1 Although congestion in the pelvic organsand does not represent a mortal threat, but is not at all beneficial to women's health. What if there is no suitable candidate for your hand, heart and bed next? In this case, the following exercises will help to avoid menstrual pain:

1. Lifting the case

This exercise will help the abdominal muscles alwaysbe in good tonus and be elastic. Sit on the floor, knees slightly bend, straighten your back. Hands can be crossed on the chest, or straightened in front of you to maintain balance. Slowly bend back until the distance between the floor and shoulders is reduced to a few centimeters. Fix this position briefly, and then slowly return to the sitting position. This exercise is repeated at least 10 times in a row.

2. Pelvic movement

Stand up straight, bend your knees and place your feet a little. Put your hands on your hips and, rocking your hips, make about 10-15 movements forward and backward.

3. Wiggle your hips

In carrying out this exercise, it is important that the upper body remains stationary. Fix it, or describe the hips of the eight, or alternately raise the hips up and down a clear movement.

4. Maintain a balance

Spread a mat (or towel) on the floor andFace it down. Lean on the arms bent at the elbows. Accept the position that you are pushing. Pull yourself into the belly, the weight of the body must be on the forearms and toes. Your body in this position should be like a straight, thin string. After fixing this position for 10 seconds, return to the starting position. Within a few days, increase the time to 30 seconds.

5. Twisting lying

Lying on your back, put your hands over your head anddilute elbows to the sides. Do the exercise alternately, connecting the right knee with the left elbow at the exit, and vice versa, the left knee with the right elbow. A free leg is "hanging" in the air.

6. Massage

Massage of the uterus helps to strengthen the blood flow and removespasms. Lying on the bed (or floor), bend your knees. Place the palm of the right hand on the left side of the abdomen, the palm of the left hand on top of the right hand. Pushing the palms of your belly, make circular motions with the fingers of both hands. Moving your hands slowly upwards: first on the right side of the abdomen, then under the ribs and along them and back down and across the lower abdomen (just above the border of pubic hair growth). We advise you to read: