different recipes of pumpkin puree soup Modern people became concerned about problemstheir health, weight and beauty, so to avoid them people try to adopt a healthy lifestyle and proper, full-fledged nutrition. Nutrition often causes problems, since the habit is fast food, snack with sandwiches, and in the evening absorb pasta fixed for a long time. Means, the woman should follow the food of the whole family, because only she will be able to find good recipes, beautifully cook and serve such foods, which no one previously thought of as delicious food. After all, it is believed that those things that are useful for our body, must necessarily be unpleasant to the taste, they simply can not be without tears and persuasion. All these statements are incorrect. There are wonderful recipes that will not only bring great benefit to the body, but will please all taste and olfactory receptors. For example, the use of beans is considered very popular in proper nutrition, from which good second and first courses are obtained. Soup puree from a pumpkin will be to taste and to adults, and even to kids, which are more often such povredy. Vegetable stew can be cooked so that it will not be possible to tear yourself away from it. Now I want to talk about the pumpkin, because it is so bright, sunny, positive and big. And many do not even guess which of it produces a wonderful first dish, namely pumpkin soup. delicious pumpkin soup puree

The Benefits of Pumpkin for the Human Body

Golden vegetable is incredibly useful for the bodypeople, adults and children should use it regularly. Pumpkin is useful in raw, stewed, boiled form, you can consume its seeds in food. The orange color is given to carotene, which helps protect the body from free radicals, stimulates immunity. Iron - another component of pumpkin, this substance stimulates the formation of hemoglobin and is part of it, especially this property is important for young children and pregnant women. The increase in the resistance of the human body to microbes, the strengthening of its forces, participation in many reactions passing inside is not all of the qualities of a given mineral substance. In addition to the substances listed above, the pumpkin is rich in magnesium, which participates in a variety of reactions, entering into the composition of enzymes. For the full-fledged formation of the protein component, the optimal intake of magnesium into the body is also very important. Its additional functions are: maintaining the functioning of the nervous system, preventing the deposition of calcium in the wrong places, preventing the formation of stones in the bile and urinary bladder. Potassium, which is contained in the flesh of the fetus, promotes better conduction of the heart muscle, strengthening the vascular wall and reducing edema. To remove toxins and improve liver function, you need to consume this vegetable regularly, you need to eat either a raw pumpkin or pumpkin soup. Extraordinary benefits for the body have pumpkin seeds, which few people remember. their main component is zinc salts, which is an excellent protective against viral infections. Zinc stimulates male strength, prevents the appearance of many diseases in men, increases mental activity, and in adolescence copes well with the appearance of acne. Well, many know that the seeds of the fetus can expel from the body of various helminths, so they can be safely given to children in a dried version for the constant prevention of such diseases.

Classic recipe for pumpkin soup

Many like all kinds of bells and whistles, but classicYou need to know the prescription, because it is suitable for children's and dietary nutrition, and thanks to a minimum of components, the pumpkin taste is fully revealed. To prepare soup you need to take half a kilo of pumpkin, onion, carrot, 2 tomatoes, red pepper, 2-3 pcs. garlic cloves, curry seasoning, salt and pepper. When all the ingredients are ready, you can start cooking. Soup puree from a pumpkin to cook very quickly and easily. Previously, all the vegetables are washed and peeled and seed cleaned. Luchok, pumpkin, carrots, pepper and tomatoes are cut into cubes and put in a saucepan. Cook this assortment to the full readiness of all components, the water should be a little. Chopped garlic is added at the end of cooking, and the dish is transferred to quenching for 5 minutes. To get a gentle puree, you need a blender. In the resulting mass is added a small amount of water or low-fat milk, this is as you like. Adding salt, pepper and curry is the final stage of cooking. This soup is best served with fresh herbs and garlic breadcrumbs. Very delicate in consistency dish will disperse to cheers, and the recipe will then be asked by many. classic pumpkin soup puree

