sore throat during pregnancy While waiting for a child, a woman shouldtreat your health especially with awe and with attention. However, despite this, it is during pregnancy that the woman's body becomes the most vulnerable. Doctors explain this fact by the fact that during the carrying out of crumbs there is a natural physiological decrease in immunity. Otherwise, if it did not happen, it would hardly be possible to bear crumbs. And this feature of the female body with pleasure and unceremoniously use various pathogenic organisms. As a result, a woman becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to various diseases, including colds. A treatment of a pregnant woman - it's not so simple, because many drugs can not be used not to harm the baby. What to do in this situation? Today we will talk about what to do if your throat hurts during pregnancy? Pain in the throat during pregnancy is a widespread phenomenon, as the throat often hurts with various colds and infectious diseases, which are so "fond" for expectant mothers. As a rule, such diseases include:

  • Pharyngitis is an inflammatory process that locates on the mucous membrane of the throat
  • Tonsillitis
  • All types of sore throat

All these diseases have quite similarsymptoms, the main of which is, of course, the emergence of intense pain in the throat. In addition, additional symptoms of a cold can join - a runny nose, coughing, lacrimation. In some cases, the future mother may rise body temperature, sometimes to very significant figures. In some cases, the cause of pain in the throat is nothing more than the most common mechanical damage to the larynx of the larynx, for example, caused by ingestion of excessively hard or hot food. Such pain does not require any treatment and it passes by itself quickly enough. sore throat during pregnancy

How to treat?

It's no secret that during pregnancyIt is impossible to apply very many pharmacological preparations that are used for colds, including for the treatment of the throat. Therefore, in any case, whatever the reason for the occurrence of pain in the throat during pregnancy, be sure to seek help from a doctor - an otolaryngologist. And his appointment should be coordinated with your treating doctor - a gynecologist. Unfortunately, very often we treat colds extremely frivolously, believing that they will pass independently. And during pregnancy nothing changes - the woman continues to hope for "maybe". However, this approach is extremely fraught - both for the health of the future mother, and for the health of her baby. For example, diseases such as tonsillitis or tonsillitis can lead to the development of serious complications - pathologies of development of the child's internal organs, miscarriages and premature birth. Agree, the game is not worth the candle. The doctor will choose the necessary and safe treatment that will help you get rid of the pain in your throat as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, sometimes the situation develops in such a way that there is no way to get to the doctor immediately - for example, on the road, at the dacha or at a party. Therefore, we offer you some knowingly safe recipes for the treatment of sore throat during pregnancy. Although they should ideally be coordinated with their doctor, at least by phone. If you can not do this in any way, after the start of treatment, carefully monitor the condition of your body. At the appearance of even the slightest signs of trouble, treatment should be stopped immediately. Such phenomena include the occurrence of shortness of breath, rash, headache, general weakness and malaise, not related to the underlying disease. And in this case, you definitely will have to find the opportunity and call the ambulance team as soon as possible. Although it is fair to say that such complications are very, very rare.

  • Lemon juice

Healing properties of lemon are known to mankinda long time ago. And for the treatment of pain in the throat, it is also used very effectively. To do this, prepare the following tool - squeeze out the juice of half a lemon, heat a glass of water, dilute the juice of lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and rinse the throat thoroughly. Some people drink a similar remedy like tea, but doctors do not recommend it, as the stomach during pregnancy is also quite a vulnerable place. And at best this will turn into a severe heartburn, and at worst - gastritis, and sometimes even a plague. Therefore, it is still safer to gargle. Gargle is necessary every two hours, until complete recovery. During the rinsing, the throat can tingle slightly - this is a normal phenomenon, which should not be frightened. As a rule, relief comes after the first rinse, and completely the pain leaves in a day.

  • Soda and honey

Another very effective means of deliverancefrom a pain in a throat at pregnancy is a soda-honey solution. It is prepared as follows - heat to a temperature of 40 degrees a glass of water, dissolve in it a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of any natural honey. Rinse this throat every hour for 24 hours. In the following time, this treatment is completely ineffective.

  • Honey, milk and butter

This recipe is known, probably, to everyonesince the early childhood. Boil a glass of milk, dissolve in it one tablespoon of butter, one teaspoon of any natural honey and a quarter of a teaspoon of soda. Thoroughly mix everything and drink in small sips. The pain will recede after an hour, and for the day you need to repeat the recipe 4 times. By the way, this means successfully fights not only with sore throat, but also with other manifestations of colds.

