delicious rice soup According to dieticians, to improve the workdigestive organs daily need to eat the first dishes. Of course, not all people adhere to such rules, but most still try not to exclude hot from their daily diet. Recipes for first courses there is a huge amount. Not the last place among them is occupied by rice soups, which can be prepared using a wide variety of ingredients. Consider different variations in the preparation of rice soup: from the simplest recipes to the most refined. rice soup with vegetables

Rice soup with mushrooms and rice soup with kohlrabi

The list of necessary ingredients for the dish is as follows:

  • chicken - 500 g;
  • rice - 100 g;
  • potatoes - 2 pieces;
  • carrots - 2 pieces;
  • onion - 2 pieces;
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml;
  • fresh champignons - 200 g;
  • celery root - 30 g;
  • salt, spices, herbs - to taste;
  • water - 2 liters;
  • 1 bay leaf.
  • The sequence of soup preparation is as follows.

  • Cook chicken, cut into pieces, put in a pan with a peeled onion, put on fire. After boiling, cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.
  • Peeled potatoes cut into cubes, put into a saucepan. Then add the washed rice and bring to a boil. Brew another 15 minutes.
  • The remaining onion peel and cut into cubes. Carrots clean and grate on a large grater. Wash champignons, cut into slices.
  • Vegetables fry in vegetable oil with champignons for 3-4 minutes.
  • Cook the roast in a saucepan.
  • Root celery, grate. Then add to the soup and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Next, put salt, spices, greens to taste, cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat.
  • Another simple recipe for rice soup is sure to please the hostess who wants to prepare quick and delicious dishes for her family! Ingredients for cooking rice soup with kohlrabi are as follows:

  • long grain rice - 60 g;
  • carrots - 2 pieces;
  • lemon - 1 piece;
  • cauliflower - 1/2 petiole;
  • green peas (canned) - 100 g;
  • kohlrabi - 1 piece;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • meat broth - 1 liter.
  • salt, pepper - to taste.
  • Stages of preparation.

  • Wash rice, boil in salted water until cooked.
  • Carrots and kohlrabi finely chop, cauliflower to disassemble into smaller inflorescences.
  • Shredded vegetables put in a pre-boiled broth. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. After that, add the green peas.
  • Welded rice tossed in a colander, letting the water drain completely. After that, rice should be put in the soup. Salt and pepper to taste, remove the pot from the heat.
  • In the lemon juice stir the egg yolks. When stirring, add them to the soup. After that, having decorated with greens, to submit on a table.
  • simple rice soup

    Rice soup with pistachios and cream

    To prepare this dish you will need products such as:

  • chicken fillet - 700 g;
  • cream - 100 ml;
  • round rice - 3 tablespoons;
  • pistachios - 50 g;
  • 1 yolk;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • 1 parsley root;
  • salt, ground black pepper - to taste.
  • Prepare this rice soup in this way.

  • Wash the chicken fillets, put in a saucepan, bring to a boil. Cook over low heat for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Pre-peeled onions and carrots, cut into slices and fry in vegetable oil.
  • The root of parsley is washed, cleaned. Put into broth with fried vegetables.
  • Chicken fillet get from the pan, cool, finely chopped. After that, grind it with a blender.
  • Wash rice and add to the boiling broth. Cook until done.
  • Rice and vegetables can be poured into a colander, then blended in a blender. Shredded vegetables and rice put in broth with chicken.
  • Salt, pepper, once again bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.
  • Beat cream with egg yolk and stirring, pour into slightly cooled soup.
  • Pistachios finely chop with a knife or grind in a blender. Add to dish when serving.
  • Rice soup with shrimps

    Preparation of this first dish does not take muchtime. And its exquisite taste and aroma will not leave indifferent any of your household members! So, according to this recipe, you will need the following products:

  • Shrimp - 500 g;
  • sturgeon (head and tail) - 1 kg;
  • rice - 150 g;
  • salt, dill - to taste;
  • onion - 2 pieces.
  • To prepare this dish you need this way.

  • Peel the onions. The head and tail of the sturgeon should be washed, cut into pieces, put in a 5-liter pot on a small fire until the fish is soft.
  • After that, take the fish and onion, drain the broth.
  • From the sturgeon remove the bones, cut the flesh into small pieces.
  • Shrimp peeled, finely chopped, boiled in fish broth for 20 minutes. After that, take the shrimp and broth again.
  • Rice to wash, put in a saucepan with boiling broth, add salt to taste, cook until cooked.
  • Add sturgeon and shrimp. After that, cook for another 5 minutes. Add the greens. Remove from heat.
  • Recipes of soups from rice must necessarily be inarsenal of any mistress. After all, they are not only delicious, but also very useful for the human body. Which one to cook is up to you. The main thing - to show imagination and ingenuity! Then you will have your own recipe for rice soup, which you can please your family and friends!