business style clothing Meet, as you know, on clothes, and escortedon the mind. And here for business women the first part of this folk wisdom is no less relevant than the second. Because image is one of the main conditions of a career. And clothes - the main thing that creates our image. The weakening of the requirements for the dress code makes the ideas about how to dress for work become confusing. For example, the dilemma of choosing between a thin stripe business suit and cozy khaki trousers can be classified as an eternal issue. Many want to look fashionable always and everywhere, which is not bad at all. But there are situations and places where it is necessary to observe a strict business style of clothes and wear suits and dresses that correspond to the ideas about this style. Most often it is at work that we face the need to follow the dress code and put on business clothes.

Etiquette of office fashion

Completeness of business clothes for women todayadmits all kinds of elements of the women's wardrobe: dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses, sarafans, shirts and even shorts and (oh, God!) corsets. Acceptable are various styles of business women's suits with trousers or a skirt, and also strict dresses. The main difference between business clothes and everyday is restraint, austerity and a certain style.

  • Blouses

All have long known that the sign of femininity inoffice clothes - blouses. They perfectly combined both with a skirt, and with stylish trouser women's suits. Even if you do not treat yourself to business women and in ordinary life are spared the need to comply with the dress code, you in your wardrobe should still have blouses for all occasions. And if your high status requires you to regularly observe the business style in women's clothing, blouses are simply required to become an important part of your wardrobe.

  • Pantsuit

Putting on trousers, any businessman aspire tolook like your status and at the same time remain a real lady - exquisite and elegant. Pantsuits will help express their vivid personality and emphasize femininity. Undoubtedly, always helps the classics. Classic stylish trouser suits for women emphasize sexuality more than a mini-skirt or frank decollete. And, of course, a fashionable business suit, matched in shape and size, any lady will make look no less elegant than a smart evening dress.

  • Office couple

So another variant of a business suit forwomen. If you think that a traditional office suit is just a skirt or pants of classic cut in combination with a blouse and jacket, then you are mistaken. Business suit for women today can be performed in the form of a pair (blouse - trousers, skirt - blouse, dress - vest, shorts - jacket). By the way, shorts in the office are loose, straight, a little just below the knee, from dense woolen with a very small pattern or a monophonic fabric, with tights in tone, usually dark.

  • Dress

Office dresses are a bright trend of business fashion. At important negotiations, at a business meeting, in the office there is no better means to emphasize the importance of the employee's competence and at the same time her feminine beauty. Stylish office dresses will give confidence and will enable to solve business issues with grace and ease. However, we should not forget about the restraint of the style and colors and not to confuse the office dress with everyday, cocktail or evening dress. business dress code for women

Business suit for women

Stylish business suits for women todayare the basic element of the business wardrobe. A classic jacket that does not accept a variety of color variations is an indispensable component of any model of women's trouser suits. Although the female business image is more appropriate skirt than trousers, the latter are becoming increasingly popular subject of business women's wardrobe. Slightly narrowed straight trousers made of non-woven matte fabric - a classic version, similar to the male model. However, other less formal and more daring styles are not prohibited. When the office adheres to a strict dress code, then some "liberties" the business style of clothes for women only allows for a blouse. If the official style is not strictly regulated, it is allowed to add some variation to one of the details of certain models of women's costumes. A pencil skirt just below the knee can be changed to a flared, wider version of the ankle. This is especially suitable for women who prefer to hide their legs due to problems with the figure. It is permissible to wear a strict office dress with knee length, slightly higher or lower, with a classic silhouette jacket. Those who do not like skirts as business clothes for women can easily choose trouser suits. In order to take into account all the rules of the dress code, choose a fitted jacket up to the middle of the thigh or shorter in combination with straight trousers. If you want to give an image of freshness and festivity, choose a light silk blouse. Each new season has its own trends, and office fashion is no exception. However, the classic does not come out of fashion. Of course, if you are an avid fashionista, then you must follow the new fashion trends. For example, if in the current season in a business suit for women, dark shades are not welcome, wear costumes of light colors - elegantly, beautifully, fashionably and in accordance with the dress code. If you are wondering about choosing a store, do not skimp on it. In the fashion business, a great role is played both by the quality of clothing and fashion brands.

