Diamonds are stars on earth There are no more desirable ornaments than those thatcontain diamonds. Any woman dreams of at least a small ring with a modest and very small diamond. In the entire civilized world, a diamond engagement ring is considered a traditional gift for the engagement. Now these stones are available to anyone who can afford them, before they could only be worn by royalty to emphasize their splendor and superiority. Diamonds have become so popular because of their amazing radiance and purity. Any jewelry online store puts up for sale jewelry with natural and artificial diamonds. The most popular gift for a young girl are earrings-pouches with small diamonds, which can emphasize the charm of youth. Glittering stones attract a glance to the man who wears them. Although colorless diamonds are most common, there are also blue, yellow, pink, green and even black stones. If the purity of a colorless and colored diamond is the same, then it will cost more than a color, due to its rarity. Jewelry online store can offer its customers diamonds of all shades, you just need to go to the right page and choose. Diamonds are credited with healing and magical qualities, such as protection from wounds or illnesses. It is believed that if you do not remove the diamond while visiting the sauna and bath, it will help normalize the work of the heart, but it is necessary that the stone must touch the body. Also, the diamond was given to generals to ensure good luck in battle, hunters - to be mining. In India, to this day, a pinch of diamond dust is poured onto the newborn to ensure longevity and success. Particular attention of the public is attracted by large stones with ancient history. Often, the jewelry online store offers smaller copies of famous diamonds such as Cullinan, Regent, Excelsior, Orlov, Tiffany, Kohinur, Great Mogul and others. Such an ornament is a perfect gift that will tell about your attitude to a person dear to you, better than many words. Although if you add to the gift of the history of the origin of the diamond, you can achieve a much greater effect. Many promise to get a favorite star from the sky, but everyone understands that this is an empty promise. It is better to give a sparkling diamond, which in fact is like a beautiful heavenly body.