how to reduce calves According to the modern canons of beauty, a womanshould be graceful thin legs with thin calves. Therefore, if the representative of the fair sex pumped muscles or excess fat, it should from such "wealth" as quickly as possible get rid of. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to purchase coveted forms without the help of plastic surgeons. Training alone does not always bring the desired results. And many girls often stop halfway. Especially if within one or two months they have nothing. In fact, you need to show maximum effort and patience, so that after six months or a year to realize your dream.

Diets: will hunger help get rid of problems

To begin with, it should be understood that refusing foodnever led to anything good. To get on a diet and to exclude from a diet fat, flour, sweet and other pleasures follows only in the event that you have problems with weight. Completely thin girls this option, unfortunately, will not help to cope with thick legs. But this does not mean that you can go into all serious and have fried french fries with pizza, washing it all down with sweet soda. A healthy lifestyle has never harmed anyone. how to reduce calves on legs

We go to training

To reduce the eggs and not walk at the same time withskewed skin on the legs, you need not only to eat properly, but at least twice a week to play sports. However, not all types of exercise are equally useful. In some cases, you can even greatly increase the volume of calves.

  • Yoga

About the magic properties of yogaThe fair sex is known for a long time. This sport is less traumatic and painful. At the same physical loads will be able to girls of any age and physique, and the effectiveness of the training remains at a fairly high level. Most exercises are designed in such a way that students can quickly lose weight, without experiencing much discomfort. People who prefer yoga, improve metabolism and burn excess fat. By the way, if a girl has only one problem - fat calves on her legs, the teacher can increase the load on this part of the body. As a result of constant training, women acquire an ideal figure, excellent proportions, flexibility and elasticity. But, in order to achieve high results, it is also necessary to eat right. You can explain what you can eat before and after classes, based on your weight and body build.

  • Pilates

Joseph Pilates is the founder of the newThe direction in which there are elements of sport acrobatics, yoga, diving, boxing, etc. The main task that the inventor set for himself is the improvement of the state as a whole. Therefore, if you do Pilates, you will not only decrease calves (as a result of stretching), but coordination will improve, joints will no longer ache. All exercises are done in a certain sequence, while the pace of each of them is set by an experienced instructor. Usually, movements are slow and based on proper breathing. But do not forget that you only need to train under the supervision of a specialist. Otherwise you can do much harm yourself.

  • Streching

Have you noticed that in art gymnasts anddancers are almost always thin calves on their feet? The fact is that these girls constantly perform stretching exercises, resulting in the muscles becoming more elastic and tightened. Of course, no one forces you to engage in such heavy sports, as for some, such loads are even dangerous. It is better to choose a more gentle option - stretching, which can go even elderly and having health problems.

  • Step aerobics

The main advantage of step-aerobics isthat girls have the opportunity to study not only in the fitness club, but also at home. To do this you will need a platform, a couple of weights, a disc with lessons and good mood. Anyone, even the busiest businesswoman, can allocate half an hour for training. However, be careful, because the wrong setting of the legs, uncomfortable shoes and such "trifles" can cause pain in the knees and joints. However, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to reduce the eggs. Beginners are recommended to walk for about two to three months to group lessons in order to learn the principles and learn the basic exercises.

  • Swimming

Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way, asget rid of fat on your legs. But if you do it professionally, you can get a new problem - broad shoulders. Therefore, when buying a season ticket to the pool, be sure to train with the instructor for the first months. By the way, in our time is very popular aqua aerobics, the main task of which is to help people in the fight against excess weight.

  • Training apparatus

This option is completely inappropriate for you. To swing legs with the help of special equipment, whether it be standard bicycles or conventional power trainers, follows only thin girls. If you pumped the muscles in the fitness club, it is better to stop doing such exercises for a while. reduce calves legs

When the sport is not fun

Before training, your legs begin to hurt, andmood falls when one remembers about group activities? So, you need to find for yourself a more interesting way of losing weight. And it is not necessary to go to the halls where dozens of strangers are, if you can do the exercises yourself. So, for example, you can choose Pole-dance and install a pylon at home. Your young man will be incredibly happy to look at the tricks you perform in front of him. Or you can get a rope and jump in the evenings, while neighbors from the bottom are still awake. Also do not forget to do in the morning a fifteen-minute charge. Swinging, stretching, squats and bouncing on your socks - this will be quite enough to keep yourself in shape. Great, if you decide on a daily jog. In extreme cases, you can get an inexpensive treadmill. Thanks to this simulator you will be able to study and watch your favorite movie. Rules of home training

  • Rule one: take care of health

Before you start running, jumping andmake different na, complete a full medical examination. You can train yourself only if you do not find any pathologies and abnormalities. Also do not forget that you can not play sports, if you are very tired, feel a slight malaise. If you lose weight or just had a bite, drank or smoked, then physical activity can do much harm.

  • Rule two: first - warm-up

Do not preheat the muscles beforehand, do not startto perform complex exercises. First five minutes run on the spot, then priesedayte, execute the slopes. Anyone who tries to immediately sit on the twine, will then be tormented by the stretching of the ligaments.

  • Rule three: watch the technique

It is very difficult without the help of a specialist to understand thatthe exercise is not performed correctly. But still try to follow your posture, the setting of the legs, the movements of your hands. By the way, you can contact any coach, so that he has developed a special complex for you and showed you how to deal properly. Do not experiment! Complex tricks and elements should not be performed at home, even if you worked with them in the hall. Doing this without backing and protective devices (mats, platforms, walls), you run the risk not only of health, but of life.

  • Rule five: do it in a uniform

Choose comfortable sports shoes and clothes,made of quality materials. This will help avoid injuries and allergic reactions to the tissue. Since during training you will in any case sweat, be sure to wash your equipment every time.

  • Rule six: everything has its time

Do it two or three times a week,preferably by the hour. The time, place and amount of load must be the same. It is best to devote yourself to sports in the evening (three to four hours before bedtime). In the morning, when your body has not yet woken up, you can perform only the simplest exercises for the legs.

  • Rule seven: Keep a journal

Get a notebook in which you write down everything,than you should deal with in the allotted time. Otherwise, you can simply forget the order, the number of approaches, and the way to perform this or that element. Also do not forget to specify the present volume of legs. Each week, measure the calves and write down how many times you managed to fold. how to reduce the calves of the legs correctly

Exercises for slender legs

Sometimes you do not need to reinvent the wheel,the simple is most effective. Remember what you were taught in the lesson of physical education and try to do it yourself. After all, in any case, it is better to perform five effective exercises than ten, which will not bring any result. Exercise one: for the legs and buttocks. Starting position: the back is completely flat, the feet are spread apart and stand on one line, knees are bent, as if you sat on a chair, hands are located on the hips. At the count of times do a deep and start to spring on your socks. Thirty times in two approaches. This exercise will allow the girls to reduce the calves of the legs, tighten the buttocks and strengthen the joints. Exercise two: for joints and calves. Starting position: feet together, hands on waist. At a rapid pace, start fifty times to rise and fall on toes. Pay attention, the first time after training can hurt your leg muscles and you will be difficult to walk on his heels. It's quite normal. A week later, all the unpleasant sensations will completely pass. Exercise three: lifts on one leg. Starting position: straight body, one leg raised and bent at the knee. Fifteen or twenty times rise to the toe. Just in case, put a chair near you to grab for him, if you lose your balance. To begin with, it is recommended to do at least two approaches. Exercise four: jumps with a rope If you have the opportunity, skip the rope for about five minutes a day, until you get sick of the roe. You can jump on your socks, back to front, on even or bent legs - lots of options. If you do not have such a device at home, you can replace it with an ordinary clothesline. By the way, the usual high jumps will help to cope with the problem well. So, first sit down slightly (as you were taught in school at the lesson of physical education). Imagine that you need to get to the ceiling. Now try to spring as high as you can. Exercise five: stretching Option one: the girl gets on her toes, then lunges forward. Under the knee, an angle of ninety degrees should be formed. The back remains flat. For balance, hands are placed on the hips. In this position, it is necessary to spring for thirty seconds. Then the front leg should move slowly, as if you are trying to sit on a string. After this, you should sit on the leg, which was lunge, and the back - to bend and lift. Great, if you can grab your foot to pull it to your head. Be careful and do not do anything through strength, otherwise the next two to three weeks the muscles on your legs will ache. Please note, if the eggs begin to tingle, it is recommended to reduce the load. Option two: we sit on the floor, feet together. On exhalation - a gradual inclination forward, on an inspiration - we become even. And so ten to twenty times, depending on your physical fitness. Then we try to grab hold of our feet and lie in this position for a minute. We stretch our legs as much as possible. If possible, sit on the cross-twine. Make the slopes to the right, left and middle. We remain in the same position, only the right arm is straightened and we put it on the thigh, and the left one - we stretch it up and try to reach it to the socks. During the rest we press ourselves to the floor of the seconds for forty-fifty. The lower you lie, the better for you. But, naturally, without fanaticism. Exercise Six: sit-ups and mahi with a chair Something similar is done by dancers and ballerinas. Only instead of a chair they have a special device (machine), which serves as a support for their feet. So, turn sideways to the back, throw your foot up. Do squats (forty times), then change the position. After that, go to the mahamas. Hands lean against a chair, stand on your toe, bend your back and lift your high leg (from side to side). All elements are made at a fast pace. But do not forget about your own safety and do exercises carefully, so as not to damage and do not pull the muscles.

Massage and wrapping: pleasure and benefit

Unfortunately, even a professional massage is notrelieve you of fat on your legs. But, if you do it regularly, it will help you to consolidate the result. Plus, you can relax after heavy physical exertion. And your body will not be so sick in the first days of training. As moisturizers, you can use either regular lotions or creams for weight loss. True, whether the latter will have an effect or not is difficult to say. Also you can make wraps, thanks to which, as promised in the spa, it will be easier for you to burn subcutaneous fat on your legs. If health allows, it is recommended that the fair sex is visited several times a month by saunas and baths. Preliminary, of course, should consult with a doctor.

To the legs after training did not hurt

For many, doing sports is a real torture, soas after an hour of training, your feet are buzzing like you walked on your heels for a week. In fact, the eggs should be a little sore, because you made the muscles work. But if for you comfort is above all, then try to observe a number of rules that will make it easier to torment. Of course, you will not be able to completely get rid of unpleasant sensations.

  • When starting classes, do not forget to do warm-up and stretching. Do the same after training.
  • Once you return home, take a hotbath or shower. If possible, wash your feet with warm water in the fitness club. In some sports establishments there are special massage jigs.
  • The next day immediately after awakening,Avoiding pain and tingling, take a little exercise. By stretching the muscles, you will bring them into a tone, so you can walk normally. If you do not, then go down and climb the stairs without sighs and tears, it is unlikely to succeed.

In an extreme case, when the pain is unbearable to endure,drink an anesthetic. And, of course, consult a doctor. Perhaps these are the symptoms that you have hurt something in the class. You can not delay a visit to a specialist if the joints, knees or when the temperature rises. We advise you to read: