How to get dressed for a date in the spring? What to wear in the spring, going on a date? Undoubtedly, it must be something gentle, feminine, romantic. In the spring - summer season in the fashion dresses of paraded silhouettes. They can be of different lengths, from mini to maxi. A short dress is advised to choose with a narrow bottom, and for a long one, it will look good lush, flared skirts. A huge selection of fashionable women's clothes for the spring - summer season you can order yourself through the catalog . As for the colors, this season's favorites- white, beige and black. Also in vogue animal prints, especially the leopard, a floral theme. Very popular lace, guipure inserts, frills, translucent fabrics. Do not forget about the accessories! Sometimes, they can make an absolutely boring image super-fashionable and sexy. This season, in the fashion big glasses, as well as glasses in the style of "cat's eye." In summer, complete the monophonic outfit with a bright belt, it can be of medium width, or very narrow. Another fashion trend is large jewelry. Many fashionable ideas of dresses you can "peep" in the spring - summer collection Dolce & Gabbana. We present them to your attention: How to get dressed for a date in the spring? How to get dressed for a date in the spring? We advise you to read: