styling for long hair Long hair is always beautiful and feminine. However, many ladies refuse from natural beauty because of the heavy, in their opinion, care for such a hairdo. And completely in vain - you just need to get used to and give your hair a little time every day. And a variety of hairstyles will help you to always look impressive and be different every day.

We stack with a hair dryer

With a hair dryer, you can not only dry your hair quickly, but also put them in the desired direction. To the fen still need a round brush (large) and you can proceed:

  • First, just a little drying the hair along the entire length, combing them;
  • Now the comb lifts the hair from the roots and directs the jet of air to the roots - we do this procedure over the entire head, stranding the strand;
  • Now from the tips wind each strand on the brush and dry it;
  • After that, just comb all the locks of an ordinary comb with sparse teeth - just loosen them a little;
  • If you use a round narrow comb, you will get small curls, the truth and time will spend much more.

Well, now improvise and create stylishand fashionable hairstyles, starting from the already wound hair. You can just staple the hair from behind at the back of the head and let a few ringlets in ahead, you can make a gorgeous lush tail of curly-haired girls on the top of your head - just a couple of ringlets let out on your temples and neck. And this is only two options, and hairdo can come up with completely different - from the easily stuck behind the chain to the breathtaking waves along the entire length, decorated with ribbons. styling of long hair

How to make a comb

It only seems that the hair is old-fashioned andfunny, but in fact, hairstyles with a fleece may well be stylish, and fashionable, and even creative. The main thing is to know how such a styling is done for long hair.

  • First, wash the head with shampoo and balm - locks should not be confused, namely, combing;
  • Now we begin with the back of the head - we lifted the strand and began to "thicken" the hair from the roots and further, moving along the entire strand;
  • Leave the band of bangs and tops intact, then it will be easier to form the whole image;
  • It is better to leave the fleece only on half of the strands (along the length), then you can put the strands on your back, neck and shoulders. It will be something like a waterfall - a "bubbling stream" at the top and flowing "jets" down.

Note that this styling on long hairit is necessarily done with the help of fixing agents - for example, lacquer, foam or mousse. After you return home, immediately bring your hair in order - wash your head with shampoo, treat it with a balm and carefully comb it. Do not dry them with a hairdryer - regret your hair, let your hair rest and often do not terrorize them with hot air, because such hairstyles negatively affect the structure and appearance of your curls.

Festive option

Styling for long hair for a solemnThe case involves the use of a large number of means of laying, the availability of free time and patience. But believe me, the result will not disappoint you. So:

  • Divide the hair into an oblique parting, but only in the bangs and tops - carefully comb them and fix them well with lacquer;
  • Now we take the remaining strands - we divide them into equal parts from the back and twirl the coins over our ears;
  • Now we let out a strand from each coin and one of the bangs (from the temple);
  • We transform free hair into soft curls with the help of forceps.

This is only at first glance the process is complex,in fact, such hairstyles are done literally in half an hour. Festive laying on a long hair, always involves the use of fixing means - in the proposed version you will need to make a perfectly smooth zone of bangs and crowns. But dulki, which are very fashionable in this season, you do not need to fix - just chop their hairpins and slightly fluff.

Extravagant version

If you are going to a party, you want to look not just beautiful, but shocking and extravagant, then try to do the following:

  • First, divide all the hair into three equal parts - from the forehead, on the vertex and below (neck-neck);
  • Now we collect the tails - in order. Tails must be tight and well fixed with elastic bands;
  • We take the first tail, make a loop of hair and stretch it through the elastic, but do not stretch it completely, but stop somewhere in the middle - something like a cock's tail will turn out;
  • This procedure is done with all three tails.

Here also look, that at you it has turned out -just a cosmic image, ultramodern. Now all this should be filled with varnish, you can decorate with sequins, rhinestones and even feathers - it all depends on your desire and the theme of the party. This styling, explosive and severe at the same time, affects the long hair negatively - too tightly, too much fixation and sequins. Haircuts, of course, you can do different, but stick to only one rule - everything should be appropriate. laying on long hair


Nothing can be strange and complicated here -an ordinary braid, and with such a styling on long hair there will not be any trouble at all, and beauty is provided! You can simply braid an ordinary scythe and wrap it in a fray, or you can start to braid it from a bang and move along the circumference, going down all along - so you get a styling that makes a real work of art out of long hair. You can divide your hair into an even parting and braid two braids - such school, the most ordinary. But at the same time, pull a few strands in front and at the sides - leave them straight and see how stylish, strict and fashionable you look. Hairstyles with braids have long become a tradition and a classic - you can encircle the oblique head circumference or braid a few braids and then reduce them to one tail. In general, if you deal with styling for long hair, you can come up with so many different options, so broadly improvise and fantasize that many others will just be in admiration and delight. Just remember - haircuts can be, of course, very different, but the first thing you should take care of - healthy and shiny curls. Therefore, caring for your hair is not only the creation of packings, which for the long hair is simply countless, but also in the proper washing and application of masks for strengthening, moisturizing and growing. Knowing how beautifully to lay long hair, you can look every day differently, create images yourself and be always original, fashionable and stylish. We advise you to read: