Men's trends in women's fashion Women's fashion and clothing. Women's clothing and fashion. How can an ordinary woman combine these two factors without spending money on new things? Many women's minds solve this puzzle in its own way, with different efficiency. But there are a few fairly simple practical tips that will help any woman to be perfectly stylish and fashionable in the new season. And with all this, there is nothing to buy, it will all come from the family closet. For a long time already all the details of the men's wardrobe turned into unisex. The fact that a woman not so long ago had no right to wear men's trousers, no one remembers. It remained, though not in the distant, but still history. Gradually, women began to use the entire wardrobe of men, including hats and ties. What can not be said about men, it's like they do not have to go out in the skirt. Another thing show business, but there is a norm and then, whatever one may say, it's a show. In everyday life, the chance to meet a man in a skirt is zero. So the fashion trend of the new year is men's fashion, wardrobe items are actively used in the women's wardrobe. The desire to be beautiful is quite feasible, and this will help a simple male tie. Most importantly, the tie will fit perfectly into any outfit of a woman. You will look very stylish and fashionable. Do not be afraid and conduct an experiment, at least near the mirror. You will be pleasantly surprised. A cap will give even more charm and charm. Women should always be in the spotlight, and the men's clothing elements are exactly what they need. Fashion 2016, does not dictate, any special direction. If you look at the famous fashion houses, it becomes clear that the clothes can be different - like quivering ruches, and a strict suit, a knitted blouse or a light T-shirt. This is all used on an equal footing. The only thing - it's the men's wardrobe items. All famous designers, one way or another, add them to women's clothing. And they are right - it's very sexy, stylish and beautiful. That's what's hard to pick out for such an outfit, so it's shoes. This should be approached with all responsibility. Otherwise, there is a possibility that your entire style will simply be erased. When using a man's tie, it will be better to use shoes with a long thin heel. When using a cap, it will fit perfectly into your outfit such shoes as sneakers. In any case, it's up to you to decide, but be very careful when choosing shoes. Do not give wrong shoes to kill in you a real stylish and fashionable lady.