Recipe for creamy-pumpkin pleasure

Of course, pumpkin cream soup with creamdietary is not considered, but soft creamy taste combined with poking amazes everyone. It is necessary to take 1 kg of pumpkin pulp, 1 onion, a pair of cloves of garlic, 40 g of butter, half a l. sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Pumpkin should be thoroughly washed, dried and pulp cut into pieces, peel and seeds must be removed. Finely chopped onion a little in the vegetable oil, add to it crushed garlic and a couple of twigs of thyme to get a spicy flavor. To the received weight pumpkin and sugar are added, all is fried some minutes, then it is filled in with a liter of water. When the pumpkin becomes very soft, it will need to be turned into a puree with a blender. To taste, cream, ground pepper and salt are added. Pumpkin soup can be decorated with finely chopped fried bacon, fresh herbs and pumpkin seeds before serving to the table, which must be roasted beforehand. The recipe for creamy soup is very simple to prepare, it will not take much time, and the result will amaze everyone.

Spicy pumpkin soup

When the classic and creamy recipes are alreadytried, it is necessary to prepare a spicy soup puree. The main ingredient of the dish is a pumpkin, which will need 1 kg. Then you need to cook 1 onion, garlic clove, chicken broth. The soup recipe is called spicy, so fresh ginger is ideal for it - 1 tsp, ground cumin, zira, salt and pepper. When all the ingredients are ready, you can start cooking. Purified pulp pulp is diced, and onions, garlic and ginger are crushed. On olive oil, a bulb is fried, garlic cloves and ginger. To them is added pumpkin and spices, after 5 minutes everything is poured with broth and cooked for 30 minutes before the pumpkin is softened. All components are rubbed with a blender, when served on a table, yoghurt or cream is added to each plate to taste. In a separate plate you can put crackers, fried pumpkin seeds and strips of fried bacon until golden, everyone will add to himself as much as he likes. A spicy recipe is suitable for a festive table, especially if there are vegetarians on a visit, the dish will really surprise them.

Combination of cheese and pumpkin pulp

The combination of tender golden pulp anddelicious cheese is combined into one excellent recipe. 1 kg of pumpkin cut into small cubes, put them in a container and add water. Pumpkin should be cooked until cooked. Finished product to mash to a state of mashed potatoes and boil again in a saucepan. If the pumpkin soup is too thick, then it can be diluted with cream. Before serving, add finely chopped chili and diced cheese to the dish. In hot puree, the cheese dissolves itself. If soup is served to children, then chili should be excluded from the application.

Spicy pumpkin soup

For a change, you can make soup with spicyspices, which is very like men. It's worth pampering them with such a wonderful soup, so it's worth writing down the following recipe. For cooking, you need a pumpkin weighing 1 kg, 2 tomatoes, 2 onions, 2 garlic cloves, a pair of stalks of celery. Pumpkin at the beginning it is necessary to wash, peel and seed, only the flesh should remain, which must be cut finely. Crumble the onion, chop the garlic and celery, and now the most interesting ingredient is a hot pepper. Cut from the pod needs only 3 cm, otherwise it will be very sharp. All brown in olive oil until golden brown. Tomatoes must be peeled and cut too. All products are stacked in a deep saucepan, boiling water is poured on top. It takes about 20 minutes to extinguish everything, it is during this time that the mixture will become soft. Blender pumpkin and other vegetables are mashed to a puree state, salt and pepper are added. To dilute, you can use cream, milk or water, then as you like. Before serving soups, mashed potatoes can be beautifully served table. You can put the bowls with fresh herbs, garlic croutons, natural yogurt and cream. Everyone will be able to add any ingredients to the dish. Pumpkin soups are gaining popularity among residents of Russia. They are sunny, charged with positive energy and excellent mood. Especially it is important in the autumn and winter time, when there is not enough heat and vitamins. And the above recipes are the most popular and proven for cooking. Therefore, you can begin to prepare boldly now.