Trending 2016 Everything runs in a circle? No, everything develops in a spiral. Fashion can not be outside of the general laws of development, and every year we see the undeservedly forgotten old, considered from a new angle and from this become only more charming. The new year 2016 is no exception. This is the year of a new look at the line of free silhouette, this is the time of white and soaring, this is with a prediction of the main accents in the fashion of the coming year.

White color

About white color, the artists are told with a brush,poets in a word, and each person speaks about this color in new words and gestures. It does not get any worse from this, white color, the main color of the coming year. This is a universal and pure color. He is equally relevant in the early spring in the form of sheepskin coats and down jackets, with high blown boots, with maxi-dresses from the angora. It can be a beautiful large mating sweater of white wool. Trending 2016left Stella McCartney, right Chloe Summer in whitefree cotton tunics and light linen dresses. Summer in white, it's a silk top and a snow-white bikini. It is not devoid of charm and white in the fall. A tweed coat and trousers made of wool, white suede jackets. White color looks not only in clothes, but also in accessories and make-up. It will be a year of frosty freshness of the face, which, underlined by white blush, lip gloss and a powdered white powder. Especially beautiful are the eyes, supplemented by volume with the help of white shadows. Trending 2016left Michael Kors, right Richard Nicoll


New trends of the year - "bare" dresses,emphasizing the color of the skin in combination with red nail polish and bright clutch. The shade of "nude" in clothes began with last year from Jennifer Aniston. She was the first to dress for the premiere of "The Bounty Hunter", a stunning dress of flesh-colored color with a deep neckline. This did not go unnoticed, and after a while the theme of her outfit began to spread among other Hollywood women of fashion, since this kind of outfit suits both brunettes and blondes alike. Designers cemented the beginning of the "nude" fashion at the spring-summer 2016 season shows, as a new trend of the year. Trending 2016on the left Chloe, on the right Versace Trending 2016left Hermes, right Valentino


This is the year of the romantic maxi. Time for sex in a mini and business midi, - in 2016, will go to the side. They are still rehabilitating themselves. And while in everyday life there is a favorite style of elite places - maxi dress. Trending 2016left Victoria Beckham, right Carolina Herrera Inlong narrow skirt is in the office and business negotiations, and in the waving sarafan with succulent flowers we go in the summer in the streets. Masks are universal, one approaches any figure, it emphasizes the grace of the lean, and hides the flaws of the full. You will appreciate all the advantages of maxi for this year. Trending 2016on the left Calvin Klein, on the right Marc Jacobs


The strip will become the most popular print of thisof the year. The width of the strip is the same. Everything will go - narrow and wide, sea and straight, multicolored and oblique, graphic and washed, they will all be a good addition to your wardrobe in the summer and in bad weather. The strip looks rather advantageous on maxi-dresses, it is no less good on the tight-fitting beach tops and bikinis, it is not bad at all when choosing accessories. Trending 2016on the left Prada, on the right Celine Trending 2016left Junya Watanabe, right Sonia Rykiel


Mode replaces denim fantasy, and classic inthe new year goes into the background. Will be in demand oblique zippers and prints all over the surface on jeans, fashion fancy shapes of patch pockets and "sifting" styles. Denim shows a noticeable activity in the official fashion. Business lady already in the office begin to walk strict denim suits-triples, made of elastic material. Trending 2016on the left Moschino, on the right Roberto Cavalli Trending 2016left Dereklam, right D & G


Fashion 2016 lace corsets, dressesleft, because they are equally good both in everyday life and at a holiday. Full of romance, the patterned fabric perfectly adorns business suits and clothes for a glamorous socialite. In a special preference now, translucent lace in combination of chiffon and tulle. The jeans skirts with lace frills and long gloves on their hands look amazingly. Trending 2016on the left Dolce & Gabbana, on the right Ralph Lauren

Intellectual sports

The fashion of the new year 2016 began the transformationsportswear of the last century. The most trendy things of the new season, these were once indecent trainings and jackets-bombers, which talented couturiers turned into a trend - "Smart Sport". Sports glamor in the present is a person in transparent sunglasses, with broad shoulders, in sports clothes with arrows on trousers, full of holographic inserts, laces and lightning. Trending 2016Isabel Marant

Bright lips

The lips of the new year on the face live on their ownlife. They can be orange, scarlet, with shades of fuchsia. Lips play the first role of day and evening make-up, they must emphasize the individuality and cause envy of others. If you are wearing white or neutral neutral colors, the color of the lips of the juicy palette will be especially successful. Trending 2016 Trending 2016Christian dior

Free cut

This is the year of fashion, offering ease andrelaxation. The body with the first rays of the sun should breathe in full breasts in a spacious cut, with layered loose tops on loose skirts or wide trousers. In the first place should be practicality and comfort.