  • Iodine solution

If the pain in the throat is very strong, you can resort toto an emergency method of treatment - iodine solution. It is prepared simply - dissolve 15 drops of iodine in a glass of water and thoroughly rinse the throat. Pay attention to two main aspects. Firstly, during the rinse, the expectant mother may experience very unpleasant sensations - the mucous membrane of the throat will be strongly "plucked". Although the effect will be visible after the first rinse, continue treatment is necessary until complete recovery. And, secondly, the water in which you will breed iodine should be warm, but in no case hot - otherwise under the influence of high temperature iodine will lose its medicinal properties.

  • Aloe juice

If your house has such a usefula plant like aloe, it can also be made an ally in the fight against sore throat. For this you will need only aloe juice and ... a refrigerator. Or rather - freezer. Squeeze out several tablespoons of aloe juice and pour them into ice molds, put it in the refrigerator. It is preferable to use for these purposes the plant branches are not less than three years old - they have a maximum of medicinal properties. After the aloe juice turns into pretty green cubes, you can start treatment. Thoroughly dissolve one cube per hour - after about three hours the pain will go almost completely. But be prepared for the fact that the taste of them is very, very specific - it is not by everyone that many can dissolve such a cube.

  • Decoction of sage

For a gargle of a throat it is possible to use brothsage. It is prepared as follows. Place five tablespoons of sage in enamelware, pour a liter of hot water and bring to a boil. After that, reduce the heat and continue to boil for half an hour. Leave the broth for two hours so that it is well brewed, and strain with gauze. While it's still warm, you can dissolve a few tablespoons of honey. Gargle is necessary every two hours, until complete recovery.

  • Broth chamomile

A similar effect has an infusion of pharmacychamomile. It is prepared very simply - put in a thermos three tablespoons of dry inflorescences of a chemist's daisy, pour a liter of boiling water and cover it tightly. Chamomile must be infused for at least five hours, after which it must be carefully filtered using gauze. Gargle should be rinsed every two hours, and after each meal. As a rule, after only a few procedures the pain disappears completely.

  • Kefir

This method is known to a very small numberpeople, but those who tried it, were just delighted. It is extremely simple - you will only need 1% kefir and an enamel saucepan. Heat to a temperature of 38 degrees kefir and rinse the throat - the pain will recede almost instantly. And only 5 - 6 procedures completely eliminate the pain. Gargling makes sense every few hours.

  • Strongly brewed tea

For a gargle of a throat it is possible to use and usualBlack tea. It is necessary to brew it extremely tightly. Rinse your throat with warm tea every hour - and after just a few treatments you will feel a great deal of relief. Moreover - if you heavily carry the taste of brewed tea, you can always add a tablespoon of natural honey. The effectiveness of the tool will only increase. sore throat during pregnancy

Thermal procedures

Another good way to reduce sore throat during pregnancy are various thermal procedures. However, remember that they can be conducted subject to certain conditions:

  • The gestation period should not be less than 30 weeks of pregnancy - otherwise risk of spontaneous miscarriage is possible.
  • Body temperature. Do not under any circumstances conduct any thermal procedures at elevated body temperature.
  • High blood pressure. In the event that the future mother has a tendency to hypertension, the thermal procedures should be abandoned.
  • Moderation. Moderation should be in everything - do not be too keen on thermal procedures.

Strictly speaking, all thermal procedures should be carried out only after agreement with your attending physician - gynecologist. What kind of money I help best?

  • Foot baths

Before going to bed, soak your feet in a solution of mustard, infor 10 minutes. Mustard should be dissolved in water at a rate of 1 tablespoon per liter of water. After that, wash your feet under running water, carefully wipe and put on warm socks. Eat a spoonful of honey before bed. As a rule, relief comes the next day.

  • The mustard

In the people it is commonly believed that mustard helpsonly when coughing. But this is not so - in the event that you put mustard plaster on the soles of your feet, the pain in your throat will recede almost instantly. This is done in the following way - cut the standard mustard plaster in half, grease the soles with sunflower oil, moisten the mustard in the water and lay it to the middle of the sole. Top with a plastic wrap and put on cotton socks. The yellow card must stay on the sole for about an hour. But, of course, in the event that you feel a burning sensation, remove the mustard is earlier. During pregnancy, you should not tolerate any discomfort.

  • Inhalation

Inhalations are also most commonly used for bronchitis. But even for the treatment of the throat, they can also be used very successfully. For example, a bath with menthol or balsam "star". Dissolve a small amount in hot water, cover the head with a towel and inhale with the mouth for about 20 minutes. Similar procedures are needed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. As you can see, it is quite possible to eliminate pain in the throat during pregnancy. So do not worry and wait until the pain will disappear on your own. But all the same it would be desirable to remind once again that it is much more reasonable to address for the help to doctors who will pick up for you the optimum scheme or plan of treatment. We advise you to read: