Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors Do traditional shades of winter always have tobe dark? But you can also establish new, more vivid traditions, in order to add a rosy mood in the cold season. Therefore, we turn to fashion designers and their proposals this season.


Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors Do not lose their relevance golden andsilvery shades, especially the second, because 2011 is the continuation of the theme of 2010, when the White Metal Rabbit comes to replace the Tiger. So the silver dress will be the most correct decision for a festive evening, and some silvery things will bring you luck throughout the year.

Blue colour

Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors This is, without a doubt, a classic. After all, he is almost always in fashion. He is loved by most people. Only there is one "but" - a woman who wants to look stylish, does not have to choose that blue one, in the suits of which our deputies are dressed. Your blue color should be bright and saturated. And how great is the deep blue! Blue Versace has always amazed both look and imagination.


Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors Which dress should be your favoritea real woman? Red color - so decided Dolce & Gabbana and brought in their autumn-winter collection of incredibly beautiful red dresses. If you wear a black coat and gloves of the same red shade to this dress, you will not only look fashionable and relevant, but absolutely compelling. Men will not be able to take your eyes off you, and women will only have to quietly envy.


Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors Green has always been the color of hope and joy. It has an unusual property: it can feel great in combination with most of the existing shades and colors. Nevertheless, the brightest shade of green, let's leave it for spring days or merry parties. And for winter the most correct style solution will be a green shade of the sea wave, military or spruce needles. In general, more strict nature. Typically, this color is suitable for strong women, self-confident, who see their goals and know how to come to them.


Winter 2011 - actual fashion colors No criticism of white color does not prevent him againand reappear in the winter collections. This, however, can be different shades of it, but which are present here and there, in any case. In this fashionable season, the most striking black and white contrasting outfits, most notable for Calvin Klein and Celine, are most remembered. After all, it is both strict and creative. Although, I must say that some of the snow-white garments, whether it's a scarf, gloves or shoes - will also look very elegant and elegant.