how beautifully to pin a bang There is no girl in the world who at least oncein her life she did not cut her hair. A new, unusual haircut is sometimes the best way to cheer up, distract from life's problems or simply change the habitual and already podnadoevshy appearance. But time goes by, hair grows, and the problem of how to beautifully pin a bang becomes urgent. And anyway, even an ideal bang sometimes irritates, hinders or just does not fit into the look that you decided to try on today. In such cases, you immediately want to somehow remove it, as they say, out of sight, but to do it beautifully and correctly.

How beautiful and simple to stab a short bang

The simplest way to deal with a naughtybangs - pretend that your hair is still long. To do this, you need to collect a short bang in the tail, turning back its tips and fixing them with an invisible, and the bulk of the hair to collect, for example, in the high tail. Or leave it loose. No less simple and effective way - to pick up the top of the strands, capturing the bangs, in the high tail. Very good looks such a hairstyle on long hair, and if you also twist the tips outwards - you will get a very impressive hairstyle. You can remove unruly locks on one side, making an oblique parting, smoothly combing the hair on one side and fastening it crosswise or parallel with two hairpins. They can be of any shape and kind, and not necessarily the hairpins should be the same. Variation of this method is to pin the fringe and walk along the edge of the hair, as if lifting and pulling them up. Thus, on the one hand the uncomfortable strand of the bangs will not interfere, but on the other hand it will preserve the volume and will get a nice bend and shape. Lovers of direct selection can be offered the following method - comb the hair on both sides and simply pin the bangs behind the ears, hiding hair clips or invisible under the curls. In general, the bangs with a parting look very feminine, both straight and twisted, especially on long hair. The idea is to create the desired parting - straight, zigzag, on one side, diagonal, - then lay the hair on the bang in the desired way and, of course, make sure that the bang of the bang corresponds to the main one. You can also braid a bang with an ordinary braid, lay it on one side and fix it with an invisible one, or twist it with a tourniquet, it's best when looking at one side. The flagellum is just as accurately pinned by the invisible. You can split a bang into several strands, each twist and stab or back, adorned with cute hairpins or crabs, or a beautiful ornament on one side, fixing each strand with a separate invisible or miniature crab. how to pin a bang

How to stab a growing bang

First, the above methods are applicable to it,and secondly, a long bang can be laid, using many more interesting ways. For example, make a very up-to-date version with a fleece. To do this, you need to separate and comb the bang comb with small denticles from the crown to the forehead, then remove it back, fix it with a small amount of varnish and stab with invisible ones. As a decor, you can add a cute hair clip or hair clip. As an optional accessory, you can use a bezel or ribbon. Still it is possible to try to make a bang too with a nap, but on one side. In this variation, the hair is brushed to a small volume and stacked with a slant to the right or left. The rim and ribbon can be used not only as a decorative addition to the hairstyle, but also for a variety of very convenient ways to diversify the ways of stamping the bangs. You can remove the bangs back under the rim or ribbon, smoothing the hair or leaving the volume, you can comb the bangs on one side, fix it with varnish or mousse and press it with a rim, putting it below the hair growth line; it looks vintage and refers to the dashing 30th, Chicago and jazz. Especially if the rim or ribbon is decorated with a large decorative flower. You can curl your hair, make a direct parting and put on a hoop or thin ribbon just above the hairline, this will give your appearance an elusive similarity to the Greek nymph. Continuing the theme of the rim, you can not tell how to pin bangs in another interesting way - comb the hair on one side and put on the rim as if from above, almost on the crown, with this option, the bangs fall very beautiful wave. The same method can be used with a textile tape or, for example, a scarf. It should only be taken into account that, as a rule, they are wider than the rim. But the bangs can both be removed under the tape, and combed on one side, laying it by the ear. If you have the opportunity to spend a little more time, help comes to braids. The braids are generally an excellent answer to the question of how to pin a bang without invisible. You can weave a bang into an elegant French braid: start from the base of the bangs and lower the weave along the front edge of the hair. It looks elegant, does not require additional decorations, it may take only a little practice to get a more accurate result. With the proper skill, even a fairly short bang can hide in this version of the braids. Instead of the French spit, you can try Dutch - this is the braid of the French spit on the contrary. It does not wrap itself inside and then goes down, as it does with the French braid, but instead rises up above the surface of the hair. It looks good on long curls. It can be weave from the forehead at different angles. For example, you can take it as if obliquely and then put it in a low tail. You can use the usual simple braid. Weave from the ear along the line of hair growth to the other ear, grabbing the "bangs" along the way, properly fasten and gently walk along one side of the braid, pulling out the strands a little - so habitual spit will get a rather unexpected look. The usual weaving can also be used in thin plaits from ear to ear; Three or more of these braids, in which you need to tuck into a bangs unnoticed, look very festive and unusual, especially if you fix them over the ears with invisible hair color. Instead of braid of three strands, you can always master more complex braids. You just need to practice, and the result can pleasantly surprise you and others. Scythe-ropes, braids of four or more strands, spikelets, tightly and freely braided, pinned behind the ear or coming down the line of hair, fixed with one invisible or elastic band in the tone of the hair - all this variety of options for every day. If desired, every day for a sufficiently long time you can pin the bang in different ways. There would be a desire, and then problems with how to pin a bangs, you will never arise.