somethingto surprise a modern child. If you think that your son has everything, give him an inexpensive, but original gift. In this case, be sure to keep in mind that boys like things that their friends can use.

  • Ticket for a sports game

Your son is fond of football, basketball orhockey? Give him a hike to the stadium. Pay attention, buy at least 3 tickets. One for an adult (accompanying) and one for a friend who will be your son's company. Otherwise, he may just not be interested.

  • Machine, flying saucer or helicopter on the control panel

Such toys, which can be operated ondistance, are interesting not only for children, but also for adult parents. Therefore, having presented a present, try to contain your feelings and emotions. First, the son must play enough, that's why he's already dad. But not the other way around. Otherwise, the child may be offended.

  • Sets of the young master

Boys really like to make something,to invent, create. If your son has a penchant for carpentry, repair or construction work, give him a set. Usually they have safe accessories that can be used without harm to health.

  • Popcorn machine

Your child has a bunch of friends who all the timeare they sitting in his room? Then buy your son a machine for making popcorn. Believe me, it will be used more than one year. It takes up a little space, so you can freely put it in the nursery.

  • Punching bag

After a hard school day, it is very useful to drivehis anger is not on classmates or households, but on the pear. When choosing a device, pay attention to the dimensions, filling, weight. Also, do not forget about boxing gloves if you do not want to see the fisted son's fists. gift for a child of 10 years

What not to give to children for their birthday

There is a separate category of objects and things,which in no case can not be given to a child. For example, you can not give him big money. He can dispose of them as he likes: treat friends, buy trinkets. You will find his decision wrong, because of what there will be a scandal. Also, do not buy clothes. Sweater, dress, panties, socks pants - it's good, but the kid is unlikely to be happy. This includes also school supplies. If you want to buy a new backpack or a pencil case, do not say it's a gift. Means of personal hygiene are prohibited. Soap, shampoo, washcloth, shower gel is a matter of course. It's unlikely that you want to be given a detergent and detergent for your birthday.

How to choose a gift for a child

On the eve of your birthday, go with the baby toshops. Look at what things he often stops, and by which passes, without glancing. Unobtrusively ask what he wants to get. Also you can list things by saying that he should stop at some of them. The final decision, of course, is yours.