Beautiful office dress

Models of office dresses should be selected veryCaution. This wardrobe item should not be pompous. Office dresses are modest, simple, yet elegant and very elegant clothes. The ideal option if you choose from fashionable office dresses is a dress-case. It will, like a business suit, fit perfectly in any office situation. In the color scheme, pastel shades and obligatory monotony are preferred. You can choose dresses in bright colors, but the flashy colors in office women's dresses are by no means permitted. A permissible compromise is a combination of black and white. The best psychoanalyst and antidepressant in any stressful situation (and they can not be avoided at work) is a beautiful office dress. Therefore, it is always good, if this particular clothing constitutes a significant part of the women's business wardrobe. Modern office dresses combine elegance, sophistication and official style. The most important aspect is elegance, which emphasizes the education, sense of taste and the measures of their owner. Many designers and fashion designers stop on creating for the modern business lady laconic and very simple silhouettes. Widely known dress-case - a constant trend and a symbol of sex appeal - became famous in the 30s of the 20th century. A tight silhouette, an accent on the waist, a modest knee length or a little lower - so it looks restrained, unusually stylish, at the same time official business dress, popular with business ladies all over the world. In the classical version of this clothing there are no sleeves, and on the collar's place there is a rounded neckline. At first, such styles of office dresses were intended for a cocktail or evening. Modern women with great pleasure carry them also to the office and to business meetings. The dress-case has a classic straight cut, which is (and does not) appeal to all women. Fortunately, modern office women's dresses are so diverse that any business lady can find one that suits her. Shrouded down and narrow in the chest; Straight silhouette and skirt with small protectors; dress in the style of a safari with a smell - and this is not all winter and summer versions of an office dress. Important details of business dresses are a closed chest area, moderate length, severity and style. Always in fashion business dresses of the following colors and shades: gray, light brown, black, blue, beige and khaki. In summer, preference is given to white color, the color of champagne and ivory. And be sure to remember the uniformity. business style in clothes

Accessories and decorations for office clothing

If you love accessories and jewelry, then do notrefuse them. Office style does not prohibit the addition of clothing interesting accents. Today, it is fashionable to select not bright, but large ornaments of natural tones and materials for women's office clothing. For example, for office dresses, beads and pendants or bracelets from natural stones will suit. Choose jewelry, combining in style and color. Remember that the massive ornaments of gold are a bad tone, like the combination of gold and silver. Jewelery with precious stones - only in a very modest form. Preference is for pearls, amber, turquoise. Stylish and elegant in the office version of the outfit will look agate, mother of pearl, ivory. Quality jewelry should look expensive and effective. Very topical in combination with stylish business women's suits are wide belts with large buckles. Now jewelry that can be worn in the office, much more than before. For example, a hair clip or a brooch on the lapel of a jacket is a very appropriate decoration, especially if it's a design thing. Brooch with floral elements used to look old-fashioned, but today it has become a very fashionable accessory, suitable for some models of office dresses. You can replace it with a pendant on a chain or a stylish pendant on a cord, and small earrings here will not look excess. To business style of clothes for women decorations should be selected from one material and in one style. The best option will be silverware. Scarves and scarves now often complement office dresses and costumes. Today they are considered the most fashionable accessories and an affordable and inexpensive way of modeling the image. It is the combination of prestige and functionality that made shawls such a popular end to stylish office suits and dresses. It is almost impossible today to meet a business woman who does not use scarves or scarves. Their variety makes it possible to create individual and memorable images in combination with different styles of business women's costumes. And a huge number of ways to tie scarves and scarves opens infinite possibilities for creating a unique image. In addition, beautiful office dresses and accessories to them allow you to transform the female look in an instant.

Comfortable and elegant business clothes for women

Work in a solid company and establishedThe dress code is not a reason to dress in a discreet dark suit in the style of the Men in Black or a la union chairman. It is not necessary to follow the famous school formula "white top, black bottom". After all, in the business sphere, there is also a fashion, it is just special. The main requirements for office dresses and suits are elegance, austerity and at the same time convenience and beauty. This means that you do not need to depersonalize your image and hide the individuality behind a strict kind of black and white clothing. But the excessive extravagance of the styles of office dresses, too, to anything. To be different from all is good, but just do not try to look like an exotic bird in the strict interior of the office. All manifestations of personal creativity and originality leave for more suitable cases, preferring classical, fashionable and strict outfits, but respecting the business style of clothing. We advise you to read: